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ABB logo

Contactors, overload relays, starters, circuit breakers, programmable controllers, switch fuses, fuse switches, load break switches, enclosed switches, fuse bases, fuse links, drives.…

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Arcolectric logo

Indicator lights, switches, fuseholders, neons, signal lampholders, IEC inlets.


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Bulgin logo

Battery holders, filters (mains, power, RFI, pcb), connectors (“Polysnap” power inlet modules IEC power inlets, “Buccaneer” sealed, “Beau” interconnect), fuseholders, indicators, knobs, switches, terminals.

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Cooper Bussmann logo

Circuit protection components: LV fuselinks, LV fusegear, electronic components, HV Components, high speed fuses.


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Cherry logo

Microswitches, door switches, rocker and pushbutton switches (inc waterproof & sealed), proximity switches, solid state gear tooth speed sensors, rotary position sensors and keypads.

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Chint logo

Contactors, starters, MCB’s, RCB’s, pushbuttons, consumer units, indicator lights.


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CML Lighting

CML logo

LEDs (modules, star, multi & power LEDs), neon and LED indicators, sockets, industrial lamps, light pipes, CCFLs, inverters, lighting solutions (including architectural, traffic, marine and railroad lighting).

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Crouzet logo

Timers, monitoring relays, counters / ratemeters, temperature controllers and safety relays, Remote Monitoring / Control , Data logging. Logic controllers and Power Supplies / Convertors

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Crydom logo

Solid state relays (din rails, pcb and panel mount), auxiliary modules, I/O modules.


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Cynergy 3 logo

Power semiconductors, power modules, high-voltage reed relays and liquid level / flow switches.


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Eaton Electrical

Eaton electrical logo

Precise temperature independent circuit protection. Panel and DIN roll mountings. Hart toggle, rocker and pushbutton switches, switches for power tools and for hazardous and wet environments.

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ETA electrical logo

Circuit breakers for equipment (CBE’s). Product types include thermal, thermal-magnetic, hydraulic-magnetic, magnetic and high performance. Flow meters, level sensors, velocity sensors.

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Finder Relays & Timers

Finder logo

Impulse relays, multifunction timer relays, industrial relays, light dependent relays, miniature PCB relays, power relays, sockets and accessories, varistor and diode protection modules.

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Honeywell logo

Snap action, limit, toggle, pressure and temperature switches. Position, speed and airflow sensors.


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Hylec logo

Terminal blocks, pcb terminal blocks, ceramic terminal blocks, cable glands (including a waterproof range), grommets, connectors, plugs, lamp holders.

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IDEM logo

Mechanical interlock switches, inc tongue, hinge & guard locking switches, magnetic & coded non-contact switches, grab wire safety rope switches, SCR safety relays & modus safety modules.

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Johnson Electric

Johnson logo

Microswitches limit switches, proximity and safety switches, ultraminiature switches, pushbuttons, snap action, door and “Tok” key switches. Otehall microswitches and TH switches (Tshudin & Heid)

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Kraus & Naimer

Kraus & Naimer logo

UK solenoid, Blue Line switchgear, rotary cam switches, contactors, motorstarters, (enclosed) KG switch disconnectors, control stations.

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Littelfuse logo

Circuit protection components, fuses (electronic, glass, ceramic, semiconductor, industrial, blade, auto), fuseholders, RFI filters, combi filters.

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Eaton / Moeller logo

Relays, contactors, starters, timers, foot and palm switches, limit switches, float switches, pressure switches, fuses, fuse enclosures, miniature circuit breakers, busbars, drives, enclosures, programmable controllers.

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Pepperl & Fuchs

Pepperl & Fuchs logo

Sensors: inductive, capacitive, magnetic field, photoelectic and ultrasonic, visolux, positioners, lightguards, rotary encoders, counters, speed monitors, AS-interface, identification systems.

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Schaffner logo

Powerline filters wlth IEC inlets, single-phase filters for chassis and pcb mounting, three-phase filters for chassis mounting, RFI suppression chokes, pulse transformers, custom filters ranging from 0.1A to 1200A.

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Schurter logo

Power entry modules, appliance couplers, cordsets, EMC filters, fuseholders, fuses, switches, connectors, test jacks, test probes, voltage selection switches, indicators.

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Scolmore Logo

LED Downlights, Surface Lights, Walk-Over Lights, Emergency Signs, Wall Lights, Undercupboard Lights, Star Lights, Strip Lights, Bollards, Bulkheads, and Pendant Lights.

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Sunon logo

DC brushless fans & blowers, AC axial fans & blowers, super silence fans, maglev motor fans, fan accessories.


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Tranilamp logo

Encapsulated transformer lamps, DC mains lamps, flashing lamps, solid state flashers, LED clusters, variable colour lamps, “push to test” buttons.

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Werma logo

Signal towers, optical signal devices, optical-audible signal devices, audible devices, blinking/rotating/mirror beacons, LED/buzzer combinations.

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Wieland logo

Modular terminals, terminal strips for lighting, domestic equipment and primed circuits, electronic housings, component plug connectors, multipole and high density, STI7/l8 lighting connectors, safety relays.

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