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CML New Xenon Filled Lamps Burn Brighter for Longer


February 2006 – A new range of Xenon filled wedge based lamps is available from CML-IT. Designed for use in a variety of automotive, gaming machinery, aviation, signalisation and architectural applications, the latest Xenon lamps are currently available in three different models: 1503X (14V 3.4W rating, T10 size, 10000 hour life), 501x (12V 5W rating, T10 size, 3000 hour life) and 1260X (12V 6W rating, T10 size, 1000 hour life).

CML Xenon lamps.jpg

Xenon bulbs offer numerous advantages over traditional Argon, Krypton or Vacuum filled lamps. The new devices offer suppressed tungsten evaporation meaning a cleaner, longer burn with less blackening. A three times longer life and an increased light output by typically 30% more luminous flux are further benefits.

Bulb wall temperature is 30°C lower compared with corresponding Argon filled lamps. This is significant when the devices are in close proximity to surrounding plastic or wood materials, which could be damaged. Furthermore, Xenon lamps also benefit from a whiter light. A higher filament temperature provides excellent contrast ratio and affords attractive sparkling appearance to the eye.


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CML LED Replacement for 6S6 Lamp Significantly Reduces Cost


April 2006 – The latest design innovation from CML Innovative Technologies (CML-IT) is a LED replacement for traditional 6S6 lamps currently used in theme parks as decorative lamps and for illuminating entrance portals to attractions. Developed in partnership with a major theme park, CML-IT’s new Sixcess lamp significantly reduces cost of ownership due to the LEDs’ low power consumption and longer life (5x) than traditional lamps. Maintenance savings alone are estimated to be over £170/€250 per device over its five year life cycle.

CML Sixcess.jpg

Sixcess lamps incorporate eight LEDs within a traditional screw based package. LEDs are laid out in a pattern to exactly mimic the visual effects of a regular filament lamp. CML-IT specifically developed the colours of the LEDs used for the Sixcess range, creating a visually equivalent drop-in replacement for 6S6 lamps.


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FINDER PIR Movement Detectors for Control of Interior and Exterior Lighting Installations


The 18 Series of PIR movement detectors from Finder has been extended to include a new model that operates outdoors in addition to the existing indoor model. The units detect body heat to control lighting in a range of applications, including energy saving and security.

The detectors can reduce energy consumption by automatically switching off lighting when it is not required. This addresses the increasing pressure on companies from both governments and environmental groups to reduce energy consumption, which means that areas of unnecessary lighting have come under scrutiny.  In parallel to this, there is a need for improved lighting particularly in exterior areas to deter potential intruders.

Finder’s PIR detectors are targeted at designers, engineers, contractors and installers of lighting control systems in commercial, industrial and domestic premises.  They will be of particular use in areas inside and outside buildings that are not permanently occupied, such as offices, washrooms, corridors, stairwells and stores as well as outside loading bays, access ramps, etc. where constant lighting is not required.


The output contact for both the 18.01 interior model and the 18.11 exterior model is rated at 10A, with a 20A peak current capability, suitable for switching a 230V incandescent or halogen lighting load of up to 1kW or a compensated fluorescent lighting load rated at up to 350W.

The coverage area spans 110° in both the vertical and the horizontal plane, and the sensing range is specified up to 8m. An integral adjustable threshold light sensor ensures that energy is not wasted by preventing the lights from being switched on in conditions of high ambient light.

To avoid accidentally switching off lights when personnel are still in the lighting zone, the Series 18 PIR units feature an extended ‘on time’. This enables the length of time the lights remain on after movement detection ceases to be extended by a preset delay time, which can be adjusted to between 10 and 180 seconds.

The versatile design of both Series 18 PIR models features a ball joint construction that enables simple, trouble free mounting on a flat vertical or horizontal surface, with the ability to angle the detection head to adjust the required detection area by up to 180° in the horizontal plane, and 27° in the vertical plane.

The 18.01 model allows concealed cable entry via the mounting bracket, while the IP54 protected 18.11 exterior model features a PG9 cable gland entry in the base. The electrical contacts are lead-free AgSnO2.

The Series 18 PIR range is entirely designed and manufactured in-house at Finder’s European facility near Turin in Italy. The design includes custom embedded system programming, CAD evolved optics, custom designed electronics, tooling and test equipment.  The units are competitively priced and offer specifiers and end users a European designed and built PIR with unparalleled flexibility, in a neat and compact housing.


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ARCOLECTRIC Smart Indicator Series

New from Arcolectric is a range of smart indicators – intelligent devices that operate like standard neon indicators, but with added functionality. The intelligent embedded microcontroller can be programmed for multiple applications, and the first three offerings from this family are a Single phase supply checker, a Maintenance indicator and a Temperature monitor.

Smart Ind.jpg

The indicators have the familiar and convenient snap-in profile and feature fast-on terminals, so are drop-in replacements for Neon lamps, making it simple and fast to upgrade an existing product design with new functionality. The smart indicators feature dual LED illumination, so there is a wide choice of illumination colours and colour combinations.

Single phase supply checker (C1431AL)
The supply checker can be fitted as a direct replacement for a Neon indicator, giving clear visual equipment safety indication. The device connects to Live, Neutral and Earth terminals, and monitors the appliance and incoming mains supply for swapped or missing electrical connections. Blue LED illumination indicates correct connections, while Red LED illumination indicates a swapped connection fault. A flashing Red LED indicates a missing connection, such as detached neutral or earth.

Intended for use on appliances or equipment where cable damage is a possibility, such as: portable appliances, site equipment, power tools, garden equipment, extension cable reels, audio equipment, commercial kitchens and stainless steel appliances.

Maintenance indicator (C1432AL)
The indicator monitors appliance usage, and operates as a preventative maintenance or regular inspection reminder for the equipment user. A direct replacement for a neon indicator, the unit counts time that mains power is applied, and remembers the accumulated time even if power is switched off. Blue LED illumination indicates normal operation, but when the factory set operating time is exceeded the illumination changes to flashing Red, indicating that service or maintenance action is required. Connecting the ‘reset’ terminal to neutral resets the timer to zero, and timing starts again.

Typical domestic applications are reminding coffee machine users to decalcify their machines, change deep fat fryer oil, and change or clean cooker hood filters. For service interval indication, the unit could be fitted into gas appliances to indicate when servicing or inspection is overdue. Additionally, users could be given an indication when their appliance warranty period is about to expire.

Temperature monitor (C1433AL)
The temperature monitor is a snap-in device to clearly indicate that refrigeration temperatures are within safe limits. Upper and lower temperature limits can be factory programmed to suit the application. The monitor operates like a standard neon indicator, giving visible on/off status indication for the appliance. Normal operation shows continuous blue LED illumination while the monitored temperature is within the ‘safe’ range between lower and upper limits. Should the measured temperature fall outside of the ‘safe’ range, the LED illumination changes colour to Red. The unit has a pre-connected temperature sensor on a flying lead, ready for quick installation.

Intended for convenient monitoring of deep freeze, refrigeration, cold storage, chiller or air conditioning operation, giving a visual check of the correct temperature without having to know the exact temperature or the limits.


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CML Innovative Technologies – LED Traffic Lights Results in Reduced Running Costs and Fewer Maintenance Calls


CML Innovative Technologies recently announced its new generation of traffic lights using latest LED technology. Featuring a lower power consumption than conventional signalling units, the new range of LED traffic lights also benefits from reduced running costs and heat generation, leading to longer unit life and fewer maintenance calls.

Available in both High Brite and High Flux versions the units come in 210mm or 300mm diameter format and offer a range of voltages (40V, 130V and 240V), making them suitable for signalling applications all across Europe.

CompoCML4 (2).jpg

The new range of cost-effective LED traffic lights is not only designed for road traffic control but can also be used in a variety of other signalling applications such as railway, construction, airport, loading bays and overhead.

CML Innovative Technologies LED traffic lights are available in both large and small quantities to allow sampling on projects.


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CML Innovative Technologies Appoints New Distributor


CML Innovative Technologies are pleased to announce the appointment of specialist distributor, E. Preston (Electrical) Ltd, to its UK Franchised Distribution Network. 

E. Preston Electrical, a switch and electromechanical specialist, have built a sound reputation for their technical skills and attention to service and are expected to add more emphasis to design-ins within new market sectors, complementing the successful work being carried out by the existing network.

Stefan Keller, Director Global Marketing, commented; “New business is what every company is seeking and we believe with the addition of E. Preston Electrical our Network will bring additional growth.”

CML Innovative Technologies provides its customers with one-stop lighting solutions and uses state-of-the-art computer aided design to help customers develop innovative solutions at the earliest stages of every project.  The company can help refine customer concepts, develop specifications, create working prototypes; and with over 150 years of concept, design, and manufacturing experience, CML is uniquely qualified to serve the industries lighted component requirements. 


E. Preston Electrical have now added to their range the most comprehensive line of lighting components in the industry and communication with our partners is key to our mutual success.  CML look forward to having E. Preston Electrical part of our existing reputation for providing superior quality, reliability, value, and service.

March 2006


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Arcolectric Mains Rated LED Indicators


Arcolectric has some 40 years experience in the design and manufacture of neon and filament indicators. Now, with mains rated LED’s becoming more commercially viable, the opportunity is here for this expansive range to use a technology that is inherently more reliable.




These new mains LED versions offer flicker free illumination and are adaptable enough to operate from 230Vac to 110Vac. The standard colour options include red, yellow, green, blue and white. It’s often been difficult to achieve pure white or blue colours with neon or filament lamps in the past but these LED’s will provide a bright,
clean light.


The extensive range includes a great many options; snap and screw fixing to panel, mounting hole diameters from 5.8 to 14.0mm, bezels sizes from 6.7 to 18.3mm diameter, round and square lens shapes, protruding and low profiles, chrome bezels and pre-wired or 2.8, 4.8 and 6.3mm terminals.

The ranges will carry internationally recognised approvals from Semko and UL laboratories.


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Bulgin Catalogue No 82 Now Available


The latest Bulgin Components Product Catalogue, issue No 82, is now available and includes full specifications, drawings and photographs for all the current products.

With full details of all new products and packed with information for designers, engineers and specifiers, the 212 page catalogue is organised in to seven product sections:

Bulgin Cat.jpg

Battery Holders
IP68 Waterproof Connectors                       
IEC Mains Connectors
General Purpose Connectors


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