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Schurter Series 2570 – IEC Appliance Inlet C8

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The New and Inexpensive 2.5 A Appliance Inlet of the Type 2570 in Diverse Variants

2570 Series

The appliance inlet series of the type 2570 by SCHURTER provides diverse mounting variants and terminal options. Because of its cost effective design and the wide range of approval certificates for Europe, America and Asia, is the C8 inlet best suited for both industrial and consumer appliances.

The appliance connector for snap-in mounting is available with solder-, quick connect- or PCB-terminals. The PCB-terminals in combination with the sandwich mount are specially for the application on printed circuit boards. This way the board can be fully equipped and tested before being mounted. The mounting is done by introducing the connector into the back wall, and placing the appliance housing into the groove on the inlet.

Thanks to the use of rolled contact pins, the variants with solder or PCB terminals are very inexpensive and therefore suitable for consumer goods. Nevertheless do they comply with all the security requirements and are approved by all the relevant international standards.

Technical Data / Approvals
*  Ratings IEC/CCC 2.5 A / 250 VAC; 50 Hz
*  Ratings UL/CSA 2.5 A / 250 VAC; 60 Hz
7 A / 125 VAC; 60 Hz
*  Operating Temperature from -25 °C to 70 °C
*  Variants for Sandwich- or Snap-in Mounting
*  Solder-, Quick Connect- or PCB- Terminals

With the complete approvals for Europe, America and China, as well as the low sales price, the 2570 Series can be sold to all industries. The Variants are applicable in medical-, audio- and industrial equipment.


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Schurter HCF Series, SMD Solid-State Fuse for the Most Demanding Applications

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HCF Series

Schurters’s new High Current Fuse, HCF, is an extremely robust SMD fuse, designed using solid-state / thin-film technology. The HCF is especially suited for use in particularly harsh applications, where the reliable interrupt of high currents is critical.

Schurters’s experience, acquired from the development of solid-state fuses for the space industry, and the cooperation with ESA, have led to the development of the HCF. The new HCF has a similar structure as the two ESA-certified types Schurter MGA-S and HCSF. Fuses used in Space applications meet the most rigorous performance requirements, with only the most advanced, most reliable technologies available. However, the intensive screening of each individual fuse, which is essential requirement for space applications, is not necessary with the HCF for non-Space applications. This leads to a substantial reduction in the cost per fuse.

Solid State / Thin Film Technology
In contrast to conventional fuses with a melting wire, the HCF has a metallic thin film layer. With this manufacturing technique, a metal layer is applied in conjunction with a so-called sputter. The two form on a glass substrate in an exact micrometer thickness. The resulting fuse element is enclosed with a ceramic housing, that guarantees the necessary stability and interrupt capacity. No harmful substances escape in solid or gaseous form during cutoff of the fuse. This technology also makes the SCHURTER HCF completely impermeable to potting compound, which can be used to achieve a hermetic seal e.g. for use in intrinsically safe applications according to ATEX and IECEx requirements.

High Breaking Capacity
The Schurter HCF has a high breaking capacity of up to 1000 A at 125 VAC resp. 125 VDC with fast response. It covers a rated current range from 5 A to 15 A.

Application Areas
Due to its robust design, the HCF fuse is particularly suited for applications which offer high reliability under particularly difficult conditions (thermal and mechanical shock, cycle endurance, etc.). Examples of possible applications: ATEX- and offshore oil and gas applications, equipment operated in sub-arctic regions, aviation electronics, and certain medical technology, where robust and space saving fuse performance is required. The temperature from -50 °C to 125 °C, as well as a vibration resistance – tested up to 1600g – make the HCF ideal for the most demanding high-performance applications under the most adverse conditions.


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Honeywell Announces New Valve Position Indicator For Use In Hazardous Locations


VPX Series

Valve Position Indicator, VPX Series switches are built for outdoor use in potentially hazardous and explosive atmospheres. The enclosure of all VPX Series switches are constructed to withstand the pressure of an internal explosion. Flame paths cool the exploded gases to a point lower than the ignition temperature of the surrounding gas. The VPX Series models equipped with inductive proximity switches are have Intrinsically Safe (IS) ratings. The VPX Series carries global approvals and certifications allowing it to be used in applications in hazardous locations the world over.

As part of their standard features, the VPX series switches are designed with a rugged die-cast aluminum housing. This housing is weather sealed for outdoor use and complies with NEMA 4X requirements for protection against corrosion.

Though the design utilizes o-ring seals to make the enclosure rain tight, the o-rings are outside of required flame paths allowing explosion proof requirements to be maintained. The VPX series offers many configurations of color and angle options for visual indication.

*  With numerous environmental ratings (Ingress Protection and NEMA), the VPX Series is protected for a wide range of outdoor conditions
*  VPX Series is certified flame-proof, explosion-proof and Intrinsically Safe (optional), thereby making the product safe for potentially hazardous area applications


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Schurter MSM Multicolor Series Metal Line Switches

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Schurter expands its MSM Metal Line range with a pushbutton switch series capable of multiple illumination possibilities. The illumination provides a homogeneous quality in a ring illuminated style, or complete actuator area illumination. Status indication is possible in 7 different colors in a single product.

MSM Multicolor

The setting of the individual colors is particularly easy to realize by means of the wire connectors, which are conveniently coded. Three flat plug connectors are used to control the colors red, green and blue. By combining several flat plug connectors, the additive colors cyan, magenta, yellow or white can be created.

The new MSM Multicolor family offers the same diameters as the standard ring illuminated version in 19, 22 and 30 mm. The switches with area illumination use a scratch resistant ceramic actuator and have housings with diameters of 19 or 22 mm. Housings are made of robust stainless steel for both ring and area illuminated versions.

High seal protection and impact resistance ratings of IP67 and IK07, make the switches particularly suitable for use in equipment subjected to harsh environmental conditions, or applications that require protection from vandalism.

The MSM series provides a moving actuator, which is ideal for use in applications where both status indication and tactile feedback are desired. In addition to the MSM series, as well the MCS series also with a mechanical actuator, SCHURTER’s piezoelectric (PSE) and capacitive (CPS) switches include options for multicolor illumination. Through a complete offering, Schurter provides various technologies in metal line pushbutton switches for a host of specific applications.

Technical Data / Approvals
– Switching function: momentary
– Supply voltage: 24 VDC
– Switching voltage: max. 250 VAC / 30 VDC
– Switching current: max. 10 A / 100 mA
– Switching power: max. 2500 W / 3 W
– Resistance when open: > 100 MΩ
– Resistance when closed: < 30 mΩ / < 50 mΩ
– Actuation force: 4.5 N – IK protection: IK07
– IP protection: IP67
– Operating temperature: -25 °C to +85 °C

– For indoor and outdoor applications
– Industrial applications
– White goods
– Commercial kitchen equipment
– Food industry
– Lab equipment
– Vendor and ticket machines
– Elevator control panels


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Finder Type 18.5K – KNX Presence and Movement Detector


A new technological product has been added to the range of presence and movement detectors of Series 18: this is the type 18.5K detector with KNX technology.

Type 18.5D


The new movement sensor uses the reliable and tested detection technology that already characterizes the previous Series 18 detector models and is suitable for applications in building automation systems featuring the KNX standard.

Technical features:
Specifically designed to sense micro movements, this sensor is the ideal solution for the management of lighting systems in offices and work environments in general and schools.

The sensor lens has been developed to obtain higher sensitivity in the detection of micro movements and guarantees two reading and sensitivity areas, identified as
•a movement area, which is larger and covers an area of 8×8 m;
•a presence area, which is more important for detecting small movements, and covers an area of 4×4 m.

The type 18.5K movement and presence sensor is provided with 2 software outputs, one of which is controlled according to the light measured by the internal sensor (this function can be disconnected), and is also appropriate for particular types of systems where it is necessary to control both the lighting and the heating/air conditioning.

There is also a third software output that sends only movement information to the KNX Bus: thanks to specific software inputs, sensors can be networked in Master/Slave configuration. This functionality is particularly suitable for controlling large rooms.

Accessories included in the package:
The detector is supplied complete with supports that can be used for ceiling or suspended ceiling mounting and is powered directly by the KNX Bus.


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Wieland Electric Offers WST Series Cable Shield Terminals


WST Series shielding terminals provide convenient grounding and interference immunity
for cables that require grounding shields

WST SeriesWieland Electric Inc., a leading global manufacturer of innovative electrical interconnect technology, has developed a series of cable shield terminals designed to provide simple, reliable, cable grounding connections. Designed to accommodate cable diameters from 8mm to 32mm, the fasis WST terminals provide vibration-proof grounding of shielded cables.

Constructed from hardened steel with high corrosion resistance, these durable terminals are available in configurations for mounting on busbars, TS35 DIN rail, C-profile rails, or direct screw-mounting on flat surfaces. The fasis WST Series shielding terminals are ideal for industrial machinery and power equipment that requires grounded cable shields.

“The fasis WST Series shielding terminals deliver low-impedance, large area grounding connections for shielded cables, facilitating immunity from interference in industrial and process networks, for fault-free factory operations,” said Martin Lalonde, application engineer at Wieland Electric. “Their practical design makes the WST ideal for retrofit and new applications. The ease of operation ensures that consistent and reliable ground connections are made during initial factory installations, field maintenance and service work.”


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Hylec APL Announces Completely Submersible TeePlug® TH381 Micro-Connector for Underwater Electrical Installations

IP68/IP69 rated; 10A – 400V AC/DC; 80% quicker to install; 14mm diameter


Hylec-APL, the specialist supplier of electrical components and enclosures, announces the launch of the new TeePlug® TH381 plug and socket electrical micro connector designed for underwater use and harsh environment installations.  Offering the highest levels of reliability, TeePlug TH381 Series connectors provide complete protection against the effects of permanent submersion in water to ensure electrical connection, even when subjected to high pressure water jets.  The IP68/IP69K rated TeeTubeTH381 models also prevent dust and dirt ingress.  Measuring only 14mm in diameter, the TeeTubeTH381 Series suits outdoor lighting applications, such as architectural lighting, street lighting, underwater lighting, illumination of road signs and billboards and the connection of interior and exterior Class 2 electrical devices.

TeePlug TH381 connectors feature a push-pull design that installs up to 80% faster than competitive waterproof connectors, saving valuable time on-site and reducing cost.   Intuitive and functional in use, TeePlug TH381 connectors incorporate a special coupling system that confirms correct alignment and mating with an audible click and also prevents accidental disconnection, even against opposing forces of 25kg (8Kg according to EN61535).  Models with an additional optional safety system are available to further protect against disconnection by requiring the use of a tool such as a flat-blade screwdriver for uncoupling.   TeePlug TH381’s IP68 water resistance rating is guaranteed even when subjected to bending forces of up to 5Kg, and they are resistant to high pressure water jets up to 100Br, 16l/min at a water temperature of 80degC.   Vibration and external mechanical stresses are no problem either, as cable traction is prevented up to a force of 8Kg.

Electrical specification is 2-poles, 10A – 400V AC/DC.  Wire section is 0.25mm² to 1.5mm² without ferrules.  TeePlug TH381 Series plugs and sockets are available in two variants, cable to cable and panel-mount, and in two sizes to suit cable diameters between 5.8mm and 6.9mm and 7.0mm – 8.0mm. Cable reduction grommets are available for smaller cables, as are additional accessories, including sealing caps, a dedicated spanner for quick, safe installation, a bigger cable gland for larger cables and a rear nut for panel-mounted installations.

Building on the heritage of the proven TeePlug range, the new TeePlug Series TH381 is the optimum electrical connector for all submerged and challenging installations.


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Wieland Revos IT Series, Split Housing Data Cable Feed-Through Connectors


IT Series

Wieland Electric Inc., a leading global manufacturer of innovative electrical interconnect technology, has expanded its portfolio of revos rectangular connectors with the new revos IT Series split housing data cable feed-through connectors, which enable up to four pre-terminated data cables to be safely routed through a control cabinet or enclosure wall.

The revos IT Series data cable feed-through connectors accommodate cables with diameters spanning 4mm to 9mm, and are rated for IP65 environmental protection against dust and water ingress. In addition, the connector’s design incorporates a strain-relief feature to further enhance the robustness of the connection.

“More networked and automated machines on factory floors mean more specialized, pre-terminated cables, all of which need to be safely and conveniently routed through control cabinet or enclosure walls,” said Martin Lalonde, application engineer at Wieland Electric. “The revos IT Series’ split housing is ideally suited for passing preassembled cables – like encoder, data, and other unique cables – while maintaining the quality and signal integrity of the OEM cabling, and providing the convenience and robustness of industrial rectangular connectors.”


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Honeywell HPM Series Partical Sensor


HPM Series

Honeywell is pleased to introduce its HPM Series Particle Sensor, a new sensor designed to provide reliable and more precise detection of environmental contaminant particles. The HPM Series Particle Sensor is a laser-based device which uses a light scattering method to detect and count particles in the concentration range of 0µg/m3 to 1,000 µg/m3 in a given environment. This can address the PM2.5 and PM10 detection range. The sensor’s light is analyzed and converted into an output signal, which communicates the particulate concentration in real time.


Value to Customers
*  Enables the ability to more accurately and cost-effectively monitor or control environmental particulate contaminants
*  Industry-leading long life of 20,000 hours of continuous use essentially equates to seven years of product life (based on eight hours of operation per day)
*  Proven EMC performance enables the ability to perform more accurately in a variety of tough industrial environments
*  Enhanced reliability allows for use in most harsh environments

*  Laser-based light scattering particle sensing
*  Concentration range: 0 μg/m3 to 1,000 μg/m3
*  Fully calibrated
*  EMC: Heavy industrial level IEC61000
*  Response time: <6 s
*  Supply current: 80 mA max.
*  Output signal: UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter)
*  PM2.5 output (PM10 output optional with additional programming)
*  RoHS compliant

Potential Applications
*  Air conditioners
*  Air quality monitors
*  Environmental monitoring

Consumer Products:
*  Air cleaners
*  Air conditioners
*  Air purifiers
*  Car air cleaners
*  Handheld air quality detectors


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Hylec TeeTube Connectors Provides Water-Tight Seal to IP68


The range of TeeTube connectors from Hylec provide a completely water-tight seal to IP68 at up to 5 bar.  In addition to being exceptionally hardwearing and robust, TeeTubes have a unique space-saving design.

The terminal block with secure sealing forms part of the external housing and can be directly screwed to the connector’s entry points, so no secondary housing is required.   The range is very comprehensive and includes straight through, T splitter and Y splitter models for 2 and 3 cable entry in a variety of sizes. There are also dual terminal versions available for easy fitting and looping of conductors (2+2 and 3+3 pole).

Standard Series TTK20 TeeTubes have a diameter of 26.5mm for cables of between 5mm and 13 mm and suit 32A max current.  For really tight spaces, there are Micro TeeTubes which are a mere 23mm in diameter, while larger cables between 8mm and 17mm diameter can be accommodated in the slightly larger 32mm diameter TTK25 Series.


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