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Honeywell Models 434/435/437, Wing Union / Hammer Union Pressure Sensors


Union Pressure Sensors

Models 434/435/437 Wing Union/Hammer Union Pressure Sensors are designed for demanding oil and gas applications as well as stimulation and circulation systems. They are constructed as an all-welded, stainless steel assembly with the sensor diaphragm and wing union fitting machined as one part, which provides hermetic integrity and minimizes media leakage versus multi-piece parts. The isolated pressure sensing diaphragm minimizes zero-shift during hammer up and eliminates long-term signal drift in the field. The Weco® 1502, 2002, and 2202 Wing Union-compatible fittings are machined of Inconel® X-750, or optional NACE-compliant Inconel® 718, allowing for use with abrasive and corrosive media. The Honeywell proprietary stainless steel electrical connection provides enhanced secondary pressure containment. Special assembly processes provide enhanced shock and vibration for reliable performance in the field.

Key Features
*  Pressure range 0 to 5000 psi; 0 to 6000 psi; 0 to 10000 psi; 0 to 15000 psi; 0 to 20000 psi; 0 to 350 bar; 0 to 400 bar; 0 to 700 bar; 0 to 1000 bar; 0 to 1350 bar
*  High accuracy ±0.1 %FSS BFSL (Model 435); standard accuracy ±0.2 %FSS BFSL (Models 434/435/437)
*  Standard aperture (Models 434/435) and wide aperture (Model 437) pressure ports support media blends with high viscosities
*  Inconel® X-750 or optional NACE-compliant Inconel® 718 wetted parts
*  Multiple electrical connectors supported
*  Pressure connections: WECO 1502, 2002, 2202
*  High accuracy 1-wire or 2-wire shunt calibration option allows ability to validate the offset signal in the field, ensuring the sensor is actively plugged into the system
*  Protective cage option
*  RFI/EMI protected
*  Intrinsically safe: CFMUS/ATEX/IEC Ex certification
*  CE approved

Potential Industrial Applications
– Acidizing
– Choke manifold
– Fracturing and cementing
– Mud pumps / mud logging
– New well development and extraction
– Oil and gas drilling
– Service and cement trucks
– Standpipe
– Well stimulation
– Well head measurement


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Eaton DIL DC Contactors – High DC Switching Made Simple. Maintenance-Free, Reliable, Cost-Effective

Eaton Logo

Save Time and Costs with Eaton DC-Contactors

Clever Use of a Proven Technology
Thanks to the use of proven hybrid technology, the contacts in Eaton DC contactors have a long lifespan and low contact wear. Hybrid contactors feature two mechanical contacts – a extinguishing contact and a break contact – that are connected in series.

DIL DCMoreover, they have an IGBT power semiconductor switch connected in parallel with the extinguishing contact. When one of these contactors is switched off, the first thing that happens is that the IGBT is switched on. After this, the extinguishing contact opens mechanically, commutating the current to the IGBT so that it can be interrupted by the power electronics. Finally, the break contact is opened in a de-energized state, achieving the required potential isolation.


Together with this configuration, a wide-range coil for DC and AC voltages makes our DC contactors a maintenance-free and reliable part of any machine or system.

Efficient and Compact
• With up to 150,000 operations, these units have a lifespan that is six times longer than that of comparable devices
• No maintenance costs, resulting in lower operating costs
• Lower switching contact wear as a result of extremely short arcing times
• Convenient to switch on and off: either conventionally or directly with a programmable logic controller (PLC)
• Compact frame size designed to save space
• Very short opening and closing times of main contacts

Reliable and Flexible
• Wide control voltage range of 110 V – 250 V AC, 110 V – 350 V DC
• Globally certified: UL, CSA, CCC, GL, DNV
• Bi-directional operation (polarity insensitivity) ensures ease of use
• Wide temperature range of -40 °C to +70 °C

Ideal for a Large Variety of Applications
• Solar power
• Rail traffic
• Marine & Offshore
• Energy storage
• Automotive charging infrastructure
• DC grids

Designed for Industrial Use
• Universal concept
• Fast and easy to install thanks to tried-and-true terminal types
• Based on Eaton’s well-known contactor technology


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Finder’s New Masterlin System of Push-In Relay Interface Modules


MasterlineGet a grip on panel installations with Finder’s new MasterIn system of push-in relay interface modules. Finder’s latest advancement provides a high performance, screwless system that allows panel designers and installers to save precious time and money.

When challenged head-to-head, the push-in terminal technology outperformed the conventional installation method— a whopping 80 per cent faster than manual screw drivers, and 25 per cent faster than electric screw drivers.

The MasterIn System also demonstrates better clamping performance under vibration and movement than its screw-in rivals.

Jumper links allow quick connections and separate test points add to the flexibility of the system and are further reasons to choose the new Finder interface range.

The MasterIN System incorporates the existing 39, 48, 4C and 58 Series Finder Relay Interface Modules, and caters for a wide range of applications including industrial automation, building management systems and electrical control panels.


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Finder Expands its 22 Series Modular Contactor Range


Finder 22 Series

To facilitate greater integration of controls and automation in building services, Finder has expanded its 22 Series modular contactor range to include 4 pole versions rated at 40A and 63A.
Finder’s modular contactor range is an ideal choice for higher current switching in quiet areas. With its virtually silent operation, it’s suitable for residential, hospital, hotel and other commercial installations.

For demanding industrial applications, it features a robust contact design, allowing high inrush capability, making it great for controlling lighting as well as motor loads.

Giving greater integration of controls and automation in building services, it provides a compact, quiet, high-power multi-pole switching solution.

Protective separation between coil and contacts provides reinforced insulation for safety, as required by many domestic and commercial standards/codes of practice.


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Finder Type 78.2E, Small and Mighty Industrial Switch Mode Power Supply



Finder’s new dual stage, high efficiency, switch mode power supplies answer the call for low voltage power in industrial, commercial and domestic applications where reliability and safety are paramount.

With the widest supply voltage range available on the market in both AC and DC, the compact yet powerful rail-mounted 78.2E features a 10A, 240W, 24V DC output, with overload and short circuit protection, and the highest efficiency and lowest ripple voltage at full load.

Finder’s characteristic quality is evident in its double sided soldering, front panel replaceable fuse plus a spare and thermal protection with LED status indication, all in a tidy, narrow (60mm) package.

State-of-the-art circuitry provides improved efficiency and reliability, and Power Factor Correction is included as standard, ideal for a wide range of applications, including industrial automation systems, control and measurement systems, and LED lighting.


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Finder Type 072.11 New Relay and Sensor Combination Detects Liquid Leakage


Finder Type 072

With the recent reminders of the need to protect against flood water and other detrimental water leakage, Finder has expanded its range of liquid level control relays with the introduction of the 072.11 surface water sensor.

Working in conjunction with a liquid level control relay from the 72 series range, the surface water sensor has been designed to sense water levels as low a 1 mm, making it ideal for a range of applications, from detecting spillage around vending machines in sensitive areas such as computer suites, to the early detection of flood water in the basement or ground floor of a home.

Reinforced electrical isolation between the three circuit elements within the level control relay helps the system designer meet the personal safety required in virtually all equipment standards, and low voltage makes the sensor safe to touch.


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Schurter SHT 6.3×32 and SHT 6.3×32 Pigtail Compact high performance fuse now with VAC and VDC ratings

Schurter Logo1.jpg

SHT 060616

Schurter’s SHT 6.3×32 fuse provides higher voltage overcurrent and short circuit protection up to 1500 A @ 500 VAC and 400 VDC in a universally accepted compact package size 6.3×32 mm, ¼” x 1 ¼”. The compact high performance fuse is ideally suited for primary AC circuit protection in 3-phase systems, HVAC systems, lighting and other industrial building and automation systems. The new 400 VDC rating provides primary protection in DC power systems for intelligent buildings, telecom centers, server farms and related peripheral systems. The combined AC and DC voltage ratings along with a detailed listing of breaking capacity ratings, and other precisely defined performance specifications, offer a highly reliable fuse approved for use in both alternating or direct current power applications.

The SHT 6.3×32 is available as a standard fuse link in 16 rated currents from 1 to 32 A. Versions up to 10 A are offered with pigtail leads for direct mounting on printed circuit boards. The standard fuse links can be used in a variety of panel or board mount fuse holders or clips for easy fuse replacement. SCHURTER also offers a full range of high current fuse holders and clips, compatible with the SHT, as well as its fast-acting counterpart series SHF.

Direct compatibility with the most important competitive products, together with exceeding performance, makes the SHT 6.3×32 a form, fit, and function substitute product, as well as a fuse that fulfills newly defined application requirements, particularly those applications found in the area of DC power. The SHT 6.3×32 fuse is cURus approved and conforms to RoHS.

Technical Data / Approvals
- Certification according to UL 248-14, CSA C22.2 no. 248.14
- High breaking capacity (H) up to 1500 A at rated voltage
- High rated voltages up to 500 VAC / 400 VDC
- 16 rated currents from 1 A to 32 A
- Time-lag (T) characteristics

- High-power 3-phase systems
- Building automation: heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)
- Photovoltaic: protection between inverter and grid
- Frequency converters and ballasts
- Power distribution for servers in datacenters
- Higher voltage DC telecom and intelligent commercial building applications


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Schurter UMT-H High Performance Compact Fuse – New Rated Current Values

Schurter Logo1.jpg

UMT-H Fuse

Schurter expands the UMT-H range with the rated currents 20A, 25A and 30A. They are now available from stock.

The compact SMD fuse UMT-H stands out with its high breaking capacity. With its square, compact design, it is the space saving alternative to classic cylindrically shaped cartridge fuses (e.g. 5×20 mm) and also suited for more cost-effective, automated assembly. Furthermore, SCHURTER is going to extend the UMT-H range this year by the rated currents 63 mA, 80 mA, 100 mA and 125 mA.

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Honeywell Industrial Pressure Sensors, Model IP IS Intrinsically Safe




Honeywell’s Industrial Pressure Sensors, Intrinsically Safe1, Model IP IS, are a new platform of sensors designed to offer repeatable, reliable and accurate pressure measurements over time. These rugged, stainless steel, all-welded pressure sensors are fully configurable with today’s most commonly requested industry options. They may be used in many demanding, harsh environments and with a variety of media. Each sensor is fully temperature compensated and calibrated.

Value to Customers
• Configurable: Simplifies flexibility of sensor use in the application
• Durable and accurate: Wide standard compensated temperature range; standard accuracy and enhanced accuracy option; shock and vibration tested

• All-welded, 300 series stainless steel and Hastelloy®
• 7 bar to 350 bar [100 psi to 5000 psi] pressure range
• Accuracy options:
- Standard accuracy: IPG2 provides ±0.25 % BFSL2
- Optional enhanced accuracy: IPG1 provides ±0.15 % BFSL2
• 4 mA to 20 mA current output
• ±2 %FS Total Error Band3 (see Figure 1 in datasheet)
• IP65 rated protection
• <2 ms response time provides accurate, high-speed measurement
• CE and RoHS compliant1
• Intrinsically Safe: cFMus/ATEX, IEC Ex certification

Potential Applications
• Oil and gas industrial process control (gas head control panels)
• Factory automation/industrial equipment
• Pump/compressor control
• Power generation (wind, propulsion)
• Flammable inventory control
• Paint booth spraying

• Construction equipment


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Bulgin Announces New 12mm Switch Series

12mm Range

Bulgin has extended its popular range of anti-vandal products to include a 12mm miniature push button variant. The latest addition to the company’s anti-vandal portfolio is the smallest of its kind and one of the most versatile, offering multiple actuator options and a long life expectancy, guaranteed to 200,000 cycles. Compact and durable, it is ideal for applications where space is at a premium.

The IP65- and IK08-rated miniature anti-vandal range (IP67-rated switches available to order) is perfect for demanding environments where reliability is vital, with an operating temperature ranging from -25 to + 55 °C and shock resistance greater than 10g. Screw and pin terminal options with ratings up to 2A, 36 V DC, are available in a wide variety of actuator and body types, including:

- nickel-plated brass, stainless steel, zinc-aluminium and chrome-plated bodies

- domed, flush and raised actuator options in stainless steel or polybutylene terephthalate (PBT)

- dot and ring LED illuminated variants

Robust and sealed, the miniature anti-vandal switches are suitable for a wide range of demanding applications

* Ratings up to 36VDC, 2A
* Momentary functionality
* Nickel-plated Brass, Stainless Steel, Zinc Aluminium and Chrome-plated body types available
* Dot and Ring LED Illumination variants available
* IP65, IP67 and IK08 rated options available
* Screw & Pin terminal types
* Operating Temperature:
* 25℃ + 55℃ (no freezing)
* Shock resistance: >10g

Defence and Security
* Door Entry Keypads
* Security Alarm Systems
* Military Display Systems

Commercial, Recreation & Leisure
* Vending Machines
* Interactive Kiosks
* Ticket Dispensers
* Drink Dispensing Machines
* Digital Diving Cameras

Transport & Infrastructure
* Elevators
* Climate Control Systems

Scientific & Medical
* Cryogen-free Refrigerators
* Handheld Radiation Detection Equipment

* Air Cleaning Systems
* Vacuum Packing Machines
* Power Tools
* Pressure Washers
* Pipe Inspection Systems

* On-board control systems
* Lighting devices and equipment


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