E-T-A Plug-In Connector for Circuit Breaker / Switch Combination 3120-N

Easy Wiring with a New Plug-In Connector

The 3120-N thermal circuit breaker is a single pole or double pole device which can also serve as an ON/OFF switch. Based on its cost-saving design – two functions in a single unit – it has become an integral part of many applications in medical equipment and in apparatus and machine construction. Manufacturers of professional tools also like to use it because of its compact design.

As a new accessory E-T-A offers a plug-in connector for easily wiring the connecting cables.  Two retaining clips ensure a tight connection between the plug-in connector and the breaker. The dimensions of the female contacts (tab width 6.3) are in accordance with DIN 46340 part 3, shape A. E-T-A standard delivery scope is without female contacts.

Reduction of wiring time during final installation saves time and costs – The plug-in connector can easily be pushed on without tools with a single movement. Female contacts do not have to be plugged on individually.
Wiring errors are excluded during final assembly – The plug-and-socket connection follows the key-lock-key-principle so that the plug cannot be pushed in the wrong way round (fool-proof).
Cable contact with long-term stability – The cable lugs latch irreversibly in the connector. The clamping arms of the connector ensure an extremely firm connection between circuit breaker and connector.
Pre-wiring can be ordered externally – This allows you to use the know-how of specialised cable assemblers.
Breakers can be swapped quickly and easily – The “old device” can be pulled out with a single movement. Then just push in the new device. Done!

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