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Custom Float Switches from Cynergy3 Components


Cynergy3 now has switches for High Temperature, High Pressure, or Hazardous Area use, and continue to develop new products to meet customers specific requirements.

Cynergy3 have recently developed further custom switches for small ink reservoirs in industrial inkjet printers, having supplied switches to printing machine manufacturers for more than 10 years.  Other custom switches are used in vending machines, aircraft food heating, wall kettles, automatic vehicle lubrication systems, drinking water fountains, pump systems, dishwashers and medical equipment.

 rsf fs photo-sm3.jpg

Cynergy3 manufacture switches in a wide range of plastics, brass and stainless steel suitable for most liquids and environments.  These can be supplied from stockists or built to order at the factories in Wimborne and Christchurch, Dorset.

Approvals for float switches include WRAS, UL, Lloyds register, ATEX EExd 11C T110C and ATEX EEx ia 11C T4


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E-T-A’s Wide Range of Circuit Protection Solutions

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E-T-A Circuit Breakers designs and manufactures a broad range of electro-mechanical and electronic components and sub-systems for circuit protection, control and instrumentation, including the world’s largest programme of circuit breakers for equipment (CBEs). Alongside examples of systems solutions, the company will be showcasing electronic circuit breakers for the protection of circuits in factory automation systems, as well as flow meters and level sensors for the process industry.  

ETA 180106b.jpg

The E-T-A ESS20 electronic circuit breaker selectively protects individual output circuits from switch-mode power supplies (SMPS). It provides advanced circuit protection for loads such as sensors, actuators, field bus couplers and controls. In combination with an E-T-A power distribution system, Module 17plus or SVS02, the ESS20 offers optimum utilisation of cabinet space, as well as minimising wiring and reducing installation and maintenance costs.

The company offers CBEs with current ratings from 50mA up to 500A. Activation mechanisms include thermal, thermal magnetic, magnetic and magnetic hydraulic. They include high performance products for aircraft, and specialised circuit protection devices for buses, trucks, workboats and pleasure boats. In addition to a wide range of standard products, many of which can themselves be adapted to specific requirements, E-T-A specialises in providing customised solutions. This is a complete service extending from design and prototyping through to full production of sub-systems such as 19″ subracks, fully populated and pre-wired with plug-in CBEs. These solutions may be anything, from simple brackets and bus bars to more complex assemblies built and supplied ready to fit and forget. As circuit protection specialists, E-T-A has the expertise and in-depth knowledge of its products to ensure that the most suitable ones are chosen to optimise the design and produce the most cost-effective solution.


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ABB Innovative and High Quality Power Breakers


ABB’s Power Circuit Breakers are the result of ABB’s constant commitment to look for new solutions with their “know how” capabilities developed over the years.

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These incredibly innovative, high quality circuit breaker ranges are designed to satisfy all application requirements. This evolution has been ongoing since 1942. The current ranges offer T Max up to 630amp, Isomax up to 3200amp and the new E Max ACB range up to 6300amps, all of which are available through E. Preston (Electrical) Ltd.

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ABB Control Products for Any Application


Considering the history of ABB includes the likes of ASEA, Brown Boveri, Stromberg, Schiele and MTE control gear products, it is hardly surprising that their Contactor ranges are so versatile.

 control gear group.jpg

E Preston (Electrical) Ltd are happy to supply “A” range contactors, Bar & Shaft contactors, Installation contactors and Mini contactors together with the wealth of associated products from ABB.  Whatever the application, and wherever it is required, ABB have the answers.

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ABB Entrelec ADO Terminal Blocks


Since the acquisition of Entrelec by ABB, E. Preston (Electrical) Ltd have been pleased to support all the Terminal Products now available from ABB. 

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The screw, spring and ADO system (The most reliable and secure insulation displacement system available ), means that ABB can offer the most comprehensive range of Terminal Products available on the market today.

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ABB Pro M Compact MCB Range


ABB’s  Miniature Circuit Breakers have been at the forefront of breaker technology from their original patent back in 1928 to today.

mcb group.jpg

E. Preston (Electrical) Ltd are pleased to confirm that they are also supplying the brand new System Pro M Compact MCB from ABB – a range which comprises every circuit breaker, RCD, command and control device that the market requires.

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ABB OS & OT Switchgear Options


E. Preston Electrical’s association with ABB dates back to the start of the company in 1980 when the Stromberg product range helped to develop sales for low voltage electrical components.

 ABB Switches Group.jpg

This continues today with the new OS and OT Switchgear options which compliment the existing Switch Fuse and Isolator ranges from ABB showing their commitment and desire to maintain their position on the world marketplace for switchgear products.

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SUNON Develops High Powered PMD Cooling Fan For the 1U-2U Server Market


Sunon’s Power Motor 4028 Fan (40×40×28 mm) provides increased airflow, static pressure and high temperature endurance, making it the ideal thermal solution for the 1U-2U server market.

PMD 4028 lable (2).JPG

Increasingly powerful high-density information technology devices, like rack-mounted server and telecommunication boxes, have resulted in increased temperature outputs from the CPU, chips and RAM.  This has led to a notable increase in demand for more powerful cooling fans.

In the great majority of 1U-2U server applications, thermal management criteria are a major consideration when customers are making their choices.  In rack-mounted applications, the internal area of the box is often so dense that static pressure as well as airflow is a big concern.  A thermal solution must smoothly direct cooling air and powerfully overcome system resistance throughout the confined space.  Furthermore, the majority of servers operate 24 hours a day, generating high temperatures from their CPU, chipset, memory chip and power supply.  As a result, the amount and quality of the thermal cooling directly relate to the life expectancy of the server.  In conclusion, high airflow, high static pressure and long life expectancy are 3 essentials for a server fan.

The PMD 4028 is driven by an unique DC brushless motor that was developed, patented and manufactured by Sunon Research, the R&D engine behind Sunon Group. The series has benefited from the redesign of its electronic circuit, motor and impellers, which has increased the airflow and the static pressure of the new product by around 30%, in comparison with competitive products at 11,000 rpm. In addition, Sunon now launches the 13,000rpm version among competitors, which produces an amazing airflow of up to 23.5cfm at only 51.5 dB(A), temperature endurance at 700C supplied as standard, and a 900C version is also available for customers’ advanced criteria.

Product Features
Expected life:  50,000 hours
Rated Voltage:  12 Vdc
Speed/ Noise level/Air Flow:
13,000 rpm /  1.5 dB(A) / 23.5cfm
11,000 rpm / 45   dB(A) / 18.9cfm
 9,200 rpm / 40.5 dB(A) / 15.3cfm
Temperature Endurance: 700C as standard (900C optional)
Applications: Rack-mounted servers, telecommunication boxes, Industrial PC’s

Sunonwealth Electric Machine Industry Company Ltd. (Sunon) is a global manufacturer specialising in fans and heat transfer solutions with its brand name, SUNON.  For the past 23 years, SUNON has worked relentlessly in the research and design of new cooling fans and motors.  Today, the SUNON brand enjoys a great reputation worldwide and is undoubtedly a contributor to high-quality cooling fans and precision motors.  Its 50% market share in notebook cooling fans means that one of every two computers uses Sunon’s heat transfer solutions.  In addition to computers, Sunon’s market share in cooling fans for applications such as overhead projectors and high-end stereo systems is also outstanding.

Currently, Sunon has organized the corporate structure with its headquarter in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and subsidiaries in Europe, USA, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore.  The company now maintains more than 70 distributors and 1,000 sales representatives, providing a broad customer service and technical support system around the world.


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Waterproof Firewire Buccaneer to IEEE 1394a


The FireWire Buccaneer provides a high degree of environmental sealing for FireWire connections using standard IEEE 1394a interfaces with data rates to 400Mbs. Dust & waterproof to IP68 the connector system is ideally suited to industrial or hostile environments where a digital high data rate combined with a robust and secure connection is required.


Originally designed for office bound multimedia type equipment such as camcorders, computers, video cassette recorders and digital audio workstations it has found its way into scanners, web cams, external hard drives and external optical devices. But the ‘real-time’ ability for bi-directional, multi-speed data transfer on the same single network connection provides a truly universal connection for almost any consumer or commercial peripheral application.

This flexibility has now moved from the home into industrial environments where hazards of water and dust are present. The new FireWire Buccaneer connectors meets this challenge. The screw coupling thread ensures a vibration and shock resistant connection, while sealing caps maintain the IP68 rating of the connectors when not in use.

Cables are of over-moulded construction, available in 2m or 4m lengths as standard, they provide secure tamperproof connections between sealed and un-sealed 4 & 6 pole interfaces.

Chassis mounted connectors are terminated with adaptor leads for connection onto PCB’s.

Features include:

Dust & Waterproof to IP68
4 & 6 pole versions
Data rates up to 400Mbps
Cable configurations to 4m length
Panel connector has lead for PCB termination
Screw coupling for secure connection
Temperature range: 0degC to +70degC
Sealing caps to maintain IP68 rating

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Arcolectric Mains Rated LED Indicators


Arcolectric has some 40 years experience in the design and manufacture of neon and filament indicators. Now, with mains rated LED’s becoming more commercially viable, the opportunity is here for this expansive range to use a technology that is inherently more reliable.




These new mains LED versions offer flicker free illumination and are adaptable enough to operate from 230Vac to 110Vac. The standard colour options include red, yellow, green, blue and white. It’s often been difficult to achieve pure white or blue colours with neon or filament lamps in the past but these LED’s will provide a bright,
clean light.


The extensive range includes a great many options; snap and screw fixing to panel, mounting hole diameters from 5.8 to 14.0mm, bezels sizes from 6.7 to 18.3mm diameter, round and square lens shapes, protruding and low profiles, chrome bezels and pre-wired or 2.8, 4.8 and 6.3mm terminals.

The ranges will carry internationally recognised approvals from Semko and UL laboratories.


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