Bulgin Industrial Applications for Instrumentation & Measurement

Instrumentation and measurement systems are vital for ensuring productivity, reliability, safety and continuity in the industrial sector. Accurate and consistent measurements allow for process control and automated manufacturing systems to be optimised for maximum efficiency. Reliable electronic components are essential for achieving this. That’s where we come in.

From control interfaces to power and data connections, Bulgin has a diverse choice of electronic solutions ideal for systems that measure a variety of parameters including pressure, moisture, flow, temperature and vibration.

Potential Applications:
• Handheld Moisture Detectors
• Wireless Data Logger
• Flow Meters
• Solar Water Pump Controller
• Industrial Scales
• Terrain Monitoring
• Handheld Radiation Detection
• Pipe Inspection System
• Pressure Transmitter
• Test Bench
• Wireless Load Sensors
• Moisture Meters


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