Schurter DIN Rail Kit

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Mounting Accessory for Compact 1- and 3-Phase Filters
• Simple Mounting
• Metal Clip for Good Ground Connection
• Complete Mounting Kit

Schurter is now offering DIN rail mounting kits for quick and easy installation of panel-mount filters in the control cabinet. These kits are available for a selected range of existing 1- and 3-phase filters of the Schurter portfolio.

Simple Mounting:
Often, you are missing the right filter for installation in the control cabinet. Thanks to the new DIN rail clips, it is now possible to install selected filters intended for screw mounting in the control cabinet.

To do this, simply screw the new Schurter DIN rail kit to the filter using the screws provided and snap it onto the DIN rail. Thanks to the metal clip, a good ground connection of the filter housing to the rail is guaranteed. This is particularly important for best filter performance.

Filter Selection:
Due to the necessarily compact design, the selection of dedicated DIN rail filters is limited. The selection is much wider of chassis mount filters: There are filters with standard, high or even excellent filter attenuation. The chassis mount filters also cover a wider current range and a wide variety of voltages.

The new Schurter DIN rail kits are suitable for the following filters:


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