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Cherry Brand DK Series High Performance Sub Subminiature Switches are Sealed to IP6K7 for Challenging Environments

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The Best Switches Come In Small Packages

Leading designer and manufacturer of switches, sensors and controls, ZF Electronics, has launched a new series of sub subminiature switches which suit applications as diverse as automotive door latches, industrial locking systems, outdoor equipment and hand-held control units.  Demands on electronic components for increased reliability and functionality increase year on year, together with the need to achieve higher specifications within ever-shrinking housing sizes.  The new DK sub subminiature series from ZF Electronics provides the smallest dimensions and highest performance for a snap switch in its class.

DK switches are less than 15mm in length and are sealed to IP6K5 (IP6K7 on request) for use in wet or dusty environments. With temperature ratings of up to 105degC, they are extremely reliable, with a long mechanical life of over 500,000 actuations. Additional actuators are available in a choice of either simulated roller or plain stainless steel and can be operated vertically or via customised actuators.  DK switches offer long over-travel features (1.3mm minimum) and have a variety of connection possibilities with solder, PCB terminals or pre-wired options all available.

Standard DK sub subminiature switches are designed for use on low-voltage DC circuits – nominal current rating is 5mA up to 2A. Non-standard versions are also available for circuits up to 60VDC, for example for use in battery-powered equipment.  Very low voltage applications are also possible, such as the switching of thermo-couples.  Contact configuration is single pole, dual throw (SPDT) with the benefit of AuAg crosspoint contacts for high contact stability. DK series switches can also be ganged for multiple use.


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ZF Electronics’ Cherry Range of High-Performance Sensors for Demanding Environments Includes Magnetic Position, Vane Geartooth, and Angular Position Sensors

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New Cherry speed and sensors catalogue now available

ZF Electronics, formerly Cherry Electrical Products, has produced a new catalogue detailing its full range of speed and position sensors suitable for demanding environments, including extremes of temperature, humidity, thermal shock and vibration.  Products include magnetic position sensors, vane sensors, geartooth speed only/speed and direction sensors and angular position sensors.  Three additional ranges of custom sensors (rugged rotary encoder, magnetic inertial imbalance and magnetic speed and direction) are also shown. 

Speed Sensors     Sensor Catalogue Link

There are seven standard sensor product types in the catalogue: ten magnetic position sensors including digital Hall-effect, low-profile, snap fit, threaded and flange mount (the MP series), plus the DS series of button-activated sensors; the VN series of magnetically-activated digital vane sensors which have no mechanical contacts for prolonged operating life; geartooth speed sensors (GS series) with threaded housing or flange mount in either adjustable stainless steel or aluminium housing; SD1002-SD1012 geartooth speed and direction sensors for wheel, transmission and hoist speed and direction applications; and two series of contactless angular position sensors. 

ZF Electronics’ Cherry sensors utilise innovative packaging and sealing technology, enabling these sensors to perform under extreme conditions, such as temperatures up to 150degC, immersion in solvents to IP68 and exposure to salt spray, dust, gravel and repeated thermal shock.

OEMs that need a custom sensor are offered design expertise from ZF Electronics’ knowledgeable engineers.  The company has 3D magnetic modelling capabilities, in-house stereolythography and prototyping, as well as testing facilities to provide concept evaluation, design and product validation and conformance testing to international standards.   

Cherry branded sensors are well-known for being durable, highly reliable and offering excellent price/performance.  They suit a wide variety of applications, particularly those in the automotive industry, heavy trucks, off-road vehicles, domestic appliances and medical equipment.


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Cherry Electrical Offers New DZ Range of V4 Sub Miniature Switch, Available with Positive Break Action

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Cherry Electrical Products’ new range of V4 sub miniature DZ switches offers a Positive Break Action feature. This mechanism operates when the contacts are welded or clotted and the operating force is insufficient to open the contact. In addition, parts consist of cadmium-free contact material in accordance with RoHS directives.


The DZ range operates at temperatures between -20 and 85degC, with a contact resistance of less that 100mΩ between 100mA and 10VDC. The device switches high inductive loads 3 (3)A 250 V at 50,000 cycles and complies to standard EN 60335-1 for resistance against heat and fire.

DZ switches are especially designed for motor drives (sun blinds; adjustable beds, armchairs and office desks; automatic doors and gates…). Devices are also applicable as limit switches for industrial automation, and as auxiliary switches for medium-voltage systems.


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Cherry GP & E Series, Long Life, Precision, Heavy-Duty Snap Switches Save Costs

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Cherry Electrical Products UK has announced that its general purpose GP and E ranges of precision, long life snap action switches cost up to 20 per cent less than other devices commonly available, yet retain all the performance of their more expensive competitors’ products. GP heavy duty switches can handle up to 15A and have a mechanical life of one million actuations; E Series devices are available in single and double-pole configurations with five current ratings from 0.1 to 30.1A.

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Featuring an ultra small travel differential and a wide variety of actuators, GP series snap switches are also optionally available with low operating force. Screw or solder terminations can be specified. Internally, the switches have a high quality of build, featuring insert moulded terminal pins, gold over silver plated contacts and a high-strength titanium copper alloy spring. The housing comprises a rugged phenolic case and cover. E series devices feature a similarly high build quality and are optionally available with operating temperatures up to 200degC.

Applications include pressure switches, commercial hand dryers, garage door sensors, fork lift truck motor stops, lift control, x-ray equipment and a wide range of other industrial machinery.
Comments Mark Mills (Switches & Controls Sales Manager) at Cherry Electrical Products UK: “GP and E series general purpose devices will give Cherry the opportunity to grow our share of both the commercial and industrial markets, where a more heavy duty micro switch is required.  We will not only save customers money but also, as an established player in the switch market, we wil bring our service culture to these new opportunities.”


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New High Current 20A Waterproof Rocker Switches from Cherry (Series KG, KM, & KT) Suit Applications from Automotive Products to Medical Equipment

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IP56 Rated Against Damp and Dust: Long Product Life

Cherry Electrical Products has launched three new families of waterproof rocker switches which are available rated for various AC and DC voltages, including high current 20A versions.  Typical product applications include outdoor power equipment, such as sprayers and power tools; garden vehicles such as lawn mowers; automotive products like dashboards and window controls; other types of non-road transport, including boats and snowmobiles, and medical equipment, for example, oxygen concentrators.

Three families of rocker switches are available:  the KG, KM and KT series, which cover a wide variety of pole, throw and switch function options to support such a diverse range of customer applications.   All three families are rated to IP56 against water ingress or dust and are approved under UL and VDE.

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The KG series includes one single pole, single throw (SPST) switch, (on-off), two SPDT (on-on and on-off-on) and one DPDT version (on-off-on), all with black actuators and frames, designed with snap-in mountings to fit panel cut-outs of 1.449in x 0.835in (36.80mm x 21.20mm).   Electrical ratings are: 21A 14VDC and two UL1054 rated versions: 20A 125VAC and 10A 250VAC.   Temperature rated from -20degC to +85degC, and with a mechanical life of 100,000 cycles, these switches are robust enough to withstand repeated use in tough environments.

The KM family of waterproof rocker switches is available as single pole, single throw or single pole, double throw and two double pole versions with single or double throw, and is available lighted and non-lighted.  The actuator and housing are both black, with red or green lenses for lighted versions.  Electrical ratings are 20A 125VAC, 10A 250VAC and 21A 14VDC, with a dielectric strength of 1500 VAC for 1 minute.

KT series SPST and SPDT switches are oblong with black oblong actuators and are designed for easy snap-in mounting on panel cut-outs of 1.454in x 0.602in (36.80mm x 15.20mm).  Both lighted and non-lighted versions are available.   Electrical ratings are: 21A 14VDC; an EN61058-rated 10(4)A 250V version; and two UL1054 rated switches –  20A 125VAC, 1/3HP and 10A 250VAC, 3/4HP.


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New Round Waterproof Switches from Cherry (Type KC, KF, KD) Provide Price-Competitive IP56 or IP65 Compliance for Multiple Applications

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Three new families of pushbutton and rocker switches now immediately available: to suit automotive, medical, and power equipment

Cherry Electrical Products’ new KC, KF and KD round waterproof switches comply with IP56 or IP65 specifications to provide a cost-effective solution for the vast number of applications requiring protection from water and dust ingress, such as garden sprayers, powered garden tools, lawnmowers, on and off-road vehicles and medical equipment.  Three product families are available: the KD and KC series of round rocker switches and the KF switch series for products requiring a pushbutton solution.

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IP56-rated KC series switches are designed to fit panel cut-outs of 0.795in (20.20mm) diameter, and are available in lighted and non-lighted versions, with black actuator and housing for the non-lighted version and red actuator, black housing and red lens for the lighted version.  This series of single-pole, single-throw (SPST) function switches offers multiple terminal options.  Electrical ratings include 16A 125VAC, 10A 250VAC, 20A 14VDC, 10A 28VDC and an EN61058 rated version in 10(4)A 250V.

KD series switches are available in two versions: DPST (double pole, single throw) and DPDT (double pole, double throw).  Featuring snap-in mounting to fit the same aperture sizes as the KC series, they can be ordered in lighted and non-lighted versions and handle DC and AC loadings to the following specifications: 16A 125VAC, 10A 250VAC, 20A 14VDC, 10A 28VDC and have quick connect 0.187in (4.76mm) terminals.

For applications requiring a round pushbutton switch rather than a rocker, the KF-series is offered in five different versions, both SPST and DPST and both types of switch can be supplied lit and unlit as required. Maintained-action and momentary switching is a further option. The KF series has quick-connect 0.187in (4.76mm) terminals and is IP-65 compliant. Electrical ratings are: 20A 14VDC and 10A 28VDC, and in UL 1054 ratings of 10A 125VAC; 6A 250VAC; 1/2HP; 125/250VAC are available. 

All three switch families are robust in use, offering a mechanical life of 100,000 cycles and a long electrical life of between 6,000 and 25,000 cycles.


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Cherry Launches New Range of Waterproof Rocker and Pushbutton Switches, Types KD, KC, KF, KS, KG, KT, KM

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IP56 or IP65 compliant: suits medical, automotive and outdoor power equipment

Cherry Electrical Products has announced a new range of sealed, waterproof rocker and pushbutton switches with a wide choice of pole, throw and switch options, making them suitable for a huge range of applications, from vehicles and outdoor machinery to medical devices.  There are eight different designs in the new product family – seven rocker switches and one pushbutton switch, all certified to IP56 and IP65 requirements for water and dust resistance.  These competitively-priced switches are available in numerous AC/DC ratings and are RoHS compliant.  

The round rocker switches, designated the KD and KC series, are IP56 rated and designed to fit panel cut-outs of 0.795in (20.20mm) diameter. The KC series has SPST function and is available with red or black actuators, while the KD series is available in two versions: DPST and DPDT.  Both are available lit if required and can handle DC and AC loadings, with quick connect 0.187in (4.76mm) terminals. Electrical ratings include 16A 125VAC, 10A 250VAC (UL), 20A 14VDC and 10A 28VDC for both series, with an additional specification of 10(4)A 250V (VDE) in the KC single pole, single throw series.

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The KR series are miniature rocker switches for panel cut-outs of approximately 0.780in by 0.512in (19.80 x 13.00 mm).  Available in single pole single throw and double pole, double throw versions with 0.18in (4.75mm) quick connect terminals, the KR series has an IP65 protection rating and is available in four different AC and DC electrical ratings: 16A 125VAC 1/3HP;10A 250VAC 1/2 HP (UL); 20A 14 VDC and 10A 28VDC.

There are four different series of larger oblong rocker switches in different actuator styles, all with an IP56 protection rating and with 1.250in (6.35mm) quick connect terminals.  The KS Series, in black only, is designed for on-off or on-on functions in SPST, SPDT, DPST and DPDT versions.  The KG series is available in eight different switch functions and three different electrical ratings: 20A 125VAC; 10A 250VAC (UL) and 21A 14VDC.  All have quick connect, screw or solder terminal options.  If an application requires an illuminated switch, there are two different styles available: the KM series with an oval actuator with either red or green lenses for panel cut-outs of approximately 1.449in x 0.83in (36.80mm x 21.2mm); and the KT series for slightly smaller panel cut-outs of 1.45in x 0.60in (36.8mm x 15.2mm).
For applications requiring a round pushbutton solution, the KF series offers plenty of choice – it is available in five different ratings, both AC and DC, and in SPST and DPST versions.  The quick connect terminal option is 0.18in (4.75mm).  With a protection rating to IP65, the KF series is available in an illuminated version if required, to fit panel cut-outs of approximately 0.795in (20.20mm).


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E. Preston Signed as Franchised Distributor for Cherry Sensors and Switches

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ZF Electronics Adds Specialist Electromechanical Supplier

May 2009: ZF Electronics (formerly Cherry Electrical Products) has signed a franchise distribution deal with E. Preston Electrical Ltd of Cheshire, covering the Cherry range of snap switches, sensors and sealed rockers.

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Formed in 1980, E. Preston has built an enviable reputation for service and expertise, employing dedicated and experienced staff and maintaining appropriate stock levels. As well as switches and sensors the company also supplies EMC filters, connectors, control gear and timers and relays from some of the world’s leading manufacturers.

Comments Mark Mills, ZF Electronics’ Area Sales Manager: “E. Preston understands that business is carried out between people, not machines, so it puts special emphasis on building relationships with its customers and suppliers. We believe they will drive our sales of switches and sensors significantly.”

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Adds Russell Wilkinson, E. Preston company director: “The Cherry brand is well-known and respected for quality and performance and the Cherry snap switches, sensors and sealed rockers fit perfectly with the other lines that we carry. We are delighted to add them to our portfolio.”
About ZF Electronics
Cherry is a brand of ZF Electronics GmbH. A world-leading manufacturer of electronic components, ZF Electronics (formerly Cherry Corporation), was acquired by ZF Friedrichshafen AG in 2008.  ZF Electronics develops and produces computer input devices, switches, sensor technology and controls for the automobile industry, as well as components for industrial and household device applications.  With around 3,100 employees worldwide, the company generated sales of approximately €250 million in 2007.

ZF is a leading automobile supplier throughout the world for drive line and chassis technology, employing around 65,000 employees at 119 sites in 25 countries.  ZF is among the 15 largest automobile suppliers worldwide.


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