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Bulgin Announces New 4000 Series

Bulgin has expanded its ever-popular Buccaneer® range of environmentally-sealed power and data connectors with the introduction of the new Buccaneer 4000 Series. Building on the success of the Buccaneer 6000 and 7000 Series of quick locking connectors, this latest offering provides the same twist lock coupling and ‘fit and forget’ connectivity in a more compact format, making it easier for product engineers to integrate into their system designs.

4000 Series

The Buccaneer 4000 Series has been developed to provide excellent sealing characteristics to IP66, IP68 and IP69K standards – ensuring true environmental protection in harsh conditions – as well as to withstand vibrations, shocks and corrosion to EN/IEC 60068 requirements. Each unit has a UV-resistant, UL94-V0 flammability-rated plastic body equipped with a simple and efficient twist locking mechanism, allowing a secure connection without the need for specialist tools. Currently available in 3, 8 and 12 pole configurations rated up to 13A, 600V – plus a micro-B USB data connector – it offers a choice of solder and crimp contacts, and can accommodate cables from 3 to 7 mm in diameter. Together with a choice of in-line or panel mounting options, this makes the Buccaneer 4000 Series ideally suited to a wide range of marine, industrial, transport and infrastructure applications, especially where space is at a premium.


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Crydom’s New NOVA22 Solid State Relays Combines Power and Versatility


NOVA22s are 22.5mm DIN rail and panel mount solid state relays with greater power density (up to 95 Amps) and more connection options than any other comparable SSR on the market.

Crydom, the global expert in solid state switching technology, is pleased to announce the new NOVA22 AC and DC output solid state relays. NOVA22 solid state relays are available in both DIN rail (DR22 series) and Panel mount (PM22 series) packages:

NOVA22 solid state relays feature:
* DIN rail models rated up to 35 Amps and panel mount models rated up to 95 Amps
* 22.5mm wide package
* 4-32VDC, 90-280VAC/DC or 18-52VAC/DC input control options
* Relay or contactor configuration
* Innovative “Elevator” screw for easy connection of ring terminals
* LED input indicator
* Overvoltage protection
* Zero voltage or instantaneous turn-on output
* 100kA Short Circuit Current Rating
* Maximum I2t value of 8320 A2sec

Nova 22These features make NOVA22 SSRs unique in the market, outperforming competing products on each front with a broader working temperature range (-40ºC to +80ºC), and higher resistance to surge current (1290Amps x 20 msec). High I2t models (8320 A2S) allow use of the solid state relay in conjunction with circuit breakers instead of fuses allowing short circuit protection in Type 2 Coordination per IEC 60947-4-1. Contactor configuration models include a plug-in connector for the control input, available in either standard “screw” or “spring” terminals.

The DR22 series is available in either AC output voltage (48 to 600VAC) or DC output voltage (1 to 200VDC). Current rating at standard 40ºC is 20Amps, 30Amps and 35Amps (only for AC output) and high I2t value (8320 A2S), making NOVA22 the only 22.5mm DIN rail mount solid state relay with 35Amps @ 40ºC on the market!

The PM22 series is available with AC output voltage (48 to 600VAC). Current ratings include 25Amps, 50Amps and 95Amps and high I2t value (8320 A2S) making NOVA22 the only 22.5mm panel mount solid state relay with 95Amps on the market! Crydom also offers the new HSP-7 thermal pad available for purchase as an accessory or already assembled on the solid state relay to facilitate installation.

Crydom’s NOVA22 DR22 Series is cULus Listed and PM22 Series is cURus approved according to UL508 standard. AC Output devices are also TUV certified according to EN 62314 standard. Other certifications include; CE compliant to the Low Voltage and EMC Directives and to the RoHS and China RoHS Directives.


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Crouzet CNR Series AC Output DIN Rail Solid State Relays

Crouzet SSR Logo1

Crouzet proudly announce the new CNR Series of AC Output DIN rail solid state relays. CNR SSRs are available in 20 and 30 Amps versions, in relay and contactor configurations, both in a 22.5 mm package.

CNR Series

*  Output rating 20 and 30 Amps
*  Output voltage 48-600 VAC
*  Integral heat sink eliminates the need for complex thermal calculations › LED input status Indicator
*  DBC substrate for superior thermal performance
*  Epoxy-free design minimizes internal component stress
*  AC or DC control
*  IP20 touch-safe housing
*  Relay or Contactor Configuration
*  C-UL-US Listed and TUV approved


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Honeywell NGC Series MICRO SWITCH™ Compact Limit Switches


Honeywell’s MICRO SWITCH™ Compact Limit Switches, NGC Series, are a configurable platform of medium-duty switches that allow the customer to choose SPDT (single pole, double throw) or DPDT (double pole, double throw) circuitry while maintaining the same housing and mounting footprint throughout the NGC Series. MICRO SWITCH™ NGC Series can be configured more than 380,000 ways, carries global approvals, and are sealed to IP67 for potential use in indoor and outdoor applications.


• Cost-effective: Provides a single source for a compact SPDT and DPDT limit switch, which can help minimize the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s sourcing expenses by simplifying their supply chain
• Versatile: Durable packaging allows for use in many harsh indoor or outdoor applications, providing performance confidence
• Configurable: Allows design engineers to standardize on a single footprint while meeting a variety of electrical requirements
• Application support: Customers with a global footprint can count on Honeywell for regional support for new applications and troubleshooting
• With two times the vibration (10 g) and shock (50 g) ratings of comparable competitive devices, the NGC Series can be implemented in the harshest of environmental conditions, providing enhanced reliability and repeatability
• Broader current capacity (10 A) than comparable devices allows for potential use in a wider set of applications, making platform standardization an easier task

• SPDT or DPDT configurable circuitry
• Snap-action, positive-break contacts
• Silver alloy and gold plated contact options
• UL, CE, cUL, and CCC approvals
• NEMA 1, 4, 12, 13; IP67 sealing
• Metal and plastic housing options
• Cable and connector terminations
• Variety of heads and actuator levers

• Boom position detection
• Elevators and escalators
• Machine tools
• Mobile light towers
• Packaging equipment
• Rail doors
• Scissor lifts


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Schurter DKIH Common Mode Chokes for 1-Phase and 3-Phase Applications Mount on PCB

Schurter Logo1.jpg

Schurter expands its wide range of current compensated chokes with high current types for PCB mounting. The new DKIH series are available for single and three phase applications with rated currents from 10 to 50 amperes. Due to its open design, the chokes are light weight and compact, ideally designed to suppress EMI noise caused by power applications on the PCB.


Like all other aspects of electronic design, the power portion is oftentimes built today using discrete components on printed circuit boards. With the trending integration of components, to achieve smaller and smaller form factors, thermal problems and high currents on the PCB can arise. It also becomes increasingly challenging to meet EMC requirements with a filter package due to the resulting space constraints; therefore a filter on PCB with discrete components is a good solution. Next, the capacitors and a common mode choke, with asymmetrical effective inductance, are very effective to dampen EMI noise.

The new DKIH-1 series is suitable for single phase AC or DC applications from 10 up to 50 amperes. Light weight and compact, the common mode chokes are easily placed on the PCB with through hole technology (THT). They are designed and approved according IEC 60938, UL 1283 and CSA 22.2 no. 8. The voltage rating is 300 VAC (IEC, UL) and 250 VAC (CSA).

The new DKIH-3 series is suitable for three phase AC applications from 10 up to 50 amperes. The common mode chokes are also designed according IEC 60938 and are rated 600 VAC, making them suitable for many applications.

The DKIH-1 and -3 have a wide temperature range of -40 to +100°C. They are available with a standard pin out or customer specific pin out. Variations in the winding are also available on request.

Technial Data DKIH-1:
- Rated voltage: 300 VAC (UL, ENEC), 250 VAC (CSA), 425 VDC
- Rated currents: 10 to 50 A (ENEC / UL / CSA) at 40°C
- Rated inductance: 0.15 to 0.80 mH
- Other pin outs available on request

Technical Data DKIH-3:
- Rated voltage: 600 VAC
- Rated currents: 10 to 50 A at 40°C
- Rated inductance: 0.08 to 1.10 mH
- Other pin outs available on request

- Frequency converters for photovoltaic or energy storage
- Charge stations for electric vehicles
- UPS-systems
- Switching power supplies


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Eaton Dumeco DC Switch-Disconnectors for Handling Demanding PV Applications

Eaton Logo

Power management company Eaton offers Dumeco DC switch-disconnectors to help solar PV equipment manufacturers and installers gain a competitive edge within the increasingly significant solar power market. These innovative products stand alone as cost-effective, reliable and safe solutions; they also integrate efficiently and easily with matched Eaton components into a continuous channel that transports energy safely from the solar module to the power grid.

Dumeco-DCThe DC switch-connectors are being made available in four frame sizes; the largest has 800 A, 1000 A and 1250 A options, while the smallest offers 63 A, 80 A and 100 A versions. Accordingly, the devices are suitable for applications ranging from residential and light commercial rooftop sites to large commercial and utility scale installations, as well as solar combiner box and inverter equipment.

This switchgear is available in 2-pole configurations that reduce the need for bridging links between the poles; this cuts installation time and copper costs. Bi-directional pole connection gives installation flexibility. The units’ minimal footprint of up to 52 per cent smaller than any competing product allows installation space savings. An independent manual operating mechanism controls special self-cleaning roller contacts which provide long term safety and reliability.

Operation is through either a direct handle or an extension shaft of up to 600 mm and handle for thru-the-door interlocking. IP65-rated grey or red/yellow K Line handles are available, with both padlock and cylinder lock versions. Door interlocking configurations include a ‘defeatable’ option in the ON position for fault finding. An auxiliary switch set is also available; this offers 1NO+1NC contacts.

The Dumeco DC switch-connectors are rated to 1000 V DC, are compliant with standard EN-IEC 60947-3 and have CE, CCC, RoHS and EAC certifications. They offer high short circuit ratings and operate to utilization category DC-21B. The units are suitable for base plate mounting.

This new range of DC switch-connectors is built to handle the most demanding of PV applications, while providing reliable isolation to ensure safe operation within an installation. Perfectly aligned with the robust Dumeco AC switch-disconnectors, it enables an excellent all-round AC/DC package. The products offer an attractive solution to distributors, installers and manufacturers due to their competitive pricing, cost-saving features, proven reliability and compact, flexible design. They form part of Eaton’s comprehensive global portfolio that serves the renewable energy segment.


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Schurter UMT-H High Performance Fuse Has New Rated Current Values

Schurter Logo1.jpg

Schurter expands the UMT-H range with the rated currents 12.5A and 16A. The compact SMD fuse stands out with its high breaking capacity of 1500A at rated voltage. With its square, compact design, the UMT-H is the space saving alternative to classic cylindrically shaped cartridge fuses (e.g. 5×20 mm) and also suited for more cost-effective, automated assembly.

UMT-H Fuse


* High voltage ratings up to 277 VAC / 250 VDC
* 19 rated currents from 160 mA to 16 A
* High breaking capacity of 1500 A
* Safe interruption at line voltage
* Smaller alternative to cylindrical 5 x 20 mm fuses
* Applications in explosive environments (IEC60079-11)


* Primary protection on SMD PCBs
* Industrial electronics
* Sensors
* Power supplies
* Equipment subjected to explosion proof testing
* Lighting and other appliances connected to single phase 277 VAC in US market

The UMT-H range will be extended next year by the rated currents 20A, 25A and 32A.


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Finder Monitoring Module, Type 40.42, Aids Health and Safety Compliance



With increasing health and safety demands and the need to protect valuable equipment, Finder’s new top of the range 70.42 3-phase, multifunctional monitoring relays offer maximum flexibility in monitoring a range of electrical supply parameters in compact, easy to adjust units at a competitive price.

This relay is ideal for monitoring supplies to machinery, equipment, and installations where failure or variation outside acceptable limits may result in damage to equipment, danger to personnel, or disruption to critical processes or procedures.

The Finder monitoring relay contributes to meeting the specific requirements of machine safety legislation (EN/60204-1), which requires that portable or semi- portable motor-driven equipment be prevented from starting up in the wrong direction should the local phases be reversed.

Able to monitor supply voltage within adjustable limits in six selectable modes (Under-voltage, Over-voltage, Window — all with or without Memory option), the unit also responds to out-of-limit Phase Asymmetry, incorrect Phase Sequence, and both Phase and Neutral loss.


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Schurter Fuse SHT 6.3×32 New Rated Current Values for the Compact High-Performance Fuse

Schurter Logo1.jpg

Schurter expands the SHT 6.3×32 range of high voltage fuses with the rated currents 12.5A and 16A.

The high breaking capacity of 1500 A at 500 VAC allows for interesting possibilities in new applications and protects people and electronic systems from overcurrent and potential fire outbreaks in case of short circuits.



* Primary protection up to 500 VAC
* High breaking capacity of 1500 A @ rated voltage
* Time-lag (T) characteristic according to UL 248-14
* Wide range of fuse holders and clips available
* Dimensions: 6.3 x 32 mm
* Standards: UL 248-14
* Soon to announce rated currents 20A, 25A and 32A.
* Applications: 3-phase systems, photovoltaic, Building automation (HVAC), frequency converters and power electronics



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Honeywell LTP Series, Low Temperature Passive Probes


LTP Series

Honeywell’s Low Temperature Passive Probes, LTP Series, are a modular range of temperature sensors designed for potential use in transportation applications. The LTP Series feature a durable, closed-tip design that maximizes reliability in harsh applications.

The sensor’s thermistor sensing element effectively senses gases, liquids or solids because of its enhanced sensitivity, accuracy and reliability. Easy-to-install threaded mounting provides reliable operation in harsh environments. They are designed to meet the customer’s need for sensors that are configurable, backwards-compatible, durable, and allow customers to meet their specific application needs.

Potential Transportation Applications
* Ambient air temperature sensor
* Automatic transmission system
* Engine air inlet system
* Engine cooling system
* Engine lubrication system
* Fuel system
* Haldex coupling system
* Hydraulic pump systems


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