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Bulgin Industrial Applications for Tools & Machinery

Industrial environments are exposed to many impeding elements such as water, vibration, chemicals and extreme temperatures. With demand growing for automated processes, there is more pressure than ever before on production and motion control systems.

To overcome these potentially detrimental conditions, our connectivity solutions with metal or plastic housings are used around the world to facilitate secure power, signal and data connections in the harshest of environments. Our robust range of vandal proof push button switches are also a perfect solution for operating heavy duty tools, metal and wood processing equipment, food and beverage processing systems and packaging machinery.

Potential Applications:
• Industrial Food Slicer
• Vacuum Packaging Machine
• Printed Electronics Machinery
• Heavy Industrial Food Processor
• Industrial Grade Printer
• Industrial Automated Saws
• Industrial Coating Machinery
• Industrial Sand Blaster


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Crouzet SQ75 DC Brushless Motors Application


Crouzet water proof and dust proof SQ75 Smart Motion is the perfect choice to motorized golf AGVs with its communication capabilities and security features.


Golf players are largely creatures of habit. Each player is following a specific routine in which the range session takes a big part. Daily, thousands of balls are stroked on the Olympics driving range.

Therefore, efficiently collecting, cleaning and returning golf balls to the players on the driving range is a must. On the field, AGVs are taking the lead to run the golf driving range. A robot can mow the grass, collect balls, bring them to the washing machine, recharge the batteries and repeat the loop 24/7 silently.


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Other Common Applications:
• Access Control
• Wrapping Machines
• Conveyor Belts
• Peristaltic Pumps
• Intralogistics
• Industrial Service Robots
• Agbots
• Defense Robotics


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Eaton MS-16A Enclosed DOL 3phase AC Motor Starter

Eaton Logo

Eaton’s wide range of Motor Control Gear and Heating and Lighting Control equipment is an integral part of our single source commitment.    Since the late 1920’s we have built countless motor starters, fitted and trusted by generations of contractors, while the increasing requirements of our markets have led us to constantly update and expand our MS-16A range to allow for an increased choice of current ratings and ingress protection.

This wealth of experience and expertise in the design and manufacture of Motor Control Gear is mirrored by our Heating and Lighting range which offers a
versatile and comprehensive choice.

The MS-16A DOL starter with a power range up to 7.5KW, enclosed in a moulded enclosure – this can be used as a replacement for the discontinued ADS8 range.

• IEC 60947-4-1
• VDE 0660
• BS EN 60947-4-1

• Built in 7.5 kW contactor
• High-quality materials, tough glass-fibre reinforced polycarbonate in grey
• Provides high IP protection to IP65
• Robust and high resistance to chemicals
• Start and stop pushbuttons from the RMQTitan series
• Internal earth terminals
• Sealing features protect against unauthorized opening and tampering
• Cable entries – wiring without cable glands or 20 mm knockouts for M20 threaded gland
• Total insulation


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E-T-A Appliance Inlet Modules for 3120-N Circuit Breaker / Switch Combination

Systematic reduction of components is a major reason for a successful cost-saving design. And fewer components normally help save space and allow for designing compact products.

The appliance inlet module X3120-B combines three functions within a single component: A C14 appliance inlet, a rocker switch and resettable overcurrent protection. In this module the two latter functions are provided by E-T-A’s wellproven 3120-N circuit breaker/switch combination.

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Schurter RTS Thermal Fuse – Improved Protection of Power Semiconductors

Schurter Logo1.jpg

RTS Tripping Temperature > 175°C

Improved Protection of Power Semiconductors
• Protects power semiconductors from thermal runaway
• SMD reflow solderable up to 260 °C
• Tested for usage up to 60 V
• Integrated current measuring sensor (shunt)

Schurter RTS thermal fuse, successfully launched in 2018, gets a new variant with a tripping temperature of >175°C. The RTS is a particularly compact overtemperature protection device for power semiconductors in SMD technology for highest demands.

RTS stands for Reflowable Thermal Switch. It was developed to protect highly integrated power semiconductors from overheating. Prior to mechanical activation, the new thermal fuse can be soldered on conventional reflow soldering machines with profiles up to 260 °C.

Protection Against Thermal Runaway
Thermal runaway refers to the overheating of a power semiconductor due to a self-reinforcing, heat-producing process. One of the reasons is the trend towards increasing power density and miniaturization of electronic circuits. The RTS protects these power semiconductors against thermal runaway. In such an event, the thermal fuse acts as a fail-safe device and reliably interrupts the circuit from as early as 175 °C and thus addresses the operating temperatures of common power semiconductors even better.

Minimal Footprint
The new overtemperature protection device comes in the same minimal dimensions and maximum breaking capacity despite its additional shunt functionality. On its small 6.6 x 8.8 mm footprint the RTS can handle operating currents of up to 130 A and rated voltages of up to 60 VDC.

Integrated Current Measuring Sensor (Shunt)
The shunt version has an integrated resistance with particularly low temperature dependence. This resistance, known as a shunt, enables precise current measurement and enables an additional – non-thermal – circuit protection, e.g. via a controller.


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Sensata / Crydom ED Series (DC OUTPUT) Solid State Relays


Plug-In Solid State Relays

Sensata | Crydom ED Series DC Output Plug-in Solid State Relays are designed to replace industry standard 12 x 29 mm plug-in Electromechanical Relays, offering substantial performance advantages over traditional EMR switching solutions in many applications.

Available in SPST N.O. configuration, the ED Series offer output ratings of 5 or 10 Amps at 1 to 100 VDC, and they are UL 508 recognized, IEC rated and CE compliant.

• DC output Solid State Relay in an Industry standard EMR plug in package
• Ratings of 5 & 10 Amps
• Load voltage range of 1-48, 1-80 and 1-100 VDC
• Fits standard DIN rail & PCB mountable sockets
• LED input status indicator
• AC or DC control
• cUL Recognized, IEC Rated, CE & RoHS Compliant
• Motor Controller Rated

• Battery Management Systems
• Backup Power Supplies
• Valves
• Vending Equipment
• Lighting control
• Medical Equipment
• Test Equipment


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Cynergy3 IWPTLU Series – Low Range Industrial Wireless Pressure Transducer


The IWPTLU Wireless Pressure Transducer is a cost effective replacement to a traditionally wired pressure transducer that offers the advantages of a low-cost installation in inaccessible and expensive installation environments.

It is easily paired to the compatible IWR family of single- or five-channel wireless receivers thus offering a “plug and play” solution to your pressure measurement applications.

The instrument uses a piezo-resistive silicon sensor mounted within a 316 stainless steel housing giving excellent media compatibility for the harshest of applications.

The IWPT sensor can be used with either an IWR-1 or IWR-5 receiver. A line-of-sight range of up to 1640 ft is possible depending on the wireless receiver used. (refer to datasheets IWR-1 & IWR-5 for further information)

Each device is temperature compensated, calibrated and supplied with a traceable serial number.


• Suitable for liquids and gases
• Pressure ranges from 0-1psi to 0-15psi gauge/abs
• Up to 1640 ft line-of-site range (depending on receiver)
• Piezo-resistive stainless steel sensor with stainless steel body
• Five-year battery life at 10 second transmission update rate
• Simple DIL switch pairing with the single or five channel receiver
• Single or five channel receivers available
• User-selectable transmission update rates
• User-selectable 1-5V or 4-20 mA receiver outputs
• Receiver clean contacts provide process alarm functions

Typical Applications Include:
• Simple cable replacement installation – dispense with expensive cable runs
• Environmental monitoring – rainwater harvesting, environmental engineering
• Facilities management – boiler rooms, laboratory testing, tank gauging
• Asset monitoring – tanks farms, process plants, HVAC and building management
• Service Contract – temporary installation for servicing and field trials


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Finder 77 Series Solid State Relays


Modular Solid State Relays (SSR) 5 – 15 – 30A

Function and Features:
The 77 Series is made up of modular and “hocky puck” style solid state relays with the folowing features (according to Type):

Input AC or DC
230 V AC or 400 V AC output
Rated voltage range (19…305) V AC or (48…480) V AC
Zero-crossing and random switch-on versions
Suitable for lamp loads
17.5 and 22.5 mm housing
Features (“hockey puck”)

Input AC or DC
230 V AC or 400 V AC output
Switching voltage range (19…305) V AC or (48…480) V AC
Suggested applications: heater control
Mounting to heatsink with screws
Zero-crossing version

• Drying Kilns
• Heating & Cooling
• Lighting Controls in Corridors (for hotels, offices & hospitals)
• BottlingPlant
• Labelling Machines
• Packaging Machines


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Entrelec Railway Application Terminal Blocks

TE Connectivity, a worldwide leading supplier for rolling stock and infrastructure

As a leading supplier for railway applications, TE Connectivity proposes the most complete terminal block range of the market complying with all main international railway standards. The Entrelec range for railway applications is available in four technologies and covers all the needs for rolling stock and railroad infrastructures.

Rail vehicles are subjected to extreme environmental conditions (high vibration and shock), corrosion (underground applications or tunnels). All Entrelec terminal blocks listed in this catalog are tested in accordance with the latest and most demanding standards applying to rolling stock applications.

• PI-Spring
• Pluggable
• ADO System® (IDC)
• Stud and quick-connect

Advanced 3D Drawing and Data Export:
• Built-in 3D viewer
• Integration to CAD/CAE softwares
• Compatibility with TE Connectivity printers
• Detailed drawings of the rail, assembly and markers


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