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Entrelec Stud Terminal Blocks

The Connection for Power and Energy Circuits.

The stud terminal blocks are dedicated to the connection and distribution of power into installations.

• Saved space in cabinets thanks to high density wiring with up to two conductors per stud.
• Increase operator security thanks to rotating and removable protective covers for jumpers and connections.
• Secured wiring thanks to the combination of lug and stud that prevent conductor pull-out.
• Reduce maintenance operations : our clamps include vibration resistant washers combined with highly resistant steel clamps.
• Assemby is facilitated and mounting time is reduced thanks to bi-stable foot that allows fast locking or removal of terminal block on rail.
• Allow installation flexibility with extra mounting options such panel or plate.

Main Features:
• Connecting capacity from 35 to 300 mm² (1 AWG to 1000kcmil).
• Technologies : stud-stud or hybrid stud-screw terminal blocks.
• Compatible with lugs in acordance with NF C 20-130 and DIN 46234.
• Connections and jumpering system are isolated (IP20) thanks to rotative protective covers.
• Pins allow terminal blocks to be snapped together for better stability.
• Derivation accessory for monitoring relays.


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Entrelec Easy Rail Designer 3D

Easy Rail Designer 3D

The terminal block assembly software enables to build DIN rail assemblies made with ENTRELEC terminal blocks in complete autonomy. While speeding up your project management Easy Rail Designer 3D makes the assembly design process easier, combining user-friendly and advanced functionalities. The powerful interface provides 2D/3D export capabilities as well as a 3D viewer.

Product Benefits:
• Assembly design process made easier
• User-friendly software for working in full autonomy
• Customized project management: user’s data integration, PDF reports, history of modifications


Product Features:
• 3D drawing: built-in 3D viewer and 3D drawing export
• CAD/CAE integration: export to the main CAD/CAE softwares
• Customization: Indication on the drawing of the supplier’s, integrator’s and end user’s name, logotype and part number
• Intuitive Windows® user interface
• User-friendly configurator: Correction system, powerful search engine, insertion of products external to the database


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Entrelec DBL Power Distribution Blocks

Power Distribution Block Products with 3 Configurations


Our exclusive compact and modular power distribution blocks distribute electrical circuits from a single input source to several devices in the branch circuit. Power distribution blocks are easy to install, save space, and allow increased productivity as well as flexibility of use. They are used in applications such as industrial and commercial panels HVAC, machinery, power distribution units (PDU), and commercial panels.



• 3 configurations in 1 product: Single pole & multipole splitter, grouping for solar
• Connect round or flat conductors and save up to 50% space compared to copper bars
• Reduce assembly time by 80% by avoiding to use fastening and isolating components
• Suitable for most recent solar installations with 1500V DC rating and up to 12 inputs
• Easy identification thanks to the delivered pre-printed markers L1, L2, L3, N, PE, +, –

Main Features:
• Rating from 80A to 500A
• Interlocking function for multiple pole assembling
• Two directions opening, snap-on and reversible cover
• Optional input for easy jumpering


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Entrelec Pluggable Terminal Blocks

Smart Connections with Pluggable Terminal Blocks

The SNK series pluggable terminal blocks combine the benefits of our smart connections with the flexibility of the pluggable function. Pluggable technology brings modularity into the electrical installation allowing the combination of sub-assemblies and pre-wired harnesses that facilitate and considerably accelerate assembly test and factory commissioning. Qualified for worldwide markets, applications and for severe environments (including hazardous locations, railways, marine and solar applications etc.).

• Reliable in harsh conditions for Railways or Marine applications
• Cost effective solutions: only two plugs variants required to compose subsets of plugs without tooling
• Safety and protection against connection errors with coding pegs and accidental tearing with locking devices

Main Features:
• Connecting capacity from 0.2 to 4 mm² (26 to 10 AWG).
• Available in PI-Spring and screw clamp technologies
• Pluggable-Pluggable functions
• Withstanding rolling stocks vibrations and shocks tests


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Entrelec Push-In & Spring Terminal Blocks

The 2 in 1 Smart Connection


The patented PI-Spring technology of SNK series terminal blocks provides the benefits of both Push-In and Spring technologies in one connection. Qualified for worldwide markets, applications and for severe environments (including hazardous locations, railways, marine and solar applications).


• 50% faster connection time with push-in mode
• Reduced effort and conductor preparation time with spring mode
• Ease of wiring thanks to the front entry connection
• Excellent connections with or without ferrules proven by required certification testings
• Connection elasticity and design strictly controlled to provide for an easy and safe insertion of both conductor and screwdriver,
• The flat surface of the PI-Spring makes wire and screwdriver insertion smoother and easier.

Main Features:
• Connecting capacity from 0.2 to 25 mm² (26 to 4 AWG),
• Stainless steel PI-Spring for high corrosion resistance (>1000 h),
• The flat surface of the PI-Spring makes wire and screwdriver insertion smoother and easier
• Dimensions, coating and shape of the linking bar designed to get the lowest and most stable electrical contact value,
• Very good electrical contact even in applications where vibration and shock are issues, such as railway.


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Entrelec Screw Clamp Terminal Blocks

A smart design to support your daily connection challenges


The SNK series screw clamp terminal blocks offer rationalized functions and accessories while serving a large scope of applications. Qualified for worldwide markets, applications and for severe environments (including hazardous locations, railways, marine and solar applications).



•  Maintenance & trouble shooting operations are minimized thanks to our anti-release system. Screw is locked in total safety
• High density capacity screw clamp connection can fit up to two conductors per clamp which offers extended possibilities in electrical cabinets
• 50% faster assembly time thanks to the locking pin: 10 pre-assembled blocks plugged-in on rail at a time
• Excellent marker visibility thanks to the exclusive top marking location
• Save installation time with our snap on screwless ground terminal blocks,end stops, plugs and jumpers

Main Features:
• Connecting capacity from 0.2 to 240 mm² (21 AWG to 500 Kcmil)
• Reliable hardened steel clamp
• Convenient double central channels allow multiconfigurations : jumpering, testing and measuring
• Time & stock saving with plug-in insulated jumpers, cuttable and available up to 50 poles
• Flat marking surface allows the use of marker cards, labels or pre-marking by hand
• Ready for new utility-scale photovoltaic installations with ZS150 / ZS240 screw clamp terminal blocks going up to 1500 V DC (IEC) and 1000 V DC (UL)


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Hylec Terminal Blocks for Specialist Applications

Broad range of specialist terminal blocks for OEM consumer and industrial/commercial ovens, cookers, washing machines, driers, dishwashers

Finding the right terminal blocks for specialist applications operating at high temperatures can present a challenge for designers, especially those designing the latest models of consumer and commercial/industrial ovens, including the large range cookers that have become so popular in recent years. A specialist range of products developed specifically for commercial and domestic appliances that operate at high heat is now available at Hylec-APL, the specialist supplier of electrical components and enclosures.

Screw to tab terminal block models with between 2 and 7 poles are available in the FV Series, which operates at temperatures from – 5degC to +150degC. Voltage is 450V, and current between 25A and 41A depending model. There are devices in the FV Series designed to suit ceramic hobs, electric hobs, ovens and gas hobs, motors and pumps, as well as general appliances.

The PA Family of terminal blocks with integrated cable clamps includes Series PA84 that offers an earth bracket version and a fuse holder version, both available with or without screws. Rated at 450V, 16A, working temperature ranges from -5degC to +110degC. These models suit small appliances for the domestic market, as well as professional appliances. For gas hobs, PA299 and PA299C are snap-in fixing on chassis terminal blocks with integrated cable clamps, earth brackets and RF filter and can withstand working temperatures of +125degC.

Terminal boxes for gas hobs, electric hobs, ovens and industrial applications are available in multiple styles including Series PA309 with integrated cable clamp and earth bracket for gas hobs, and Series PA233SN with an integrated cable clamp and grounding plate for electric hobs and ovens. The devices are IP30 rated and VDE approved.


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Hylec-APL – Steatite High Temperature Terminal Blocks Range

Hot Applications need High Temp Ceramic up to 1,000 degC STEATITE Terminal Blocks

A range of terminal blocks that can withstand extreme temperatures is available at Hylec-APL, the specialist supplier of electrical components and enclosures. Steatite High Temperature Terminal Blocks are dimensionally stable up to 1,000 degC. They suit applications such as boilers, water heaters, cookers, injection moulding machines, and other uses where connections are required around heating/heating and hot water equipment.

The Steatite High Temperature Terminal Blocks range offers robust ceramic construction with nick-plated brass inserts and zinc-plated steel screws. The range is available in two variants, with and without steel inserts. The standard range offers ten different models: two single pole versions to suit 4mm² and 10mm² standard conductor sizes with maximum current of 32A and 41A ; three 2-pole models, with the larger device suitable for up to 57A maximum current; three 3-pole models (32A, 41A and 57A maximum current) and two 4-pole versions (32A and 41A). They are off-white in colour.

Steatite Ceramic Terminal Blocks with steel inserts offer additional strength and stability. Four models are available: a two pole and a three pole to suit 32A (max) current applications and a two pole and a three pole for applications up to 41A. Sizes are range between 15.6mm high x 18mm wide x 21mm long up to 23mm high x 29.5mm wide x 52mm long.

The Steatite High Temperature Block family is RoHS compliant, VDE and CE approved.


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