Bulgin Industry Applications for Transportation (Transport & Infrastructure)


With ambient & environmental conditions such as water, moisture & extreme temperatures posing a constant threat to transport & infrastructure applications, reliable & robust solutions are vitally important in this sector.

From outdoor lighting & industrial meters to HVAC systems & surveillance cameras, rest assured that our industry leading solutions are built for maximum reliability & performance to support the challenging needs of various indoor, outdoor & industrial applications.

The world is constantly changing and we help to keep it moving with our connectivity solutions. With more transport links and vehicles needed than ever before to meet the challenging needs of a growing population, we help to future proof your investment by providing cost effective and high performance solutions that last.

Experts in manufacturing sealed electrical connectors, we’ve provided connectivity solutions to transport and infrastructure applications for years. Particularly suited to provide power, signal & data connections in harsh environments, our reliable connector range makes sure that people and
goods successfully get to their destination by land, sea or air.

• Lorry / Truck LED Lighting
• Road Management Maintenance
• Speed Check Signage
• Illuminated Taxi Sign
• Transport Refrigeration
• Noise Monitoring Terminal
• Container Cooling Units
• Surface Friction Test Equipment
• Noise Monitoring Terminal
• Traffic Lights


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