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Sensata / Crydom CN Series (Plug-In AC & DC Output) Solid State Relays


Plug-In / PCB Mount Solid State Relays

Sensata | Crydom CN Series AC & DC Output Plug-in Solid State Relays are thin 5 mm wide relays ideally suited for high density PCB applications.

CN Series SSRs are designed to be pluggable into industry standard relay sockets or solderable into printed circuit boards, and they are available in ratings of 2 Amps at 24 to 280 VAC or 0.1 to 6 Amps at 0 to 100 VDC. They are UL recognized and CE compliant.

• 5 mm Mini SIP SSR
• Ratings 24VDC _3.5A, 48VDC _100mA, 100VDC _6A and 240VAC_2A
• DC Control, 5, 24 and 60 V
• UL & cUL recognized @ 40°C, 100K-Cycle Endurance Test
• CE & RoHS Compliant

• Automation Equipment
• Test Equipment
• Packaging equipment
• Valves & Solenoids
• Vending Equipment
• Medical Equipment


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Sensasta / Crydom SeriesOne DR (Din Rail Mount DC Output) Series Solid State Relays


Din Rail Mount Solid State Relays

Sensata | Crydom SeriesOne DR family of DIN Rail mount Solid State Relays incorporate proprietary thermal management technology to achieve exceptional output ratings of 3 up to 24 Amps at 1 to 100 VDC in compact 11mm and 18mm wide housings. These compact SSRs are ideal for use in demanding applications where space may be limited, providing greater power density than other DIN Rail Solid State Relays.

• Ratings from 3 up to 24 Amps
• Load voltage ratings of 1-60 VDC and 1-100 VDC
• Fits standard 35mm DIN Rail
• LED Input Status Indicator
• DC Control
• UL and cUL Listed, CE & RoHS Compliant
• UL 508 Endurance Rating for Enhanced Reliability
• UL Class I and II, Division 2, for Hazardous Locations

• Battery Management Systems
• Backup Power Supplies
• Valve Control
• Lighting Control
• Automation Equipment


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Sensata / Crydom Expands their DC Output Solid State Relay Models


New DC Output SSR Models:  DIN Rail, Panel Mount and Plug-in Solid State Relays


Sensata / Crydom are pleased to announce the expansion of their DC Output Solid State Relay offering. The new models extend across 4 popular series, including the SeriesOne DR, CN Series, EL Series and ED Series.

The number of applications for DC output relays is increasing, mainly due to the increase of portable devices, solar powered systems and electrification initiatives. Taking advantage of improved switching components, Sensata is expanding the current handling capability of select families of DC output SSRs, while maintaining the same form and factor.


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Crydom Announces the PMP Series, a New Addition to the NOVA22 Product Family


PMP Series

Crydom announces a new addition to the NOVA22 product family, the PMP Series of panel mounted proportional control SSRs.

With ratings of up to 90 Amps @ 40°C these fully configurable relays are perfect for applications that require to control the amount of power delivered to a resistive load in proportion to an analog control input.

PMP Series are fully configurable Panel Mount proportional control relays with micro controller based technology designed to provide control of the power delivered to single-phase loads of up to 90 Amps at 90 to 600 VAC.

PMP Series SSRs vary the output power in proportion to an analog control input, which can be one of 3 signal types: 0-5 VDC, 0-10 VDC or 4-20 mA. The output can be controlled by 2 different methods, selectable on the unit: Phase Angle Control, and Burst Fire Control (with Distributive Zero Cross).

PMP Series proportional controllers are ideal for a wide range of applications that require control of the load power, such as for example lamp dimming and resistive heating control.

Main features of the PMP Series include:
–  Output ratings of 25, 50 and 90 Amps
–  Available in 3 operating voltage ranges: 90-280, 345-530 and 420-660 VAC
–  Selectable Operation Mode: Phase Angle or Burst Fire control
–  Selectable Control Input: 0-5 VDC, 0-10 VDC, 4-20 mA
–  50/60 Hz Adaptive Operational Frequency function
–  4-20 mA input does not require an auxiliary power supply
–  LED multifunction status indicator
–  Contactor configuration with “Elevator” screw terminals
–  Optional overvoltage protection (built-in TVS diode)


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Crydom Announces Expansion of the Solicon DRC Series


DRC Series

Crydom is pleased to announce the expansion of their SOLICON DRC Series, now featuring new DRC3P 3-phase contactors with higher operating voltage rated at 600 VAC and an enhanced 18-30 VDC control input option for DRC3R Reversing models.

DRC Series
•  7.6 Amp AC Semiconductor Motor Controller
•  Load voltage range up to 600VAC
•  Fits standard 35mm DIN Rail
•  LED input status indicator
•  AC or DC control
•  Zero Voltage (resistive loads) or instantaneous (inductive loads) turn-on output
•  C-UL-US Listed, CCC Certified, IEC Rated, CE & RoHS Compliant, Horsepower Rated
•  Built-in Overvoltage Protection
•  Ultra-efficient thermal management design (Patented)

Solicon DRC3 Series are Solid State Contactors intended for frequently switching on and off three phase loads up to 5 HP, 600 VAC 7.6 Amps. They are available in both contactor versions
DRC3P and reversing contactor versions DRC3R.

The Solicon Contactor DRC3P is available in either instantaneous turn-on (for Motor Control) or zero voltage turn-on (for Resistive Loads). It is available in either 2 or 3 controlled leg versions. The 2 legs control version is particularly suitable for motor control circuits where the neutral conductor is not utilized.

The Solicon Reversing Contactor DRC3R includes an interlock control that allows only off, forward and reverse operation in a safe mode while providing high space saving; it switches
instantaneously upon application of the control voltage unless an instantaneous change of direction is commanded, then it will delay the direction change by 100msec in order to prevent
simultaneous forward and reverse operations.

All the models of Solicon DRC3 Series combine the benefits and advantages of a solid state contactor with the functionality and simplicity of use of an electromechanical contactor thanks to the proprietary thermal management technology (Patented) and complete electrical insulation (no grounding required); the embedded auxiliary contacts, normally open and/or normally
closed, are intended to be used at 18-280VAC. Five different control voltages are available in order to cover most applications. All models include overvoltage protection.


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Crydom DRML1 Load Monitoring Module Now Available for NOVA22 Solid State Relays


DRML1, Crydom’s Load Monitoring Module designed to detect partial or total load failure
 of up to 8 loads and 50 Amps

Crydom introduces the DRML1 Load Monitoring Module, specially designed for NOVA22 solid-state relays which allows to monitor up to 8 heating elements, with similar current value, for a total current ranging from 1.2 Amps up to 50 Amps.


The DRML1 module measures the current value and compares it against a pre-set value (Teach value), which is stored during installation. Normal operation is monitored and failures are detected. An alarm is activated when the module detects undercurrents in the heating circuit below -12.5% of the nominal current. The module allows also for other alarm conditions to be detected such as: overcurrent condition (when the current exceeds the maximum of +12.5% of the nominal current), blown fuses (open load), damaged (short circuited SCR) and interrupted SSR, as well as those in half-wave operation. The nominal current value (Teach value) is set by the operator either with the “Teach-In” push button, placed on the front, or with the external “Teach-In” input.

The new DRML1 Load Monitoring Module offers three unique features in the market. It allows the user to select the maximum current value of 20 Amps or 50 Amps, operates with a minimum partial load detectable value of 150 mA and includes an adjustable alarm response delay (0.1 sec, 1 sec or 5 sec), selectable via a parameter selector switch. This avoids fault messages generated by voltage drops.

Malfunctions are indicated by a multicolor LED and can be localized systematically thanks to the alarm output which allows up to 128 DRML1 modules to be connected to a collective alarm. The LED indicates when power is ON and also when the Teach-In function is activated (Blue), when the input signal is ON (Green) and when an alarm condition is activated (Red).

The DRML1 is designed for direct installation on NOVA22 Solid State Relays contactor configuration versions (both Panel Mount PM22 Series and DIN Rail Mount DR22 Series models). The plastic enclosure provides IP20 level protection.

DRML1 can be used in different applications but its key advantages make it ideal for quality supervision of plastic parts production in injection molding machines, thermoforming machines and rubber parts production.

Main features include:
–  Up to 8 loads can be monitored
–  Selectable max current rating: 20 Amps or 50 Amps
–  Selectable alarm delay (0.1 sec, 1 sec, 5 sec)
–  Minimum current for single load: 150 mA
–  Alarms detected: undercurrent, overcurrent, open mains voltage, SSR fault
–  Alarm output: PNP open collector, 6-28 VDC, 100 mA
–  Up to 128 modules can be connected in parallel
–  Operating temperature: -25°C to +70°C
–  Pluggable module for both DIN Rail and Panel Mount NOVA22 SSRs
–  Multicolor LED with input status and alarm indication

Crydom’s DRML1 Module is C-UL-US Recognized and compliant to IEC 61000-4 (EMC) and IEC 60068-2 (Shock and Vibration) requirements. It’s also CE compliant to the Low Voltage Directive as well as the RoHS Directive.


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Crydom EL Series: Now Available With Improved Mechanical Design



The EL Series is Now Available with an Improved Mechanical Design Rated up to 30 Amps and Optional 90° Bent Terminals for Reduced Spaces


Crydom presents the redesigned range of EL Series AC and DC output solid state relays with ratings up to 30 Amps, making it the highest current rating SSR in this compact footprint. The EL Series SSR comes in a 21mm x 35mm housing with quick connect terminals, ideal for applications where space is at a premium, such as small commercial and medical machines.

The internal construction and housing of the EL Series has been re-designed for improved reliability, robust mechanical construction and improved thermal performance. Recently added optional built-in overvoltage protection (internal TVS diode) on AC models, as well as a unique optional 90° bent terminals for applications where vertical space is limited.

Other features of the EL Series include:
•  Load current ratings of 30 Amps @ 24-280 VAC and 10 Amps @ 3-100 VDC
•  Back-to-back SCR output with low off state leakage current (AC models)
•  Low dissipation Mosfet output (DC models)
•  Flexible 5, 12 and 24 VDC control voltage options
•  Zero voltage or instantaneous turn-on outputs (AC models)

Crydom’s EL Series SSRs are C-UL-US Recognized, TUV compliant according to IEC 62314 (AC output version), CE compliant to the Low Voltage Directive, and RoHS & China RoHS compliant. Additionally, the enclosure and the PCB of the EL Series solid state relays meet the requirements of standard IEC60335-1, which make it an ideal option for demanding applications in the household appliances and professional food equipment.


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Crydom Introduces the DRH Series, a Compact Size Solution for Heating Applications with Loads up to 20 Amps


Excellence In Solid State Technology Available In Crydom’s DRH Series Of Power Enhanced AC 3-Phase Contactors

Crydom is pleased to announce the new DRH Series of AC Output Solid State Contactors. Based on the same technology and compact 45mm size of the SOLICON DRC, the most innovative compact DIN Rail Mount, IEC standard based contactors in the market, combines all the advantages of a solid state design with the functionality and simplicity of use of an electromechanical contactor.

DRH Series

While the DRC series was intended for motor applications, the DRH Series, thanks to the enhanced power of 20 Amps on each channel, is intended to switch any resistive as well as inductive loads; it is the perfect solution in any heating application in market segments such as Plastic, Packaging, HVAC, Food & Beverage, Printing and Medical. This product is an ideal replacement of electromechanical contactors when higher reliability is needed or when fast cycling is frequent. Their compact size and easy installation make these devices an optimum solution in commercial and industrial applications (e.g. industrial band heaters), especially when retrofitting. Reliable operation is ensured by means of the integrated over-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, high I2t and surge current ratings and immunity conformance to industrial standards.

Main features include:
– Rating up to 600 VAC, 18 A (3 controlled legs), 20 A (2 controlled legs)
– Integrated over-voltage protection
– Integrated over-temperature protection
– Alarm output in case of over-temperature
– Enclosed heat sink eliminates the need for protective earth connection
– 4-32 VDC or 90-280 VAC control input
– Multicolor LED with input status and alarm indication
– UL 100 kA Short Circuit Current Rating
– C-UL-US listed, CE compliant

These features make the DRH Series unique in the market with a broader working temperature range (-10ºC to +70ºC), better resistance to surge current (716 Amps), higher resistance to short circuit (2560 A2sec), smaller size and a greater life span (50 million cycles).

All these premium features are included in both available DRH models:
– DRH3P60x18x, Solid State Contactor 3 controlled legs, 18 Amps @40°C
– DRH3P60x20x, Solid State Contactor 2 controlled legs, 20 Amps @40°C

The DRH Series is available in either instantaneous turn-on (typically used for inductive loads or motor loads) or zero voltage turn-on (more often used with resistive loads). Both are available with either 2 or 3 controlled legs.

The high current rating is the result of an innovative design that increases the air flow thus improving the thermal performance. DRH contactors also feature over-temperature protection to avoid overheating in case of a fan malfunction. The internal temperature is constantly monitored and the fan is switched only when necessary in order to extend its lifetime. The LED makes the operator aware of internal temperature rising before it reaches its limit; once reached, the contactor will safely switch off and the alarm output contact will switch on.

Crydom’s DRH Series contactors are C-UL-US Listed and compliant to IEC 60947-4-2 requirements. They are also CE compliant to the Low Voltage Directive as well as the EMC and RoHS Directive.


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Crydom’s New NOVA22 Solid State Relays Combines Power and Versatility


NOVA22s are 22.5mm DIN rail and panel mount solid state relays with greater power density (up to 95 Amps) and more connection options than any other comparable SSR on the market.

Crydom, the global expert in solid state switching technology, is pleased to announce the new NOVA22 AC and DC output solid state relays. NOVA22 solid state relays are available in both DIN rail (DR22 series) and Panel mount (PM22 series) packages:

NOVA22 solid state relays feature:
* DIN rail models rated up to 35 Amps and panel mount models rated up to 95 Amps
* 22.5mm wide package
* 4-32VDC, 90-280VAC/DC or 18-52VAC/DC input control options
* Relay or contactor configuration
* Innovative “Elevator” screw for easy connection of ring terminals
* LED input indicator
* Overvoltage protection
* Zero voltage or instantaneous turn-on output
* 100kA Short Circuit Current Rating
* Maximum I2t value of 8320 A2sec

Nova 22These features make NOVA22 SSRs unique in the market, outperforming competing products on each front with a broader working temperature range (-40ºC to +80ºC), and higher resistance to surge current (1290Amps x 20 msec). High I2t models (8320 A2S) allow use of the solid state relay in conjunction with circuit breakers instead of fuses allowing short circuit protection in Type 2 Coordination per IEC 60947-4-1. Contactor configuration models include a plug-in connector for the control input, available in either standard “screw” or “spring” terminals.

The DR22 series is available in either AC output voltage (48 to 600VAC) or DC output voltage (1 to 200VDC). Current rating at standard 40ºC is 20Amps, 30Amps and 35Amps (only for AC output) and high I2t value (8320 A2S), making NOVA22 the only 22.5mm DIN rail mount solid state relay with 35Amps @ 40ºC on the market!

The PM22 series is available with AC output voltage (48 to 600VAC). Current ratings include 25Amps, 50Amps and 95Amps and high I2t value (8320 A2S) making NOVA22 the only 22.5mm panel mount solid state relay with 95Amps on the market! Crydom also offers the new HSP-7 thermal pad available for purchase as an accessory or already assembled on the solid state relay to facilitate installation.

Crydom’s NOVA22 DR22 Series is cULus Listed and PM22 Series is cURus approved according to UL508 standard. AC Output devices are also TUV certified according to EN 62314 standard. Other certifications include; CE compliant to the Low Voltage and EMC Directives and to the RoHS and China RoHS Directives.


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