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Moeller PKE Electronic Motor Protection Circuit Breaker

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• Approvals: UL/CSA, CCC, ATEX
• Trip Classes: Greater Than – Equal to CLASS 10
• Push-In Technology: Save Up To 50 % Installation Time

Thanks to their special features, the Eaton Moeller series motor-protective circuit breakers with electronic overload protection complement the PKZ range and offer a good alternative to MCBs with bimetallic strips. Due to the compact and modular design featuring plug-in trip blocks, they offer maximum flexibility in the current range up to 65 A. By adding the PKE-XTUCP trip blocks, you can quickly turn a PKE motor-protective circuit breaker into a PKE circuit breaker for system and cable protection.

Core Features:
• Hand-operated motor-protective circuit breaker in accordance with IEC/EN 60947-4-1, VDE 0660 Part 102
• Rotary handle with ON & OFF switch-position indicator
• Push-in trip block up to 65 A with visible isolating distance
• If used in conjunction with the appropriate accessories, the circuit breaker can be turned into main switch or emergency-stop switch in accordance with EN 60204 and/or VDE 0113
• Isolating characteristics in accordance with IEC/EN 60947-3
• UL/CSA (including Types E and F) approvals for the North American market
• SmartWire-DT integration
• Short-circuit proof up to 100 kA (400 V) up to 32 A, 50 kA (400 V) up to 65 A
• Circuit breaker width: 45 mm up to 36 A / 55 mm up to 65 A

Push-In Technology – Connections With Just One Clever “Click”:
The Push-in terminals enable control-panel wiring with just one simple click. This tool-free connection technology makes wiring even faster, safer and more efficient. The PKE motor-protective circuit breakers with electronic wide-range overload protection and plug-in trip blocks offer a viable alternative to bi-metallic solutions in the current range up to 65A.

The PKE as Part of the xStart System:
Many applications require an auxiliary contact with different contact configurations for interlocking and signaling. By using a motor starter, however, it becomes possible to implement a more direct, safe and efficient control design.

Open, Flexible and Easy Communication:
Due to the established and widespread serial Fieldbus Modbus RTU the communication module is an open and standardized Communication interface. This enables a complete recoding of the machine conditions and a consistent and clear condition monitoring.

All The Information At Your Fingertips Thanks to SmartWire-DT:
Via SmartWire-DT, the PKE motor starter combinations can be easily integrated into any automation environment. By enhancing data transparency, SmartWire-DT increases the efficiency and reliability of the drives in the vicinity of the motor-protective circuit breaker.

With Eaton, your systems are automatically compliant with the ErP directive in a simple, fast and economical way, while significantly reducing your energy costs.


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Hylec’s Range of Door Enclosures, Cable Glands, Connectors, Junction Boxes, Control Stations & Isolators

Vast range of High-Quality Control Stations, Motor Control Gear, Terminal Blocks, Weatherproof Connectors, Specialist enclosures for Industrial Applications

Hylec offers an extensive range of lockable door enclosures in ABS flame-retardant plastic, stainless steel, galvanised steel and aluminium. Models are rated IP65, IP66, IP67, IP68, IK08 and IK10 and the steel range comes with a 3-year corrosion warranty. Providing protection for many installations in industrial environments including those exposed to hazards including dust, water jets, spray chemicals, petrochemicals, the enclosures are all available in a very wide range of sizes and are supplied complete with back plates and mounting brackets.

There is probably no other UK manufacturer with a wider cable gland range than Hylec. Over 2,000 products in multiple materials including nylon, nickel-plated brass and stainless steel – all in metric and PG sizes – are complemented by a wide range of accessories of all types. Perfect Series cable glands include railway-certified Pa6 V-0 and ATEX-certified explosion-proof ranges. Best-selling Kwik Fix cable glands provide a rapid, secure and watertight connection into enclosures and panels: one turn of the polyamide body gives an IP68-rated connection. No special tools are needed, assembly is from one side only with no separate lock nut required.

The Weatherproof range of electrical connectors are rated up to IP68/IP69K and have an outstanding track record in multiple projects worldwide, include major bridge illuminations, public fountain installations, signage at outside sporting events and sluice gate controls on major rivers. Impact resistant (IK08/IK10), vibration resistant, saline-and-flame resistant, the Weatherproof connector family includes micro and other connectors in 2 to 8 pole versions. Weatherproof connectors can be panel mounted to products, which can simplify and speed up installation.

Completely new is the Debox 11, the latest member of Hylec’s innovative Debox junction box family. For interior or exterior use, Debox 11 is a versatile and robust IP66/IP67-rated surface-mounted junction box with ten cable entries and includes five 3 way lever connectors. This is the latest junction box to join the innovative and highly-successful multi-million unit selling Debox family, all designed for ergonomic, time-saving installation.

When it comes to choosing the right terminal block for your application, there are literally hundreds of different options to choose from.

Control stations are vital in industrial settings. Hylec’s range covers four functional areas: emergency stop stations; dual-push on-off buttons in one housing; selector switches in on/off twistable and a key lockable version; flush button stations in separate or combined on/off control or forward/reverse. All Hylec control stations are housed in high impact-resistant, flame-retardant ABS. Various accessories and customised products are also offered. Hylec’s range of motor control gear products includes motor starters, DEC Series 3 pole contactors (AC3), DETH Series thermal overload relays and DECA Series auxiliary contact and mechanical interlock modules. The enclosed, non-reversing DOL motor starters are IP65 rated and CE approved, supplied with wall/panel mounting screws and complete with threaded cable gland entry. They are wired ready for use with a thermal overload relay and suit applications including woodworking, dust-collecting and metal recycling machinery.

Ensuring safety in industrial environments by providing fast electrical isolation for machinery, power supplies, security equipment and HVAC installations, Hylec’s range of IP66-rated AC and DC rotary Isolator control switches have the best price/performance ratio currently available on the UK market.


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Eaton Moeller EasyE4 Programmable Relays

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The easyE4 control relay from Eaton’s Moeller range is ideally suited for the efficient, flexible and simple control and regulation of various applications. The series offers a wide range of communication options via the integrated Ethernet interface, including all the functions of a mini PLC for machine and system control. Components of different levels can be integrated using the Modbus TCP client and server functionality of the easyE4.

The easy communication module for SmartWire-DT turns the easyE4 into an intelligent relay, enabling you to monitor your machine or system. Thanks to the flexible expansion with up to 11 I/O modules and the wide voltage range (AC, DC and UC), the easyE4 is ideally suited for industry and building applications. In addition to the simple handling, programming the easyE4 devices is also very easy.

The intuitive easySoft software offers users the option of four programming languages. The easyE4 also features a wide range of visualisation options – whether on industrial displays or on mobile devices thanks to the integrated web server. Numerous other functions turn the easyE4 into a powerful microcontroller that can also be integrated into IoT system architectures.

Core Features:
• EasyE4 and expansion modules available in DC, AC and UC versions
• 12/24 V DC, 24 V AC and 100-240 V AC/DC versions
• Up to 11 local I/O expansion modules per easyE4
• Various communication options via the Ethernet interface: easyNET, Modbus TCP (client or server) and SmartWire-DT master
• Integrated web server for remote control and visualisation
• Automatic email notifications in case of any deviations within your application
• Push-in clamp and screw-terminal versions
• Four programming languages in easySoft: easy device programming (EDP), ladder diagram (LD), function block diagram (FBD), structured text (ST)


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Eaton Moeller xStart Range – Upgraded with Push-In Technology

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Eaton’s Moeller series xStart range is being upgraded with Push-in technology. This new tool-free connection technology makes wiring even faster, safer and more efficient. The PKZ and DIL solution with Push-in technology offers maximum reliability, can be used anywhere in the world and integrates seamlessly into existing control panel designs.

The PKZ and DIL Range with Push-In Technology – For Faster and More Cost-Effective Wiring:
Technicians and purchasers alike love the new Push-in range Wiring has never been more efficient than with Eaton’s motor-protective circuit breaker and contactor range. Push-in technology eliminates the need for tools and is trusted by millions of customers around the world. This simple, tool-free wiring method ensures secure connections and maintenance-free contact points, for optimum efficiency during installation and servicing. The xStart solution with Push-in technology, consisting of our DIL contactors and PKZ motor-protective circuit breakers, makes your job easier while offering global compatibility and maximum reliability.

The Trick With The Click – Who Needs Screws?
Push-in technology makes wiring switchgear cabinets faster and more secure than ever – all you need to do is click the components into place. What’s more, with a modular system and wide range of accessories, you’ll always find the right solution for your needs. The components are small and compact, so you can use them in existing switchgear cabinets and as well as to wire new ones. We even offer a combination Push-in/screw-in solution for use with three-phase busbar links. In other words, Push-in technology makes wiring significantly easier and operations even faster.

Who Ensures Global Operational Reliability? You Do!
With the xStart range and the new Push-in technology, you can ensure operational reliability for customers around the world, thereby reducing downtime to a minimum. You can also help your customers to become future-proof, since Push-in technology is by its very nature ideal for automated assembly processes. The bottom line: Push-in technology is a future-proof and within-budget solution.

Optimise Machine and System Performance:
The Push-in technology offers machine builders and system integrators a number of advantages, the most important of which is simplified manual assembly: The ferrule-terminated cable simply has to be plugged into the terminal, which can be done with one hand and without any tools. Compared to conventional screw terminals, the connection time can thus be reduced by up to 50 per cent.

Future-Proof Your Switchgear Cabinet the Simple Way – With Eaton’s Push-In Range:
Trusted by millions of technicians and purchasers around the world, the xStart range from Eaton’s Moeller series is at the cutting edge of innovation. Why? Because it makes life easier for technicians and managers, thanks to the simple, efficient and cost-effective Push-in technology. You too can benefit from this win-win effect when you future-proof your switchgear cabinet the simple way.


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Eaton MS-16A Enclosed DOL 3phase AC Motor Starter

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Eaton’s wide range of Motor Control Gear and Heating and Lighting Control equipment is an integral part of our single source commitment.    Since the late 1920’s we have built countless motor starters, fitted and trusted by generations of contractors, while the increasing requirements of our markets have led us to constantly update and expand our MS-16A range to allow for an increased choice of current ratings and ingress protection.

This wealth of experience and expertise in the design and manufacture of Motor Control Gear is mirrored by our Heating and Lighting range which offers a
versatile and comprehensive choice.

The MS-16A DOL starter with a power range up to 7.5KW, enclosed in a moulded enclosure – this can be used as a replacement for the discontinued ADS8 range.

• IEC 60947-4-1
• VDE 0660
• BS EN 60947-4-1

• Built in 7.5 kW contactor
• High-quality materials, tough glass-fibre reinforced polycarbonate in grey
• Provides high IP protection to IP65
• Robust and high resistance to chemicals
• Start and stop pushbuttons from the RMQTitan series
• Internal earth terminals
• Sealing features protect against unauthorized opening and tampering
• Cable entries – wiring without cable glands or 20 mm knockouts for M20 threaded gland
• Total insulation


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ABB NeoGear™- The Safest Low Voltage Switchgear Ever Made!


For more than four decades, low-voltage switchgear systems have stayed more or less the same.  Now, it’s time for a revolution. Introducing ABB NeoGearTM, the biggest breakthrough in switchgear technology yet.

NeoGear is a revolutionary new switchgear, based on an innovative busbar concept. Combined with the connectivity and digital smartness of the ABB Ability™ platform, it offers maximum safety, highest reliability, more flexibility, better efficiency and measurable ROI.


• NeoGear is safer, thanks to its revolutionary, fully insulated busbar system
• NeoGear is more reliable, because its busbar system is maintenance-free and significantly reduces risk of mechanical failure
• NeoGear is more flexible, thanks to a new contact system
• NeoGear is scalable, because it needs much fewer parts and offers more space for starter and feeder components
• NeoGear saves energy thanks to its excellent thermal performance and sharply reduced losses
• NeoGear is underpinned by the ABB Ability™ platform, for better energy management, condition monitoring and predictive maintenance
• NeoGear is future-proof, ready to support the digital factory of the future with its cloud computing an industrial IoT solutions

NeoGear eliminates hazardous exposure to live parts, uses 92 percent fewer busbar components than traditional switchgear and with 90 percent fewer electrical joints improves switchgear availability. The arc ignition protected zone keeps maintenance personnel safer when performing routine works and repairs, while also reducing the risk of arcs caused by mechanical failures.

NeoGear offers a reduced physical footprint by up to 25 percent compared to equivalent switchgear technologies. Within this compact footprint, it also achieves energy efficiency improvements of up to 20 percent due to reduced heat dissipation.


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Crouzet SQ57 DC Brushless Motors With Canopen Application


Brushless SQ57 series with CanOpen is the experts’ choice to motorize Artoo-Detoo

R2-D2 stands for Second Generation Robotic Droid Series-2, a fictional astromech droid in Star Wars. He has appeared in ten of the eleven Star Wars films to date. Upon Crouzet Designlab experts, “Motorizing R2-D2 is kind of challenging”.

The robot runs in extremely harsh environment and requires low energy consumption to extend its autonomy. Moreover, low noise and communication capabilities are mandatory to avoid droid troubles during tough situations.


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Crouzet SQ57 DC Brushless Motor Application


A low noise SQ57 DC brushless motor drives the pump vacuuming mosquitoes

Zika virus, dengue, chikungunya and yellow fever are primarily transmitted by the bite of an infected mosquito. To date, A total of 86 countries and territories have reported evidence of mosquito-transmitted Zika infection with no vaccine yet available for either prevention or treatment.

Development of a Zika vaccine remains an active area of research. In the meantime, smart technology has revolutionized mosquito control by creating mosquito traps which pose no danger to people or our ecosystems.


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