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Hylec’s Debox SL, the UK’s First 100% Tool-Less In-Line Junction Box

Deebox SL

Hylec offers the UK’s first 100% tool-less in-line junction box, Debox SL.   Debox SL can be assembled in a few seconds and is supplied complete with a 16A, UL and VDE-approved, 4-pole screw-less push wire terminal block, Debox 2 SL joins flat or round profile cable and includes everything to save electricians on-site installation time and reduce costs.

No tools are required: after inserting the cables and closing the included cable clamps, the lid is simply snapped shut and held with the supplied locking clip. This innovative cable junction box from Hylec-APL is IP20 protected, flame retardant to UL94V-0, and suits internal applications, including ring main lighting, LED lighting and power.


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Bulgin Pioneers Range of Antimicrobial Switches


Antimicrobial Switches

Bulgin is pleased to announce the launch of a unique antimicrobial switches range as part of an exclusive partnership with BioCote Ltd, a leading provider of evidence-based antimicrobial technology. Bulgin’s best selling ranges of standard and miniature rocker switches, push button switches, double pole splash resistant switches and splash/dust covers will be manufactured with BioCote’s silver ion technology during the moulding process moulded to produce the world’s first antimicrobial electronic components. The antimicrobial ranges present OEMs with a distinctive new feature which offers a key point of end equipment differentiation and significantly enhances the benefits to the end user or the product.

Integrating BioCote® at the point of manufacture provides in-built antimicrobial protection for the life span of the component part, reducing microbes including bacteria mould and fungi by up to 99.9%. Bulgin’s switches are already sold into a wide range of industries including healthcare, laboratory science, education, catering, leisure and other ‘high traffic’ public places. “Bulgin’s switches are already used for a wide variety of ‘high traffic’ consumer and industrial devices. Our partnership with BioCote ensures the surfaces of Bulgin switches will help prevent the spread of microbes including viruses, mould and bacteria,” adds Mark Berry, Programme Product Line Manager, Bulgin. “We anticipate a strong reaction from our customers to these significant enhancements to our best selling ranges.” Five of Bulgin’s best selling switch ranges will utilise BioCote’s technology at manufacture stage, with further plans to roll out this process in time, as demand increases. Bulgin has undergone a rigorous R&D and testing process for the launch of this range.

All BioCote protected products are regularly validated and quality control tested to ISO 22196 where applicable, in an independent laboratory. Only products that demonstrate over a 95% reduction in bacteria are allowed to use the BioCote brand as a guarantee of superior antimicrobial performance. BioCote has carried out a number of environmental trials in hospitals, food processing and care homes to scientifically prove BioCote protected products are as effective in situ as in laboratory testing, consistently reducing levels of microbial contamination in the environment by over 95%.


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Schurter Series 6600-5 With Integrated Light Pipes For Status Display

Schurter Logo1.jpg

10 A IEC Appliance Outlet Type F with integrated light pipes and V-Lock cord retention for smart PDUs

Series 6600-5

Schhurter improves upon a classic product: the new 6600-5 series IEC outlets are available with integrated light pipes. An intelligent, space and cost-saving solution for PDUs used in data
centers and other multi-distributed power applications.

The human need for information continues to expand at record pace, while continual advancements in information and communications technology (ICT), strive to keep pace with this demand. New data centers continually appear in the most unconventional of places to support this growing demand. These data centers are under constant pressure to improve upon efficiency and reliability under growing regulatory requirements to reduce energy use and cost. Meanwhile, the demand for reliable transmission with increased speed must keep pace. At the base of this modern day economic demand and supply phenomena is an intelligent, reliable power supply and – at the base of that – a simple connector. Schurter is pleased to introduce its IEC outlets with integrated light pipes, which bring a simple yet improved solution to intelligent power distribution.

Today, PDUs often use LEDs mounted in between outlets to display a current status. The high packing density of servers in modern data centers demands the same of power distribution units. With Schurter’s appliance outlet, the integrated light pipes provide space and assembly cost savings over conventional strip designs. Service technicians are able to clearly see which systems are working properly, or respond to required maintenance adjustments. The triggering of the LEDs is freely configurable, wherein each state can be clearly and independently represented. An outlet could, for example, signal an outage with a red LED, or a critical power consumption pattern with a yellow LED.

Optionally the SCHURTER 6600-5 is also available with only one or without light pipe.

In order to prevent against unintentional removal of a power cord, the new sockets offer a pull-out safety device. Depending on the arrangement of the sockets in the bar (horizontally or vertically) the Schurter V-Lock or other cord retention systems with side latches can be used. Both systems are possible with outlets the 6600-5.

The outlet’s snap arms are currently designed for front panel dimensions of 1.7 or 2.0 mm. Versions for 1.0, 1.5 and 2.5 mm will follow shortly.  A 16 A version of the device socket with up to 4 light pipes will be launched in the near future as well.

Technical Data / Approvals
• Ratings IEC 10 A / 250 VAC; 50 Hz
• Ratings UL/CSA 15 A / 250 VAC; 60 Hz
• With one, two or without integrated light pipes for status display
• Compatible for V-Lock cord retention and other systems with side latches
• Operation temperature -25 °C bis 70 °C
• Snap-in mounting and PCB terminals

Typical applications are in smart Power Distribution Units (PDU) used in Data Centers, IT- & Telecom systems, where the power or other status indication per each outlet is monitored.


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Honeywell PX3 Series Heavy Duty Pressure Transducers, New Brazable Copper Tube Port, Cable Harness Termination and Extended Pressure Range Configurations


Honeywell is pleased to announce an extension to its efficient, affordable and durable PX3 Series Heavy Duty Pressure Transducers designed primarily for system pressure monitoring in HVAC, refrigeration, air compressor, pump and valve systems. These new configurations offer the flexibility to serve global customers with a new brazable copper tube port, a cable harness termination and an operating pressure range extension to 50 bar / 700 psi (was previously to 46 bar / 667 psi). In addition, the PX3 Series’ ratiometric output option has been extended to offer 3.3 V, in addition to 5 V, with the option to enable the diagnostics function.

PX3 Extensioni

Overview of the PX3 Series
* Provides high efficiency: Proven, ±1.0 %FSS tight Total Error Band accuracy promotes system efficiency and lower energy costs
* Great customer value: Economical choice for design/implementation; extremely flexible with multiple configuration possibilities with the right combination of features and broad media compatibility
* Durability promotes system uptime: For enhanced performance in tough environments to support overall system quality, reliability and warranty
* Fast availability: Short lead times on samples and production parts

Value To Customers
* Total Error Band: Provides the most comprehensive, clear and meaningful measurement of the sensor’s true accuracy; small error promotes system uptime and efficiency
* Enhanced freeze/thaw resistance: Allows the device to survive exposure to frost, commonly found in refrigeration systems
* Enhanced insulation resistance and dielectric strength: Protects the user and sensor in high over-voltage situations, and ensures that the device is compliant with industry standards
* Enhanced EMC (radiated immunity) performance (200 V/m): Allows for use in the presence of electro-magnetic fields, such as near wireless signals, RF communication and electrical devices
* Low current consumption (3.5 mA max.): Helps reduce energy costs and enhances product life if used in battery driven systems
* Optional diagnostics: May be beneficial in applications where the sensor functionality and the need to know internal or external failure modes are critical

* Pressure range: 1 bar to 50 bar | 15 psi to 700 psi (absolute and sealed gage)
* Ratiometric output: 0.5 Vdc to 4.5 Vdc or 0.33 Vdc to 2.97 Vdc
* Six industry-standard ports are now offered; new brazable copper tube port per ASTM B 280 configuration allows for durable and hermetically-sealed sensor process connections
* Fully calibrated and temperature compensated
* Total Error Band: ±1.0 %FSS from -20 °C to 85 °C [-4 °F to 185 °F]
* External freeze/thaw resistance: 6 cycles from -30 °C to 50 °C [-22 °F to 122 °F]
* Insulation resistance: >100 MOhm, 1500 Vdc
* Dielectric strength: AC1500V, 1 min. or AC1800, 1 s
* Current consumption: 3.5 mA max.
* EMC Radiated Immunity: 200 V/m per ISO 11452-2
* Ingress protection: Up to IP67 and IP69K for cable harness configurations
* Response time: <2 ms
* RoHS, REACH and CE compliant
* Optional diagnostics: May be beneficial in applications where the sensor functionality and the need to know internal or external failure modes are critical
* Termination styles include Metri-Pack 150 integral connector or flame retardant cable harness termination styles in 1 meter or 3 meter lengths
* Custom configurations such as varied cable length, end mating connectors, alternate O-rings or pressure ranges are available

Potential Applications
* Industrial:  Refrigerant pressure monitoring in HVAC/R systems; air compressor system pressure
* Transportation:  Air system monitoring; hydraulic oil pressure monitoring


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Schaffner Introduces Ecosine Evo, The New Generation of Passive Harmonic Filters

Schaffner 225_31.jpg

The Schaffner Group introduces ecosine evo, the new generation of passive harmonic filters with an evolutionary modular concept and unparalleled technology.


Schaffner, the international leader in the fields of electromagnetic compatibility and power quality, is again setting a benchmark with its product offering of harmonics mitigation solutions. Ecosine evo combine superior technology to reliably mitigate excessive harmonics with an evolutionary modular product concept.

The new ecosine filters FN 3440, FN 3450 and FN 3452 which are designed for three-phase diode and thyristor rectifier, are achieving a THID ≤ 5% even without DC-link choke included in the drive. They guarantee compliance with the toughest requirement of IEEE-519 and other stringent international power quality standards while being the most compact passive harmonic filters available in the market. The filters offer excellent performance at rated power with minimal reactive power, even at partial or no-load conditions. With the installation of the new ecosine filters, the electrical infrastructure is unburdened and its utilization is much more efficient and reliable. Furthermore, the service life cycle of electrical equipment is extended and energy costs are reduced.

Thanks to the modular concept, the filter design also offers great flexibility. It allows Schaffner to provide the optimal solution by merely “plugging in add-on modules”, according to different installation requirements and motor drive setups. Thus utilizing the new Schaffner modular filters allows for the best tailored solutions for applications, aligning product offerings with the international market requirements and customer expectations.

Ecosine evo filters FN 3440, FN 3450 and FN 3452 are rated for 50 Hz/400 VAC, 50 Hz/500 VAC and 60 Hz/480 VAC grids, respectively, with standard power ratings available from 1.1 to 250 kW (1.5 to 300 HP for 60 Hz filters). They are available as open frame IP 00 and protection category IP 20 (IP 21 and NEMA 1/NEMA 3R (only in the US) as a future option). All filters are CE-marked, UL listed (pending) and RoHS compliant. The ecosine evo filters are easy to install and maintain and are be fully supported in Schaffner’s well known power quality simulator SchaffnerPQS3.


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Bulgin Introduces the M-Series – A Diverse Range of Industrial Automation Connectors


M-SeriesDesigned to decrease downtime and increase production efficiency, the M-Series provides reliable and uncompromised data, signal and power transmissions for industrial automation systems in harsh environments.

Featuring an M-style threaded locking nut, Bulgin’s M-Series offers an extensive choice of robust industry standard interconnect solutions for automation and control applications including: M5, M8, M12, M16 and M23 variants.

With A, B & D Coded connector variants available throughout the range, Bulgin’s automation connectors are ideal for ensuring consistent and reliable actuator/sensor, fieldbus and Ethernet connections.

This IP67 rated connector range includes field installable connectors, receptacles and overmolded cable variants with PVC/PUR jackets. EMI shielded options are also available in addition to plastic or metal housing materials that come in straight and right angle forms.

Passive distributor boxes with M12/M8 actuator and sensor sockets are also available to reduce installation time in the field whilst maintaining a high degree of protection with an IP67 sealed housing.

- Reliable, robust and versatile connectivity solutions
- Shielded variants maintain signal integrity
- Environmental protection up to the IP67 standard
- Quick and secure screw coupling mechanism
- Wide variety of body styles and coding options

 Key Applications:
- Robotics
- Process Measurement & Instrumentation
- Automotive Manufacturing
- Food & Beverage
- Machinery & Tooling
- Process Control Systems
- Packaging Equipment
- Material Handling Equipment


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Schaffner New High Current EMC/EMI Filters for 690 VAC- or 1’500 VDC Applications

Schaffner 225_31.jpg

EMI_Bild1_2EMC/EMI filters on the AC- and DC side of inverters and converters contribute significantly to the compliance with the EMC directive and do improve the system reliability. Schaffner presents the most compact and most modern products in the market, with the introduction of the new FN221x HV and FN331x HV series. It is based upon the combination of innovative component technology and design knowhow to enable economic EMC solutions between 250 A and 2’300 A.

Schaffner, the international leader in the fields of electromagnetic compatibility and power quality, introduces the new FN 22xx HV and FN 33xx HV standard filters for high current applications for 690 VAC and 1’500 VDC PV inverters, converters and motor drives. These innovative filters are optimized for the requirements of photovoltaic-, power conversion-, energy storage- and motor control systems and take into consideration Schaffner’s extensive global application experience with AC- and DC power systems.

Along with appropriately sized 690 VAC EMC/EMI filters FN 331x HV on the line side, the new FN 221x HV DC filters help to meet the limits of binding EMC standards for PV installations in Europe and other regions. Further, the 1’500 VDC filter FN 221x HV will help to increase the service life of the solar panel, improve its reliability, and reduce potential interference radiations of the panel, by keeping away the inverter-born high-frequency and leakage currents.

FDIS recently approved the new international CISPR11, Ed.6.0 standard, which defines now the conducted emission limits at the DC power ports of “Grid Connected Power Conditioners”.

The extremely compact AC filters FN 331x help to meet the already well known EMC standards and are optimized to suit the most modern inverter design requirements of various power converter types.

The new filters will require much less installation space compared to traditional solutions, due to the optimized attenuation performance levels. They also offer minimum power loss related to the rating of the inverter and thus help to maximize the system efficiency.

Both bus-bar filter series are available with ratings from 250 A to 2’300 A. Versions without capacitors to ground are also available as standard product for specific AC- and DC power system requirements.

All models are CE, UL, CSA and ENEC (FN 331x HV) approved and RoHS compliant.


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