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Kraus & Naimer Help Out the World’s Last Sea-Going Paddle Steamer

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Named after Sir Walter Scott’s first novel, Paddle Steamer Waverley was built on the Clyde in 1947 – to replace the 1899 Waverley that sunk off Dunkirk during active war service in 1940.

Paddle Steamer Refurb

Celebrating 40 years’ sailing in preservation, Waverley has been operated by a charity since 1975 and preserved as a heritage asset for the benefit of communities around the UK. A major £7m two-stage rebuild was undertaken in winters of 1999/2000 and 2002/2003 in Great Yarmouth with the support of the National Heritage Lottery Fund, whereby the huge task of restoration was carried out to get it back to its’ original condition, whilst complying with the newer regulations.

The main engine telegraph and its bell are located both in the engine room and on the navigation bridge. A responsible officer from each of the departments handles the telegraph from these locations.
There became a need for an additional telegraph for use in the event of a problem with the main telegraph, with the parts sourced from various locations to keep the visual authenticity. This in turn created a need for a one-off switch for the selection by the bridge officer to indicate the direction and speed required of the main engine. This was kindly donated by Kraus & Naimer Ltd based in Newbury. The switch itself was made to the specification of the Chief Engineer, a bespoke 12 position multiway switch.

Almost all of Waverley’s machinery including the impressive 2100 IHP main engine, steering and all the main pumps are powered by steam from her two massive oil fired boilers.

The Waverley continues to be maintained in excellent condition with its’ towering funnels, timber decks, gleaming varnish and brass. Sustenance of this relies on the goodwill of businesses to keep costs to a minimum and in turn giving the wonderful opportunity to sail on a paddle steamer to as many people as possible.


Kraus & Naimer New Mobile App Now Available

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The new Kraus & Naimer UK switch wiring diagram app is now available to download for android and IOS devices.
A useful aid in the switch selection and installation processes.


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Kraus & Naimer DC Switch Disconnectors for Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Power Supply Systems

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A growing requirement for DC switch disconnectors for solar photovoltaic (PV) power supply systems has motivated Kraus & Naimer to introduce a brand new range of disconnectors specifically designed for this particular DC application.

With rated operational currents from 16 amps to 64 amps and voltages from 450 to 800 using a utilization category of DC-22A, a solution for most isolator applications within the solar photovoltaic market can be found.


Available in a totally insulated enclosure with the option of a red/yellow or grey /black padlockable handle and with a degree of protection to IP 66/67 they can be installed in the most arduous of environments.

To complement this series a complete range of AC switch disconnectors is also available in totally insulated enclosures, this enables the contractor to obtain his switch disconnector requirements for the entire installation from one source.

A new up to date catalogue giving part numbers and technical details is available on request.




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Kraus & Naimer KF-SWITCHES: 16A – 32A

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The new KF-series features exceptionally large isolation distances and offers high AC-23A motor ratings.  It covers the range from 16A to 32A and offers disconnect capability of up to 1000V according to IEC 947.  The rotary contact system incorporated in a new type of modular contact block allows high mechanical life expectancy and precise and reliable contact making.

The innovative modular system is both simple and very safe while offering enormous flexibility.  All available modules can be combined, exchanged or added in the field, as can the very precisely working cam-operated auxiliary contacts.  The position of the various modules in relation to each other
can be defined by the user or, if preferred, preassembled in the factory.

KF Switch

* Coupling profile determines pre-closing function of switched 4th pole,
  i.e. contact modules per se are always the same

* Rotating contact movement (instead of classical vertical lifting) allows
  big contact gaps
  high mechanical life expectancy
  very precise movement sequence
  self-cleaning contacts
  forced opening and closing of contacts

* Compact (very shallow) design

* Up to 1000V insulation voltage according to IEC possible

* Lateral drive possible (latching module not in the centre but on left or right hand side)

* Visible contacts (windows) available on request

* Design allows a big variation of terminal markings

* Removal from DIN rail can be done without tool change (screw driver for cross-recessed screws sufficient)


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Kraus & Naimer G20(S) – The Newly Designed G-Line DC-Switch

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With the newly designed G20 the “Knife contacts” have been designed in a new way resulting in a switching capacity of 20 Amps at 1000V DC (DC-22A) and high short circuit withstand capability.  Finger-proof terminals according to EN 50274 and protection degree IP20 offer maximum safety.


In combination with a standard latching mechanism, the G20 complies with all regulations required for main switches according to IEC/EN 60204.  In addition the G20 is also ideal for AC-applications with high short circuit fault levels, as well as electronic circuitry with low current and voltages.

Of course the G20 can also be combined with many optional extras from the Kraus & Naimer product line.

 * Self-cleaning and vibration resistant knife contacts

* Compact design

* High DC switching capacity

* Highest contact reliability (better than any H-bridge contact system)

* High short circuit withstand capability

* Finger-proof terminals (IP20) even if jumper links are used

* Terminal extensions (accessory item) for ring type cable lugs (max. width 6mm) and quick connect lugs will be made available

* Heat resistant contact system according to standard EN 12101-3

G20 – with normal latching
G20S – with snap-action latching


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New Kraus & Naimer Padlock Device M800

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The new padlock device M800 complies with all requirements of the IEC and in combination with an additional padlock device mounted on the switch itself also with UL508A.

The new padlock device convince by its simple and robust design while featuring a compact unit. 
Padlock device M800 

The main features are:
• Single hole mounting with integrated door clutch.    
• IP66/67 protection degree.    
• Applicable for all cam switches of size S1 and S2 and KG41B, KG64B, KG80, KG100, KG105, KG125-KG317.    
• Door interlock in the OFF-Position while a padlock is fitted and also in the ON-position.    
• The door can be open in the non locked OFF-position, only.    
• Override Function in the ON-position.  The door clutch may be opened only if the witch is in the OFF-position. In special cases, however, authorized people have a requirement to open the door, even if the switch is in the ON-position.    
• Accepted Misalignment: ± 3mm horizontally, ±5mm vertically.    
• Maximum 3 padlocks with a minimum shackle diameter Ø 5 – 8 mm.


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New Kraus & Naimer Switch Types CA40, CA50, CA63

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CA40 up to CA63 – robust and reliable!

Economic criteria are placing enormous pressure on you to optimize the reliability and safety without increasing size and weight of your product, but even decreasing it. The cam switches CA40 – CA63 satisfy the above described criteria.


Facts & Figures :
• IP 20 terminals, finger – prove tunnel – type terminals
• Robust and oversized switch terminals
• Captive terminals screws
• Compact design
• Higher switching capacity according to AC-23A
• One frame size covers current range from 40 – 63 Ampere

A large number of optional extras is available for this new switch type


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