Cynergy3 IWR-Port Series

Wireless to Ethernet or RS-232/485 Gateway

The IWR-PORT Ethernet Gateway provides a link between wireless sensors and sensor networks and Industrial Ethernet or RS-232/485 networks.

This allows Sensata wireless transmitters to be incorporated into new or existing Industrial Ethernet or RS-232/485 data monitoring and control networks.

The IWR-PORT can interface with standard 10/100Base-T Ethernet networks giving access to the standard MODBUS TCP protocol, ensuring compatibility with most industrial automation systems. MODBUS RTU is available when an RS-232/485 network is used.


• 2.4GHz Wireless to Comms Gateway
• Enables easy add-on of wireless networks to existing Ethernet or RS-232/485 systems
• Allows remote sensors to be incorporated into an Ethernet or RS-232/485 network without the need for expensive cabling
• Optional analog & digital outputs can be obtained using SCISOSLICE modules

Multiple battery powered sensors transmit data at programmable intervals to an IWR-PORT receiver which can transfer the data onto an Ethernet or RS-232/485 network.

Data from up to 128 nodes can be stored on one IWR-PORT module and up to 16 networks can co-exist together. All parameters are stored as Modbus registers.


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