Schurter CHS Capacitive Switch

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CHS Capacitive Switch that can be Installed in a Hidden Way

• Designed for use behind all non-conductive materials where openings in the user interface are not desired
• Provides the designer with a lot of freedom in the design of the user interface
• Highest reliability and service life
• RGB area illumination

Conventional switches inevitably require mounting holes in the user interface. Not so with the new Schurter CHS. CHS stands for “Capacitive Hidden Switch”. They can be mounted hidden behind the surface of non-conductive materials and are therefore invisible. This approach allows completely new possibilities for designing user interfaces that ideally meet the requirements of specific applications.

With capacitive switches, an electric field is built up on the user surface of the sensor. This technology is used to design a switch with the Schurter CHS that no longer requires direct sensor contact with the finger to trigger. The electrical field change required to trigger the switching process is still achieved even if a non-conductive material (glass, plastic, wood, or similar) is inserted between the sensor and the finger.

Use in Highly Sensitive Environments:
The new CHS is simply glued behind a wide variety of non-conductive materials and thus enables the construction of control elements for devices (medical technology, food industry) where hygiene plays a major role. Since there are no holes or slots created by the installation and the switch also has no moving parts, potentially harmful microbes have no possibility to “settle” on the user interface. This means that materials can be chosen that are particularly easy to

Sensitivity Adjustable:
The SCHURTER CHS is programmed as standard so that it does not trip in the event of field changes caused by liquids or minor wiping contact. This is only done by precise touching of the switching surface. However, adjustments can be made here at the customer’s request. This applies in particular to the thickness of the material behind which the switch is bonded. As standard, the sensitivity is designed for a glass thickness of up to 2 mm.

Designer’s Dream:
Switches are always a challenge for industrial designers. Their installation in the user interface often “disturbs” the appearance and structure of the same. The desire for an invisible switch is therefore great, because with it one no longer has to make compromises and is to a great extent free in the design.

Available in 3 Variants:
The new SCHURTER CHS is available in three different variants.
• CHS 1 comes without illumination and is with a mounting depth of less than 6 mm the optimal solution for space constrained designs.
• CHS 2 provides optical feedback. The RGB lighting can be used as a design element.
• CHS 3 is the potted version with lighting for demanding use in harsh environments.


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