Eaton Moeller SmartWire-DT Intelligent Wiring Solution

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• Rapid Wiring: up to 85% Faster
• A Future-Proof System: IoT Ready
• Compact: Space Savings of up to 40% Inside the Control Panel

SmartWire-DT replaces the PLC inputs and outputs that were previously necessary, which saves space inside the control panel. At the same time, it serves as the basis for industry 4.0 solutions.

SmartWire-DT can be used to connect various components inside and outside the control panel in a time-saving and simple manner. This leads to significant time and costs savings in machine and system design. The SmartWire-DT solution also replaces error-prone point-to-point wiring and enables uniform communication with all system components.

In addition, SmartWire-DT serves as an intelligent wiring system and provides information from across the entire network. As a result, users receive detailed application data in real time that can be used for early diagnostics. SmartWire-DT users thus benefit from increased productivity, preventive maintenance and optimised system availability.

Core Features:
• A reduction in project planning costs of up to 70 %
• The system can easily be expanded inside and outside the control panel
• Can also be used in extensive systems over a distance of up to 600 meters
• An intelligent connection system that provides detailed data from across the entire network
• Flexible maintenance from any location and at any time thanks to remote data access
• Can be used at temperatures ranging from 0 °C to +55 °C (IP20) and -20 °C to +70 °C (IP65)

Integrated System
The SmartWire-DT system includes a wide range of components, which can be quickly and easily connected, either directly via the integrated interface or via function modules. The available components include pilot devices, contactors, motor starters, variable frequency drives and hydraulic modules. SmartWire-DT can be easily integrated into existing applications via the SWD gateway, and the system can either be connected to a PLC via industrial communication protocols, or to an Eaton HMI/PLC touch display with integrated SmartWire-DT interface.

A Simple Plug-And-Work Solution
Depending on the selected bus system of the higher-level controller, up to 99 modules can be connected using a single SmartWire-DT cable, with a total length of up to 600 m. The SmartWire-DT connection cable forms the heart of the system. A ribbon cable is used to connect switchgear inside the control panel, while a round cable connects sensors and actuators to IP67 SWD devices outside of it. The strengths of this intelligent system are particularly evident when it comes to the design and construction of standard machines. The SWD connectors can easily be pre-configured on the ribbon cable, which saves time during project planning and wiring. The connectors also prevent wiring errors, which reduces the time required for wire testing and commissioning by up to 70%.


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