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ZF’s RF Energy Harvesting Switches Integrate Windows and Doors into Smart Home Systems

Is the window open or closed? For smart homes this is a simple question but when it comes to energy efficiency and safety, it is a critical one. Thanks to the battery-free and wireless RF technology from ZF this question can be answered reliably.

With an integrated energy harvesting switch, there is the possibility to record each locking and unlocking actuation of a window. A leading company in the window system industry has revolutionized the connectivity between windows and smart home control systems with an innovative concept.

The window specialist Schüco International KG based in Germany has designed a solution for integrating the ZF RF switch in a locking latch, the so called “SensTrack wireless”. This RF locking latch is attached to the window frame. When opening or closing the window, the fitting will be moved. This leads to the extension and retraction of the locking roller which actuates the ZF radio switch in the locking latch. The mechanical activation is enough to generate a small voltage based on induction which leads to the transmission of several telegrams of the EnOcean3.0 protocol. The signal is processed in a smart home control unit which then triggers customised functions such as climate control. In large buildings this can be especially helpful to monitor the window state and therefore save on energy costs.

The concept benefits from the compact design with high energy output of the ZF energy harvesting switch. With its size of 20.1 x 7.3 x 14.3 mm, it is ideal for applications with limited space requirements. In addition, due to its durable use with a lifetime of one million switching cycles, there is no maintenance work required to frequently change the components within the window frame.

The RF Switch is battery-free and the wireless technology provides flexibility in use. It can be utilized with different RF protocols – BLE5.0, EnOcean3.0 or ZigBee. The system can also be implemented for diverse applications in the smart home, building and industrial automation sectors, for applications such as lighting, shutters, and doors. With the help of these ZF products, comfort, safety and energy efficiency can be increased and improved in a smart way.


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Hylec Launches the New Debox SM40

New Debox SM40 fits inside 40mm ceiling apertures – the smallest in-line junction box on the market. Ideal for LED lighting installations; supplied complete with 4-pole terminal block; flame-retardant housing

Hylec-APL, the specialist supplier of electrical components and enclosures, announces the launch of the new Debox SM40, the smallest 4-pole junction box available on the market, specifically designed to fit inside the smaller 40mm ceiling apertures of today’s ranges of ceiling downlights. Measuring only 80mm wide x 35mm deep and 25mm high – 50% smaller than the Debox S by cubic volume – Debox SM40 is the newest addition to Hylec’s very successful Debox family of in-line junction boxes for electrical contractors and electricians.


Debox SM40 saves electrical contractors time during installations, particularly on lighting projects. Despite its small size, the Debox SM40 offers generous cable management space internally and can be wired in seconds. Using Debox SM40 simply requires the installer to insert the cables into the 4-pole terminal block and tighten the terminal screws, lower the tool-less cable clamps and secure the lid with the supplied locking clip. The locking clip can only be opened with a tool, which complies with current regulations. Debox SM40 is supplied with a spare locking clip, so that should it need to be re-opened subsequent to initial fitting, it can be re-secured with the second locking clip. There are multiple fix-to-surface options, including using the detachable external fixing lugs found on either side of the Debox

Debox SM40 is supplied complete with all components, including a 4-pole terminal block suitable for round cables, maximum 24A. The housing is white thermoplastic, flame-retardant to UL94V-0, and Debox SM40 is also compliant with BS EN 60598-1 requirements (Glow Wire Test to 650degC.) and the EN 60670-22 Pull Test.


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Bulgin Power Entry Modules

With over 26,000 combinations Bulgin’s power entry modules offer a very adaptable and flexible solution to panel design.

Our power entry modules allow combinations with mains IEC inlets and outlets, filtered inlets, switches, fuse holders, voltage selectors and indicators mounted in either horizontal or vertical format ready for quick snap-fit assembly.


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Bulgin EMI Mains Filters

Designed specifically to reduce mains borne electromagnetic interference (EMI), this extensive filter range provides many solutions to EMI problems. To meet individual design requirements, the filters are available with two attenuation options – standard and medical. Current ratings are from 1 – 10 amps with single or twin fused IEC connector types also available.


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ZF’s GS82-AA02 Sensor Increases E-Bike Speed Sensor Portfolio


With the increasing popularity and growing trend of e-bikes, bicycle system suppliers have set goals to optimize power and performance of their drive systems. In order to support the driver in the best possible way, sensors are needed to deliver the required data and therefore adapt the engine’s power support. An essential component is the ZF e-bike sensor for measuring the current speed. The ZF e-bike sensor is based on Hall technology with significant advantages over conventional reed switches.

Especially for high-quality e-bikes, all components need to be functional, from the drive to the battery and cabling. This is also the case with the ZF e-bike sensor. Speed sensors of the GS series have been specially developed for use in Pedelecs and S-Pedelecs. The extremely compact design meets the necessary requirements for the use in e-bikes. The sensors are based on the principle of Hall-effect and therefore they are non-contact and durable. In combination with ferromagnetic target wheels, a high-resolution speed measurement with over 50 pulses per revolution can be implemented without any problems. In practice, this leads to a finer and quicker response from the e-bike drive – especially at lower speeds (e.g. when starting up a hill). The differential measurement of the magnetic flux also increases the robustness of the sensor against vibrations. In addition, there is no need for an external magnet, which is used with conventional reed switches. These are frail against even slight shifts on the spoke, which leads to functional failures and shut down of the drive unit.

The GS82-AA02 is the latest addition to the ZF e-bike sensor portfolio. This sensor is significantly more compact than its’ predecessor (21.75mm length, 9.35mm diameter) and optimized for use in e-bikes. As an interface to the drive system, the Higo connector has a cross-section of only 0.14mm² and due to its small size is prevalent in the e-bike industry. Depending on the customer’s requirements the contact via connector, as well as the cable length, can be preselected individually. The sensor requires a constant voltage supply of 6.5 – 20 VDC and measures frequencies between 1 and 2,500 Hz. They are designed for a temperature range from -25 ° C to + 85°C to fulfill the declaration of conformity in the e-bike industry.

The ZF sensor was originally developed for ABS applications. In addition to e-bikes, other target markets include e-scooters and various sports equipment for this small and efficient sensor.


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Schurter RC30 Rear Cover

Schurter Logo1.jpg

New Rear Cover Series for Schurter Power Entry Modules, Appliance Plugs and Sockets

• Silicone rubber for a better fit
• with high flame protection class UL94 V-0
• Temperature resistant up to 150 °C
• Halogen free and RoHS, China RoHS as well as REACH compliant

Schurter has a long tradition in the development of Power Entry Modules (PEM) with and without filters, appliance plugs and appliance sockets. The range of available models is equally wide. PEMs are space-saving, very convenient and extremely versatile. With the new halogen free protective rear covers of the RC320 series SCHURTER now launches another useful accessory.

The benefits of the versatile PEMs, Inlets and Outlets are apparent when you browse through the range of features: IEC appliance in-/outlet, with or without fuse, EMC filter, illuminated or non-illuminated power
switch, appliance circuit breaker, etc. etc. Almost every important device protection function can be accommodated in these compact modules.

Rear Covers RC320, Better Fit, High Flame Protection and Environmentally Friendly
The new RC320 rear protective covers are made of flame-retardant silicone rubber (flame class UL94 V0). This flexible and durable material ensures an excellent fit and is temperature resistant up to 150 °C. It is free of halogens and RoHS, CCC RoHS and REACH compliant.

Rear Protection
PEMs, appliance Inlets and Outlets are open to the rear. The new RC320 Rear Covers protect against unintentional contact with live terminals. In addition, they shelter the PEM against dust and other contaminants, which benefits the service life of the component.

Professional Internal Device Design
There is the approach just simply to use the best of the best. In high-end sectors, not only the exterior but also the internal design must meet high standards. The RC320 rear covers from SCHURTER are a welcome addition for professional internal device designs.


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Bulgin PSE Switch with Cable

Installation-Ready Piezoelectric Switch (PSE) for Wet Rooms, Spa and Pool Facilities

• Designed for IP67 Applications
• High-Quality PUR cable (15 m) for Speedy and Safe Installation
• High Reliability and Long-Life Time
• RGB Ring Illumination

The use of switches in wet rooms, spa and pool facilities, requires not only the right choice of switch technology, but can often require unusually long cables. Schurter meets this requirement with the launch of the installation-ready piezoelectric switch PSE, an elegant highend solution.

The pre-assembled polyurethane cable of the new PSE with cable is potted, which offers maximum flexibility and the highest IP protection during installation. Waterproof from switch surface to electrical connection, the cable is 15 metres in length. The installation of the switch is simple by means of a nut.

Highest Resistance to Corrosion
The housings of the factory assembled piezoelectric PSE family are made of stainless steel 1.4462. This steel is characterised by its particularly high resistance to corrosion, which is essential in areas with high humidity. The PSE switches offer maximum reliability and a long service life (20 million actuations). Hermetically sealed housings make the PSE with cable predestined for use in particularly harsh and inhospitable applications.

Resistance to Chemicals and Solvents
Notably the PSE with cable is resistant to chlorinated liquids and common pool chemicals.

RGB Ring Illumination
The actuator has a ring illumination with a total of 7 possible display colours. The supply voltage has a range of between 5 – 28 VDC and maintains a constant brightness.

The new PSE with cable is extremely versatile. Originally developed for spa and pool builders, it is ideal for use in any sanitary application. Other applications include medical technology, food processing or similar industrial applications where the highest degree of robustness and reliability are required.


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