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Honeywell GKME Series Extends Safety Switch Series, Helps Reduce Wiring and Installation Time


GKME Dual-Connection Series Enhances Safety, Productivity with Daisy-Chain Capabilities

Honeywell introduces the MICRO SWITCH GKME-series Dual Connection Safety Switch. This product line extension of the GKM series includes two pre-assembled connectors allowing for daisychain connection from switch to switch. The ease of installing GKME switches may reduce wiring time up to fifty percent, resulting in significant savings for the customer.


The GKME is designed to enhance machine safety – the removal of any switch indicates that a door is open and breaks the electrical safety chain. The design facilitates planned and unplanned maintenance by allowing modules of the machine to be easily removed and replaced, followed by plug and play of the safety switch.

Potential applications include packaging and assembly equipment; textile and printing machinery.


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TH Contact Range: TE1 Compact Emergency Stop Switch

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Introducing the New Low Depth E-Stop

Johnson Electric / Saia-Burgess are proud to announce the introduction of probably the world’s smallest behind panel depth emergency stop switch as the latest introduction to the TH Contact range.

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• Low profile behind panel
• Compact
• Suitable for small portable equipment
• Certified to the latest international safety standards
• Illuminated LED options
• Rotary reset in 3 styles
• Environmental protection to IP65

Requiring less than 20mm profile, the new TE1 series outperforms even the best.  With approval to EN418 standards (pending), 30mm or 40mm diameter buttons, 3 styles and illuminated options, the TE1 is the obvious choice when you demand the ‘best in class’ safety equipment components for your machine users.


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HONEYWELL GSS Series Hinge Actuated Safety Switch


GSS Series, Safety Limit Switch, 3NC/1NO Direct Opening, Slow Action, Hinge Mount, 1/2 NPT, EN50047 Compatible, Zinc Die-cast, Gold-plated Contacts


• Positive opening operation of normally closed contacts
• Available with up to 4NC positive opening contacts
• Galvanically isolated contacts
• Available with gold-plated contacts for improved switching reliability at low currents and voltages
• Wide selection of actuators
• UL, CSA, CE, BG pending



• Machine tools
• Material handling equipment
• Packaging machinery
• Textile machinery
• Construction machinery and equipment


The GSS Series Global Safety Switch is available in three configurations:
• GSA – Standard mounting per EN50041
• GSC – Standard mounting per EN50047
• GSE – Compatible with standard mounting per EN50047


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HONEYWELL Safety Switches Product Range



Honeywell is committed to manufacturing safety solutions and we’ve doubled our product line to prove it. Honeywell offers a broad line of safety switches from miniature to heavy-duty switches. Honeywell’s newest additions are a result of continuous development and brand commitment.
In addition to Honeywell’s current safety switch offering, we are proud to introduce several new product series.

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GKE – IEC 20 mm mounting and IEC pricing are strong selling points of Honeywell’s GKE product line. Available with 20mm or 1/2 inch NPT conduit, the GKE has two key openings and either 1NC/1NO or 2NC switching capability.
GKN – Honeywell’s GKN switch has a common footprint and three contacts for safety monitoring, along with a flexible key. There are two switch stocking units (SKUs) for many applications. With four key openings, the GKN has up to three normally closed safety contacts and drop-in capability.
GKS (available December, 2006) – Designed to trap-and-hold the key until the hazard has been removed, the GKS uses a solenoid for either Power-to-lock or Power-to-unlock Situations. This configurable basic allows combinations of four contacts and complies with North American, European, and Chinese standards. Potential applications include an access panel for a press, robotic machinery, and automated assembly areas.

FF and FFS – These non-contact safety switches are a strategic fit into the Honeywell safety switch line as they complement the electromechanical offering. These non-contacting, hard-guarding solutions cope with Slop In the application or a large actuation window to reduce alignment issues between the switch and magnet actuator. Priced competitively, these switches have several potential applications, including pick-and-place packaging/assembly equipment, semi-con equipment, and printing machinery. Product series include: FF2, FF3, FF5, FF6, and FFS.

These safety switches may be appropriate for the following applications:
• Packaging equipment
• Pick-and-place assembly equipment
• Semicon equipment
• Plastic molding equipment
• Woodworking machinery
• Textile machinery
• Printing machinery

To view the broad line of Honeywell safety switches, please click on the link below


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