Johnson Electric Offers BTA Rotary DC Solenoids

Johnson Electric’s BTA actuator platform offers high speed controllability in rotary stroke applications. The BTA has a single phase coil with three stator poles and matching rotor pole. When the coil is energized, the poles align along the flux path. The three pole design allows a stroke of up to 45°. Since BTA technology does not require full stroke actuation, stops can be used to attain maximum life as well as optimum stroke / torque capacity.

Using simple pulse width modulation to control coil current, the BTA allows open or closed loop velocity and maximum position control. The BTA platform offers quiet operation due to the soft, shock-free cycling which eliminates the noise associated with end-of stroke mechanical stops. Very quiet operation, long life in excess of 100 million actuations and high power density make the BTA product family ideal for high speed, high throughput diverting and sorting applications that require low noise and zero downtime.


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