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Bulgin 16mm Stainless Steel Pushbutton Switches


Bulgin is proud to announce two new ranges of pushbutton switches for industry standard 16mm diameter panel holes.

The first of the new range is a compact switch extending less than 21mm behind the panel. These single pole, momentary, push to make switches are rated at 2A, 48Vdc and are capable of 100,000 operations at full load and 1,000,000 mechanical operations. There are three button styles; flush, domed and prominent, and all switch variants have screw terminals. The MP0042 is manufactured in stainless steel with a polished finish. The MP0044 is manufactured in gold plated brass to give an extra touch of quality. These attractive switches will find themselves at home on panels and equipment where a robust and but aesthetically pleasing switch is needed.


The second range of 16mm stainless steel switches also have a polished stainless steel finish. They are slightly longer behind the panel but boast many more features. Rated at 3A, 250Vac and capable of 30,000 cycles at full load and 200,000 mechanical cycles, these switches are robust enough for manyFORMATION demanding applications. The MP0045 series have double pole switching with momentary or latching operation, and solder tag termination. The two styles of buttons, flush and protruding, are also available with dot and ring LED illumination. Standard illumination colours are amber, blue, green and red, and integral resistors allow operation from a 12Vdc or 250Vac supply.

——–>  Technical Data Sheets   16mm Stainless Swt ds.pdf

The extensive list of variations for these switches will allow their use in many applications where an attractive but robust small diameter switch is required.


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Honeywell Basic Switches


Includes standard size basics, miniature, subminiature, hermetically sealed, high temperature and special application switches. The precision snap-action mechanisms are available with a wide variety of actuators and operating characteristics. These products are often ideal for applications requiring compactness, light weight, accurate repeatability and long life. This family also includes pushbuttons, toggles, rockers, key switches and indicators for use where manual operation is desired.

Basic Switches.jpg

Best Used For:
Used for presence/absence detection where physical contact with the object is permissible. Often ideal for applications requiring compactness, repeatability and long life.


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E-T-A, Stylish ‘Water-Splash’ Protected Switch / Circuit Breaker

“Matching 3-position switch version available for 2-speed fans, wipers, etc.”

eta logo.jpg

E-T-A Circuit Breakers has introduced a new combined switch and circuit breaker for push-fit mounting in switch panels. Its attractive, contoured, ‘soft’ feel rocker actuator with dual illumination and choice of both colour and ‘marine’ legends make it a first-line choice for builders of power-boats and yachts. A 3-position switch version of matching design enables all combinations of switching and circuit protection to be provided in one stylish control panel grouping.

A0304eta - E-T-A 3131.jpg

The new E-T-A 3131 combined switch and thermal overcurrent circuit breaker provides snap-in, panel-mounted, single pole protection against both limited short circuits and low level, but potentially very harmful, overload currents. The integral overload protection negates the need for fuse holders or additional circuit breakers, thus offering great advantages for boat users and simplifying the wiring circuits. Models are offered in current ratings from 0.1A to 20A at up to 50V DC/240V AC for single pole applications. The complementary E-T-A 3131 three-position switch with matching actuator design offers the additional switching required for units such as 2-speed fans and wipers.

The ergonomically styled rocker actuator on both versions of the E-T-A 3131 is soft to the touch and offers two illumination options with a number of different permutations possible.   Splash water protection is assured even in the toughest nautical conditions with its IP66 rating. The 3131 CBE is one of the smallest and lightest products of this type on the market, making it ideal for the protection of circuits and equipment including vital navigation and communication equipment.


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Saia-Burgess Announce New Lower Price on Panel Mounted Switches

Bur LOGO.jpg

Stop Press A.jpg

Whatever your application, Saia-Burgess have the product and the development capability to supply the most appropriate solution, anywhere in the world.  Now we’ve pushed the button on more competitive pricing, the quality of Panel Mounted switches from Saia-Burgess is matched by their affordability.

Stop Press B.jpg

Bur LOGO.jpg

Stop Press C.jpg

These and many other Saia-Burgess products are available from:

E. Preston (Electrical) Ltd
    Broadway, Globe Lane Industrial Estate
    Dukinfield, Cheshire, SK16 4UU
    United Kingdom
    T  +44 (0)161 339 5177
    F  +44 (0)161 343 1935

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Schurter’s Metal Line Switches Glow in Blue

Schurter Logo1.jpg

Schurter’s stylish metal line switches are now available with blue illumination. The new colour option joins the existing yellow, red, green and bi-colour red/green options in point or ring illuminated versions.

The luminous switches are designed for use in applications where lighting conditions are low and indication is necessary to identify the switch actuation area. Customisation can be achieved to meet customers individual needs, including special finishes and legends. Pictures and/or text can be applied to stainless steel types. The hard-wearing laser-etched letters and symbols are resistant to abrasion and fading for a lifetime that exceeds that of the switch.

Blue illuminated Switches.jpg

The Schurter Metal Line comprises a wide range of vandal-resistant metal switches, engineered in Germany for a high quality finish.  Metal Line products are available with Piezo electronics for long-life, protection against outdoor elements, high impact resistance and virtually indestructible wear.  Also available are switches with electro-mechanical actuators for applications requiring travel with the switching action. Mounting dimensions range from 16 to 30 mm with IK ratings from 02 to 07 for high impact resistance. IP ratings range from 40 to 67 for degree of sealing protection.

The blue illuminated metal line switches are at home in many applications including ticket terminals, parking garages, petrol stations, roadside call boxes, lifts, door controls, cashpoints, internet terminals, and information booths.


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BULGIN Vandal Resistant Switches now with Blue LEDs


The latest addition to Bulgin’s family of Vandal Resistant Switches is a blue illuminated version, a colour particularly suited to contemporary panel designs.

Vandal Blue.jpg

Two designs of LED illuminated switches available:

  • ‘Dot’ illumination – a single lens in the middle of the button
  • ‘Ring’ illumination – a halo lens that surrounds the button

The bodies of these switches are machined from high grade stainless steel to produce an extremely tough yet aesthetically pleasing switch. A tough Polycarbonate lens is combined with the stainless steel button. The standard colours of red, green and amber have been joined by a blue option, and, typical of Bulgin’s high standard of design detail, the LED housing is moulded in the same colour material as the LED’s themselves.

Tested to 750,000 mechanical operations and 35,000 electrically, the MPI series have single pole contacts rated at 50mA, 24V dc. The switches have either solder tags or screw terminals, useful for easy field servicing, and are front panel sealed to IP66 making them ideal for external applications.

This family of switches all have momentary action contacts, which lend themselves to door entry and access control applications along with many other uses such as: car park barriers, emergency telephones, panic buttons, vending machines, lifts, prisons, petrol pumps and food processing.


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SCHURTER Extends MSM Line to Include Switch with Larger Actuation Area

Schurter Logo1.jpg

Schurter has expanded its popular stainless steel MSM series with the addition of a 30 mm diameter switch. The current product line is already available in 16, 19, and 22 mm mounting diameters. The new MSM30 offers the same robust characteristics as its smaller counterparts, only it has a larger, ergonomically designed, actuating area for superb tactile feel. Actuation force is 4.5 Newtons, and contact travel is only 1 millimeter with a fixed stop accompanied by a pleasant audible click. The MSM series provides maximum switching power over a voltage range of 5 V DC to 250 V AC and a current range of 0.1 – 10 amps. Switching action is single-pole, momentary with N.O. and N.C. contacts available.



Built for tough environments, the MSM carries a water-resistant rating of IP 67, making it ideal for use outdoors, or in equipment exposed to the liquid spills, drips, leaks or wash-downs. A shock resistant rating of IK 07 makes it ideal for use in environments where the switch can be subject to heavy use or impact. The switch can also operate under varying temperature conditions as low as -25 and as high as 85 C. A flat front construction of only 1.7 millimeters provides a nearly flush mounting to the panel surface, which makes it less conspicuous and therefore less likely to be knocked or battered from the side.

These new MSM30 is ideal for systems where a large actuating area is required for operation, such as information, security and vending systems. Wiring is via quick connect terminals.  Assembly includes pre-wiring of the contact module, which is then snapped onto the actuator housing.  Point and ring illuminated versions of the MSM are available for applications where optical status indications are desired, such as dark conditions or disability access systems.


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Custom Float Switches from Cynergy3 Components


Cynergy3 now has switches for High Temperature, High Pressure, or Hazardous Area use, and continue to develop new products to meet customers specific requirements.

Cynergy3 have recently developed further custom switches for small ink reservoirs in industrial inkjet printers, having supplied switches to printing machine manufacturers for more than 10 years.  Other custom switches are used in vending machines, aircraft food heating, wall kettles, automatic vehicle lubrication systems, drinking water fountains, pump systems, dishwashers and medical equipment.

 rsf fs photo-sm3.jpg

Cynergy3 manufacture switches in a wide range of plastics, brass and stainless steel suitable for most liquids and environments.  These can be supplied from stockists or built to order at the factories in Wimborne and Christchurch, Dorset.

Approvals for float switches include WRAS, UL, Lloyds register, ATEX EExd 11C T110C and ATEX EEx ia 11C T4


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Arcolectric Expands Their Range of Mains Rated Switches


Arcolectric has recently expanded their portfolio of mains rated switches to include an extensive range of toggle switches.

The 3900 Series of toggle switches offer a wide variety of switching options in single and double pole versions with SPST, SPDT, DPST & DPDT switching and momentary and three position actions. 


With mechanical life of 50,000 operations and full international approvals up to 16(4)A @ 250Vac, T85 (ENEC) and 20A @ 125/277Vdc (UL & CSA) the 3900 Series offer value for money with specification to match. The terminal options, 6.3mm tags or solder tags, make the switches suitable for both high and low volume manufacturing techniques.

Nickel plated brass levers, with nickel plated nut and bush, fit industry standard 12.7mm diameter mounting holes and provide secure, durable operation.

The range is complimented by a full range of accessories including; toggle seals, ON/OFF status plate and a special guard that prevents accidental operation of the switch.

These switches find many applications where conventional lever operation is needed including; control panels, automation systems, test equipment, industrial equipment and even agricultural, marine and motoring accessories.

Features include:
• Mains power rated
• Ratings up to 20A, 277Vac
• Nickel plated, solid brass levers
• Wide range of switching circuits
• Push-on (6.3mm) or solder terminals
• Security guard prevents accidental operation
• Seal to panel accessories
• International approvals
• Competitive pricing


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Bulgin Catalogue No 82 Now Available


The latest Bulgin Components Product Catalogue, issue No 82, is now available and includes full specifications, drawings and photographs for all the current products.

With full details of all new products and packed with information for designers, engineers and specifiers, the 212 page catalogue is organised in to seven product sections:

Bulgin Cat.jpg

Battery Holders
IP68 Waterproof Connectors                       
IEC Mains Connectors
General Purpose Connectors


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