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Entrelec Markers & Marking Systems

Entrelec’s comprehensive range of markers and marking systems covers all the needs for electrical panel identification: markers and labels for terminal block, wire & cable, component & equipment.

• Find your favorite marking solution from budget sensitive printing jobs to high quality & volume projects
• Identify your prefered equipments regardless of their brand through our large scope of compatible markers and labels
• Save time and cost with our large variety of ready to use pre-printed markers for Entrelec terminal blocks

Main Features:
• Choose from our various marking systems using different technologies : thermal transfer or plotter
• Up to 1400 models available and even more with our on-demand customization service.
• Print markers and labels for many electrical manufacturers


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Entrelec Railway Application Terminal Blocks

TE Connectivity, a worldwide leading supplier for rolling stock and infrastructure

As a leading supplier for railway applications, TE Connectivity proposes the most complete terminal block range of the market complying with all main international railway standards. The Entrelec range for railway applications is available in four technologies and covers all the needs for rolling stock and railroad infrastructures.

Rail vehicles are subjected to extreme environmental conditions (high vibration and shock), corrosion (underground applications or tunnels). All Entrelec terminal blocks listed in this catalog are tested in accordance with the latest and most demanding standards applying to rolling stock applications.

• PI-Spring
• Pluggable
• ADO System® (IDC)
• Stud and quick-connect

Advanced 3D Drawing and Data Export:
• Built-in 3D viewer
• Integration to CAD/CAE softwares
• Compatibility with TE Connectivity printers
• Detailed drawings of the rail, assembly and markers


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Hylec 36-Pole PCB Terminal Block for OEM Applications

Professional rising clamp terminals with 2 cable entry, rated 250V/24A. Snaps into different lengths – ideal for R & D work and short production runs

A new 36-pole strip-style PCB terminal block from Hylec-APL can easily be snapped into different lengths at any position by hand or with a blunt knife to suit OEM requirements. It is particularly useful and cost-effective for R&D projects and short production runs. This convenient and high quality 36-pole terminal block features professional rising clamp terminals and is rated 24A/250VAC.

Manufactured from UL94-0 flame-retardant polycarbonate, the 36-pole terminal block has zinc-plated steel rising clamps designed to accept solid or stranded cable from 0.2mm to 3.6mm². It features tinned, nickel-plated brass pins/terminals with guided pin alignment and anti-solder wicking to ensure correct and clean connections. Recommended PCB hole is 1.3mm in diameter.

Electrical characteristics are: dielectric strength ≥ 2.5kV and 4kV impulse withstand voltage. Working temperature qualification is 100degC.


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Entrelec SNACompact Terminal Blocks

Small Is Big with SNACompact Terminal Blocks

NACompact terminal blocks help to improve panel building process providing compact and performant products relying on more than 60 years track-record.

• Secure your wiring with ENTRELEC screw clamp featuring hardened steel, anti-release system, funnel entry for conductor, tab under clamp.
• Save up to 14% in height for 2.5 and 4 mm² versus SNA-type terminal blocks, which allows to fit in smaller junction boxes.
• Provide for a long lifetime on site time-tested by 60 years track record on screw technology, fire resistant V0 plastic grade and installation in harsh environments.
• Optimize the installation, wiring and connection, by taking benefit from ENTRELEC design, screwless ground connection, well aligned fuse and disconnect version.
• Reduces mounting errors thanks to asymmetrical design and by using compatible TE Connectivity’s end ferrules and crimping tools.
• Improve the layout & identification of the panel by using TE Connectivity’s large cable management portfolio, including identification labels, card and roll printing systems, cable ties and cable wrapping accessories.
• Save time when designing your panel thanks to TE Connectivity’s digital tools, such as TE.COM and Easy Rail Designer 3D CAD software allowing rail assembly design and 3D viewing functionality.

• Connecting capacity from 0.2 to 95 mm² (24 to 0000AWG)
• Reliable hardened steel clamp
• Large choice of functions from standard feed-through, ground , disconnect and fuse to specific such as test & measurement, miniblocks, sensor actuators and more
• Screwless ground blocks
• Tested upon environmental conditions : Vibrations: IEC 60068-2-6 standard; Corrosion: salt mist as per IEC 60068-2 §11; Flammability: UL94V0 & needle burning test (IEC 60947-7-1 §8.4.6); Short-circuit: IEC 60947-7-1 §8.4.6.


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Entrelec Dedicated Applications Terminal Blocks

The Dedicated Range

Specific technologies and terminal blocks for dedicated applications (energy, machinery, automation) and markets.


• Meet your specific needs in connection thanks to a large scope of technologies and solutions
• Save space thanks to miniblocks
• Secure your connections thanks to IDC or spring loaded scew clamp technologies


Main Features:
• Dedicated technologies such as IDC, Spring loaded screw clamp, stud, ring lug
• Mini blocks for machinery applications
• Sensor/actuator functions
• Test & measurement terminal blocks
• Installation terminal blocks
• Protection terminal blocks


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Entrelec Stud Terminal Blocks

The Connection for Power and Energy Circuits.

The stud terminal blocks are dedicated to the connection and distribution of power into installations.

• Saved space in cabinets thanks to high density wiring with up to two conductors per stud.
• Increase operator security thanks to rotating and removable protective covers for jumpers and connections.
• Secured wiring thanks to the combination of lug and stud that prevent conductor pull-out.
• Reduce maintenance operations : our clamps include vibration resistant washers combined with highly resistant steel clamps.
• Assemby is facilitated and mounting time is reduced thanks to bi-stable foot that allows fast locking or removal of terminal block on rail.
• Allow installation flexibility with extra mounting options such panel or plate.

Main Features:
• Connecting capacity from 35 to 300 mm² (1 AWG to 1000kcmil).
• Technologies : stud-stud or hybrid stud-screw terminal blocks.
• Compatible with lugs in acordance with NF C 20-130 and DIN 46234.
• Connections and jumpering system are isolated (IP20) thanks to rotative protective covers.
• Pins allow terminal blocks to be snapped together for better stability.
• Derivation accessory for monitoring relays.


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Entrelec Easy Rail Designer 3D

Easy Rail Designer 3D

The terminal block assembly software enables to build DIN rail assemblies made with ENTRELEC terminal blocks in complete autonomy. While speeding up your project management Easy Rail Designer 3D makes the assembly design process easier, combining user-friendly and advanced functionalities. The powerful interface provides 2D/3D export capabilities as well as a 3D viewer.

Product Benefits:
• Assembly design process made easier
• User-friendly software for working in full autonomy
• Customized project management: user’s data integration, PDF reports, history of modifications


Product Features:
• 3D drawing: built-in 3D viewer and 3D drawing export
• CAD/CAE integration: export to the main CAD/CAE softwares
• Customization: Indication on the drawing of the supplier’s, integrator’s and end user’s name, logotype and part number
• Intuitive Windows® user interface
• User-friendly configurator: Correction system, powerful search engine, insertion of products external to the database


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Entrelec DBL Power Distribution Blocks

Power Distribution Block Products with 3 Configurations


Our exclusive compact and modular power distribution blocks distribute electrical circuits from a single input source to several devices in the branch circuit. Power distribution blocks are easy to install, save space, and allow increased productivity as well as flexibility of use. They are used in applications such as industrial and commercial panels HVAC, machinery, power distribution units (PDU), and commercial panels.



• 3 configurations in 1 product: Single pole & multipole splitter, grouping for solar
• Connect round or flat conductors and save up to 50% space compared to copper bars
• Reduce assembly time by 80% by avoiding to use fastening and isolating components
• Suitable for most recent solar installations with 1500V DC rating and up to 12 inputs
• Easy identification thanks to the delivered pre-printed markers L1, L2, L3, N, PE, +, –

Main Features:
• Rating from 80A to 500A
• Interlocking function for multiple pole assembling
• Two directions opening, snap-on and reversible cover
• Optional input for easy jumpering


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Entrelec Pluggable Terminal Blocks

Smart Connections with Pluggable Terminal Blocks

The SNK series pluggable terminal blocks combine the benefits of our smart connections with the flexibility of the pluggable function. Pluggable technology brings modularity into the electrical installation allowing the combination of sub-assemblies and pre-wired harnesses that facilitate and considerably accelerate assembly test and factory commissioning. Qualified for worldwide markets, applications and for severe environments (including hazardous locations, railways, marine and solar applications etc.).

• Reliable in harsh conditions for Railways or Marine applications
• Cost effective solutions: only two plugs variants required to compose subsets of plugs without tooling
• Safety and protection against connection errors with coding pegs and accidental tearing with locking devices

Main Features:
• Connecting capacity from 0.2 to 4 mm² (26 to 10 AWG).
• Available in PI-Spring and screw clamp technologies
• Pluggable-Pluggable functions
• Withstanding rolling stocks vibrations and shocks tests


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