Eaton 1500/2500 Series Switch Range

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Eaton offers a full field-proven line of rockers designed for excellence in many applications. They enable you to maximize efficiency and increase machine uptime even in the most extreme environments.

1500/2500 Series rocker switches are available as Midsize Non-Illuminated and Illuminated, and Hi-Lite Rocker with High Inrush. The 1500H/2500H High Inrush option is designed to handle high inrush currents up to 100A peak inrush for 10 milliseconds. The two-color Hi-Lite Rocker with High Inrush version brightly indicates the ON position. This version spares the expense of more costly illuminated switches and is available with the high inrush option.

• High Inrush
• Hi-Lite Rocker with High Inrush


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