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Hylec’s New 80A Isolator Switches Ensures Fast Electrical Isolation for Multiple Applications


80A Isolator

Hylec-APL, the specialist supplier of electrical components and enclosures, announces new model in its range of Isolator switches, which provide fast electrical isolation for multiple applications, including industrial machinery, commercial buildings, power supplies, security equipment and HVAC. Isolator control switches are IP67 rated and withstand water up to a depth of one metre, as well as completely preventing the ingress of dust and dirt, vital in many factory and commercial applications.

Safety is of paramount importance in such environments, and Isolator control switches ensure an electrical circuit is completely de-energised for routine service and maintenance and can be shut down quickly in the unlikely event of an emergency. The Isolator switch separates the circuit from the main power source and discharges any current trapped in the circuit, rendering it safe to work on and of course ensuring fast shut down and the absence of any electrical current when an emergency stop is required. When used as an emergency stop, it can be locked in the off position using a padlock (not supplied). For safety, the switch is interlocked with the lid to prevent opening while in the “on” position. The interior mechanism is a 4-pole rotary isolator switch disconnector used to switch power to commercial or light industrial applications.

Isolator control switches are manufactured from completely flame retardant polycarbonate, rated to UL94V-0, providing an additional margin of safety over competitive products with a lower flame-resistance rating. As well as being flame retardant, housings are robust and highly visible, with yellow covers and red control switches. The new 80A AC Isolator model features silver-plated alloy contacts for high reliability. Earth terminals are included, as well as captive retained cover screws. The 80A AC Isolator has a compact footprint, but its internal dimensions are a generous size, measuring 9cm wide by 17.3cm long, so there is space to manipulate cables easily during installation.


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Schurter Series 4797-5: 16 A IEC Appliance outlet of the type J for intelligent PDUs and UPSs

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Schurter improves upon a classic product: the new 4797-5 series IEC outlets are available with integrated Light Pipes. An intelligent, space and cost-saving solution for PDUs used in data centers and other multi-distributed power applications.

– Integrated Light Pipes for Status Indication
– Cord retention

Series 4797-5

The human need for information continues to expand at record pace, while continual advancements in information and communications technology (ICT), strive to keep pace with this demand. New data centers continually appear in the most unconventional of places to support this growing demand. These data centers are under constant pressure to improve upon efficiency and reliability under growing regulatory requirements to reduce energy use and cost. Meanwhile, the demand for reliable transmission with increased speed must keep pace. At the base of this modern day economic demand and supply phenomena is an intelligent, reliable power supply and – at the base of that – a simple connector. Schurter is pleased to introduce its IEC outlets with integrated Light Pipes, which bring a simple yet improved solution to intelligent power distribution

Freely Configurable Status Indication
Today, PDUs often use LEDs mounted in between outlets to display a current status. The high packing density of servers in modern data centers demands the same of power distribution units. With Schurter’s appliance outlet, the integrated Light Pipes provide space and assembly cost savings over conventional strip designs. Service technicians are able to clearly see which systems are working properly, or respond to required maintenance adjustments. The triggering of the LEDs is freely configurable, wherein each state can be clearly and independently represented. An outlet could, for example, signal an outage with a red LED, or a critical power consumption pattern with a yellow LED.

Optionally the Schurter 4797-5 is available with up to four Light Pipes.

Cord Retention
In order to prevent against unintentional removal of a power cord, the new sockets offer a pull-out safety device. Depending on the arrangement of the sockets in the bar – horizontally or vertically – the Schurter V-Lock or other cord retention systems with side latches can be used. Both systems are usable with the 4797-5 outlets.

The snap-in bracket is designed for front panel mount and can fit a panel thickness 1.5 mm. Optionally variants from 1.0 to 3.0 mm are also available.

Technical Data / Approvals
– Ratings IEC/CCC 10 A / 250 VAC; 50 Hz
– Ratings UL/CSA 15 A / 250 VAC; 60 Hz
– Dielectric Strength > 1.5 kVAC between L-N    (1 min/50 Hz)
…………………………….. > 3 kVAC between L/N-PE  (1 min/50 Hz)
– Allowable Operating Temperature: -25 °C to 70 °C (Pin Temperature)
– IP Protection from front: IP 20 acc. IEC 60529
– Suitable for appliances with the protection class I acc. IEC 61140
– Snap in mount for panel thickness 1.0, 1.2, 1.5, 1.7, 2.0, 2.5 or 3.0 mm
– PCB Terminal 2.8 x 0.8 mm

With its unprecedented functionality and compact design, the new appliance outlet 4797-5 is optimal for intelligent appliances with multiple outlets, such as intelligent PDUs and UPSs used in data centers.


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Schurter Is Ready! . . . for the New Requirements of IEC/EN 60127-6 Edition 2 Increased Glow Wire Resistance

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The new fuse holder standard IEC/EN 60127-6 Edition 2, requiring increased glow wire resistance, will come into effect the beginning of October 2017. Schurter is ready!

Glow Wire

With the updated fuse holder standard IEC / EN 60127-6 Edition 2, more attention is given to the area of fire protection. New requirements focus on the materials being used, which must be glow wire tested according to IEC / EN 60695-2-12 and -13 (GWIT=775°C and GWFI=850°C).

These new requirements are contained in the standard for household appliances IEC/EN 60335-1, which has been a long time established standard, particularly due to the prevalence of such unattended appliances (e.g., coffee machines).

All manufacturers of fuse holders must therefore check the glow wire resistance of the materials being used and, if necessary, replace the material. It is also necessary to update the approvals and to carry out a re-examination by the certification body. In case of a material change, the tests according to UL 4248.1 must also be repeated.

All fuse holders certified Until October 08 2017, SCHURTER will have adapted the complete range of its IEC-certified fuse holders to the new standard, including power entry modules with fuse holders. This will poise SCHURTER as the first manufacturer of fuse holders ready to meet the stringent standard.

All Schurter IEC-certified fuse holders marketed as of October 08 2017 will comply with IEC/EN 60127-6 Edition 2, as well as UL 4248.1, and can therefore be safely installed in all household appliances.

Customer-friendly Schurter has placed great attention on the fact that the same part numbers will be used. This makes it unnecessary for the user to make changes to a parts lists, or be deal with new approvals.

General Rules from VDE
–  The manufacturer will lose VDE approval after October 08 2017 for any parts that do not conform with the new requirements for IEC / EN 60127-6 Edition 2 and therefore must no longer sell those products.

–  All parts the manufacturer already sold to market (i.e. to end-customers, distributors or resellers) before October 08 2017 maintain valid VDE approval.

–  All mixed inventory at end-customers, distributors or resellers can continue to be used or shipped or resold without any limitation.


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Schurter USN 1206 Temperature Sensitive SMD Fuse

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* Customer-specific time-current tripping characteristic as a function of ambient temperature
* Combination of protection against overcurrent and excessive ambient temperature
* On request qualified according to AEC-Q200

USN 1206

Schurter’s USN 1206 offers a temperature-sensitive SMD fuse suitable for both overcurrent protection and protection against excessive ambient temperatures.

Due to the ever-increasing packing density in power electronics, it is becoming ever challenging to deal with the resulting tighter and hotter board real-estate. Automobile manufacturers increasingly use control units in their products, including power electronics (e.g. ABS modules, annealing time control units and actuators). The trend is to integrate as many functions as possible into the smallest possible space in a single module. The fact that such modules must be protected against overcurrent is self-evident. However, the increasing power density also entails thermal requirements. For this purpose, new approaches are needed to avoid a creeping risk of overheating.

Combination: Current and Temperature

The USN 1206 from SCHURTER is not a pure thermal fuse. It requires a current flow to blow, thus providing protection against overcurrent just as well as any conventional fuse. In addition, it is also designed to protect power semiconductors in automotive applications against over temperature. The fuse has a current-time characteristic which shifts as a function of the ambient temperature. As a result, a specific trigger at a certain threshold value can be achieved increasing temperature.
The USN 1206 from SCHURTER has high I2t values at 32 VDC and a slow blowing characteristic.

Reflow Solderable
The USN 1206 temperature-sensitive SMD fuse is reflowable at 245°C according to IEC 60068-2-58. The epoxy glass housing makes it tight against the potting compound. Thus, the fuse is also suitable for explosion-proof applications according to ATEX / IECEx.

Application Areas
The production and qualification of the fuse is carried out in agreement with the customer according to the requirement profile of the desired time-current trip characteristic as a function of the ambient temperature. The new Schurter USN 1206 is particularly suitable for automotive applications requiring the highest reliability under particularly difficult conditions (heat, vibration, mechanical and cyclic strength). In addition, it is also used wherever temperature-critical processes occur, or even when a specific intrinsic characteristic is required.

Technical Data / Approvals
– Certification and Qualification on Request (AEC-Q200, UL, IEC, MIL)
– Combination of protection against overcurrent and excessive ambient temperature
– Customer-specific time-current tripping characteristic / temperature
– High I2t values
– Rated current: 12 A (USN 1206 12 A , customer-specific)
– Rated voltage: 32 VDC
– Slow blowing characteristic

– In all electronics with temperature-critical components (eg Mosfet’s)
– Automotive
– Intrinsically safe


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Schurter Series 6610-5: IEC Appliance outlet type F for Intelligent PDUs and UPSs

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Schurter is launching its series 6610-5, the logical next step from the successful 6610 series; a new level of functionality is added to the industry’s original outlet popularly known for the highest level of efficiency during assembly.

– Integrated light pipes for status indication
– IDC Terminals
– V-Lock cord retention

6610-5 Series

The new 10 A-appliance outlet, series 6610-5, offers integrated guides for light pipes. It features up to two light pipes, intended to channel light from LEDs placed on a printed circuit board to the outlet surface. Technicians are able to clearly see which systems are working properly, or respond to required maintenance adjustments. The controls of the LEDs are freely configurable, wherein each state can be represented clearly and independently. To avoid damage and to make the wiring easier, the light pipes

can be inserted after the installation and need to be ordered separately of the sockets in the PDU.

The use of IDC connectors is particularly efficient. Multiple sockets can be wired quickly in a single step. This highly efficient way of wiring saves considerable time and thus labor costs. The phase contact is available with an optional PCB, quick connect or solder terminal for an independent line supply and status indication. To ensure an even better optical feedback, SCHURTER provides the individual outlets in black, white and grey.

The 6610-5 series is available in two arrangement versions, so called “along” and “cross”. Depending on the application and type of PDU, mounting several sockets vertically (cross) or horizontally (along) one behind the other can be achieved. The IDC terminals are then oriented accordingly for insulation displacement of the wires.

The new 6610-5 series offers a pull-out safety feature to prevent against unintentional removal of the power cord. Depending on the arrangement of the outlets in the strip – along or cross – the Schurter V-Lock or cord retention systems with side latches can be used. The snap-in mounting of the 6610-5 is designed for plate thicknesses from 0.8 to 3.0 mm. Additional versions to be launched in the near future will include 16 A appliance outlets.

Technical Data / Approvals
– Ratings IEC/CCC 10 A / 250 VAC; 50 Hz
– Ratings UL/CSA 15 A / 250 VAC; 60 Hz
– Dielectric Strength > 1.5 kVAC between L-N > 3 kVAC between L/N-PE (1 min/50 Hz)
– Allowable Operating Temperature. -25 °C to 70 °C (Pin Temperature)
– IP Protection: from front IP 20 acc. IEC 60529
– Insulation Cover: Suitable for appliances with protection class I acc. IEC 61140
– Terminal: IDC -Terminal
– Panel Thickness: Snap in from 0.8 mm to 3 mm
– Material housing: Thermoplastic, black, white and grey, Frianyl B3 V0

With its unprecedented functionality and compact design, the new appliance outlet 6610-5 is optimal for intelligent appliances with multiple outlets, such as intelligent PDUs and UPSs used in data centers.


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Schurter MSM16 Series

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Metal Line Switches with Homogeneous Ring- or Area Illumination

MSM16 Series

Schurter expands its Metal Line switch series to include an illuminated 16 mm version. The compact mechanical push button switch provides a sleek look accentuated with a quality homogeneous illumination in a ring style, or complete surface area illumination. Illumination color options include red, blue, green, yellow and white. The standard supply voltage for the illumination is 24 VDC.

The new 16 mm MSM features a housing made of stainless steel with a mechanical actuator for tactile feedback. The robust anti-vandal design, with IP67 seal protection and IK07 impact resistance ratings, makes it especially suited for use in harsh environments. Additionally, the new 16 mm MSM includes signal switches designed for voltages of up to 30 VDC at 100 mA. The power switches are rated up to 250 VAC at 10 A, making the switches particularly versatile when it comes to panel designs combining both power and signal switches.

Technical Data / Approvals
– Switching function: momentary
– Illumination Supply voltage: 24 VDC
– Switching voltage: max. 250 VAC / 30 VDC
– Switching current: max. 10 A / 100 mA
– Switching power: max. 2500 W / 3 W
– Resistance when open: > 100 MΩ
– Resistance when closed: < 30 mΩ / < 50 mΩ
– Actuation force: 4.5 N
– IK protection: IK07
– IP protection: IP67
– Operating temperature: -25 °C to +85 °C

– For indoor and outdoor applications
– Industrial machinery
– Vending and ticketing machines
– POS terminals
– Public transport
– Pro-sound equipment
– Food industry
– Lab equipment


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Schurter DKIH-4: Ferrite and Nanocrystalline Chokes for 4-Wire Applications Mount On PCB

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Schurter expands its wide range of current compensated chokes with new customer specific variants for 4-wire-applications on PCB. The new DKIH series is now available with ferrite or nanocrystalline ring core. The new product is designed for three phases plus neutral wire applications with rated currents from 10 A to 50 A. Due to its open design, the chokes are light weight and compact, ideally designed to suppress EMC noise caused by power applications on the PCB.

Like all other aspects of electronic design, the power portion is often built today using discrete components on printed circuit boards. With the trending integration of components, to achieve smaller and smaller form factors, thermal problems and high currents on the PCB can become a challenge. The resulting EMC interferences can affect adjacent modules because of the lack of spatial separation. Therefore, a compact filter on the circuit board with discrete components is often the best solution. A current-compensated choke with capacitors is the most efficient measure for the suppression of EMC interferences.

The DKIH-4 series is suitable for three phases AC and neutral wire applications from 10 A up to 50 A. The common mode chokes are also designed according IEC 60938 and are rated 600 VAC making them suitable for many applications such as UPS systems, switching power supplies, charge stations for electric vehicles and frequency converters for energy storage. The DKIH-4 has a wide temperature range of -40 °C to +100 °C. They are available with a standard pin configuration or customer specific ones. Variations in the winding are also available upon request.

Technical Data
– Rated voltage: 600 VAC
– Rated currents: 10 to 50 A at 40 °C
– Same dimensions and weight for ferrite and nanocrystalline versions
– customer specific pin outs available on request

– Frequency converters for photovoltaic or energy storage
– Charge stations for electric vehicles
– UPS systems
– Switching power supplies


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Schurter FMER SOL and FMCC SOL High Current Filters Benefits from Massive Weight Reduction

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Schurter reduces the weight of the high current filters FMER SOL and FMCC SOL.  The successful AC and DC filter series with currents up to 2500 A have big housings and heavy weights. The product weight was significantly reduced with an optimized potting compound. In the FMER SOL series, filters with a rated current higher than 250 A are able to benefit from this weight reduction, while in the FMCC SOL series all variants do.

The FMER SOL filters are designed for rated currents from 25 A to 2300 A at 55°C ambient temperature, and voltages up to 1200 VDC. The filter series is suited for use on the DC side of the inverter in photovoltaic and other DC systems.

The very high performance FMCC SOL 3-phase high current filters are designed to handle currents from 150 to 2500 A at an ambient temperature of 50 °C. With a voltage rating of 520 VAC or 760 VAC, they can be used in all high performance systems such as inverters for photovoltaic and wind power systems. Despite their high performance, they feature a compact, lightweight design.


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Schurter Series 2570 – IEC Appliance Inlet C8

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The New and Inexpensive 2.5 A Appliance Inlet of the Type 2570 in Diverse Variants

2570 Series

The appliance inlet series of the type 2570 by SCHURTER provides diverse mounting variants and terminal options. Because of its cost effective design and the wide range of approval certificates for Europe, America and Asia, is the C8 inlet best suited for both industrial and consumer appliances.

The appliance connector for snap-in mounting is available with solder-, quick connect- or PCB-terminals. The PCB-terminals in combination with the sandwich mount are specially for the application on printed circuit boards. This way the board can be fully equipped and tested before being mounted. The mounting is done by introducing the connector into the back wall, and placing the appliance housing into the groove on the inlet.

Thanks to the use of rolled contact pins, the variants with solder or PCB terminals are very inexpensive and therefore suitable for consumer goods. Nevertheless do they comply with all the security requirements and are approved by all the relevant international standards.

Technical Data / Approvals
*  Ratings IEC/CCC 2.5 A / 250 VAC; 50 Hz
*  Ratings UL/CSA 2.5 A / 250 VAC; 60 Hz
7 A / 125 VAC; 60 Hz
*  Operating Temperature from -25 °C to 70 °C
*  Variants for Sandwich- or Snap-in Mounting
*  Solder-, Quick Connect- or PCB- Terminals

With the complete approvals for Europe, America and China, as well as the low sales price, the 2570 Series can be sold to all industries. The Variants are applicable in medical-, audio- and industrial equipment.


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Schurter HCF Series, SMD Solid-State Fuse for the Most Demanding Applications

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HCF Series

Schurters’s new High Current Fuse, HCF, is an extremely robust SMD fuse, designed using solid-state / thin-film technology. The HCF is especially suited for use in particularly harsh applications, where the reliable interrupt of high currents is critical.

Schurters’s experience, acquired from the development of solid-state fuses for the space industry, and the cooperation with ESA, have led to the development of the HCF. The new HCF has a similar structure as the two ESA-certified types Schurter MGA-S and HCSF. Fuses used in Space applications meet the most rigorous performance requirements, with only the most advanced, most reliable technologies available. However, the intensive screening of each individual fuse, which is essential requirement for space applications, is not necessary with the HCF for non-Space applications. This leads to a substantial reduction in the cost per fuse.

Solid State / Thin Film Technology
In contrast to conventional fuses with a melting wire, the HCF has a metallic thin film layer. With this manufacturing technique, a metal layer is applied in conjunction with a so-called sputter. The two form on a glass substrate in an exact micrometer thickness. The resulting fuse element is enclosed with a ceramic housing, that guarantees the necessary stability and interrupt capacity. No harmful substances escape in solid or gaseous form during cutoff of the fuse. This technology also makes the SCHURTER HCF completely impermeable to potting compound, which can be used to achieve a hermetic seal e.g. for use in intrinsically safe applications according to ATEX and IECEx requirements.

High Breaking Capacity
The Schurter HCF has a high breaking capacity of up to 1000 A at 125 VAC resp. 125 VDC with fast response. It covers a rated current range from 5 A to 15 A.

Application Areas
Due to its robust design, the HCF fuse is particularly suited for applications which offer high reliability under particularly difficult conditions (thermal and mechanical shock, cycle endurance, etc.). Examples of possible applications: ATEX- and offshore oil and gas applications, equipment operated in sub-arctic regions, aviation electronics, and certain medical technology, where robust and space saving fuse performance is required. The temperature from -50 °C to 125 °C, as well as a vibration resistance – tested up to 1600g – make the HCF ideal for the most demanding high-performance applications under the most adverse conditions.


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