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Finder’s 7H Series Panel Heaters

Finder’s 7H Series panel heaters are ideal components to prevent condensation and ensure the optimum temperature within electrical panels.

Imperative to increase temperatures within control panels to keep components operating efficiently, Finder’s range of fan assisted panel heaters have heating power options from 25 – 50 – 100 – 150 – 250 and 400 W and a power supply of 230 V AC or 110…230 V AC/DC.

The 7H Series has fast wiring terminals, is vertically positioned within enclosures and is 35mm rail (EN 60715) mountable with a clip, saving installation time. The 7H Series panel heaters also have the smallest footprint in the market, taking up minimal space inside enclosures.

The 7H Series has an aluminium profile encased in a plastic housing making it safe to touch, preventing any injuries with contact. The operating temperature of the panel heaters is -40…+50°C, keeping vital components at the perfect temperature to run smoothly. The heaters also have a PTC self-regulating heating system. PTC heaters draw maximum power when cold to provide rapid heating to the optimum temperature. Being self-regulating, as the temperature increases, the power consumption simultaneously drops. Installing the 7H Series with a 7T Series thermostat creates a dynamic heating system that is not only effective in preventing condensation, but also time and energy efficient.

Finder’s panel heaters are suitable for drying kilns, hoists & cranes, plastic moulding machines, automatic car washes, forced air ventilators and many more applications. The 7H Series in conjunction with Finder’s 7T Series panel thermo hygrostats and thermostats, 7F Series filter fans and 7L Series LED panel lights ensures a high-quality thermoregulation system working at peak performance for all applications.


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Finder’s 7F Series Filter Fans

Finder’s sleekly designed 7F Series cooling fans and filters are essential components for reducing heat within the panel, ensuring the performance of components and instrumentation within control panels and enclosures

Vital for control panels to cool increasing ambient temperatures between -15…+75°C, Finder’s 7F Series keeps internal devices working at optimal levels, while also preventing dusty or contaminated air from entering the panel, allowing for smooth operating systems. Reverse flow versions are also available.

With its slim construction and wide range of sizes, the 7F can slip into some of the most compact of panels and takes minimal depth within the enclosure, offering a time-saving installation and maintenance for installers. New size 4 filter fans are available with 250 and 400 m3/h.

Available in 24V DC, 120 and 230V AC (50/60 Hz), Finder’s cooling fans and filters offer a flexible, reliable and competitive range, along with Finder’s premium quality reputation. The 7F Serie’s air volume is (24…400)m3 /h (free flow) with air volume (14…270)m3 /h (with Exhaust Filter installed in cabinet).

Finder’s 7F Series also has a replaceable G3 rated filter mat which can be removed quickly and tool free. The size of the Exhaust Filter should match the size of the Filter Fan to achieve the best ventilation within the cabinet. Safety is ensured with the filter mats with a DIN F1 fire rating and other plastics comply with UL 94 v-0.


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SUNON Develops High Powered PMD Cooling Fan For the 1U-2U Server Market


Sunon’s Power Motor 4028 Fan (40×40×28 mm) provides increased airflow, static pressure and high temperature endurance, making it the ideal thermal solution for the 1U-2U server market.

PMD 4028 lable (2).JPG

Increasingly powerful high-density information technology devices, like rack-mounted server and telecommunication boxes, have resulted in increased temperature outputs from the CPU, chips and RAM.  This has led to a notable increase in demand for more powerful cooling fans.

In the great majority of 1U-2U server applications, thermal management criteria are a major consideration when customers are making their choices.  In rack-mounted applications, the internal area of the box is often so dense that static pressure as well as airflow is a big concern.  A thermal solution must smoothly direct cooling air and powerfully overcome system resistance throughout the confined space.  Furthermore, the majority of servers operate 24 hours a day, generating high temperatures from their CPU, chipset, memory chip and power supply.  As a result, the amount and quality of the thermal cooling directly relate to the life expectancy of the server.  In conclusion, high airflow, high static pressure and long life expectancy are 3 essentials for a server fan.

The PMD 4028 is driven by an unique DC brushless motor that was developed, patented and manufactured by Sunon Research, the R&D engine behind Sunon Group. The series has benefited from the redesign of its electronic circuit, motor and impellers, which has increased the airflow and the static pressure of the new product by around 30%, in comparison with competitive products at 11,000 rpm. In addition, Sunon now launches the 13,000rpm version among competitors, which produces an amazing airflow of up to 23.5cfm at only 51.5 dB(A), temperature endurance at 700C supplied as standard, and a 900C version is also available for customers’ advanced criteria.

Product Features
Expected life:  50,000 hours
Rated Voltage:  12 Vdc
Speed/ Noise level/Air Flow:
13,000 rpm /  1.5 dB(A) / 23.5cfm
11,000 rpm / 45   dB(A) / 18.9cfm
 9,200 rpm / 40.5 dB(A) / 15.3cfm
Temperature Endurance: 700C as standard (900C optional)
Applications: Rack-mounted servers, telecommunication boxes, Industrial PC’s

Sunonwealth Electric Machine Industry Company Ltd. (Sunon) is a global manufacturer specialising in fans and heat transfer solutions with its brand name, SUNON.  For the past 23 years, SUNON has worked relentlessly in the research and design of new cooling fans and motors.  Today, the SUNON brand enjoys a great reputation worldwide and is undoubtedly a contributor to high-quality cooling fans and precision motors.  Its 50% market share in notebook cooling fans means that one of every two computers uses Sunon’s heat transfer solutions.  In addition to computers, Sunon’s market share in cooling fans for applications such as overhead projectors and high-end stereo systems is also outstanding.

Currently, Sunon has organized the corporate structure with its headquarter in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and subsidiaries in Europe, USA, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore.  The company now maintains more than 70 distributors and 1,000 sales representatives, providing a broad customer service and technical support system around the world.


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