Bulgin Expands Its Product Offering


Bulgin is pleased to announce the strategic incorporation of sister company Arcolectric into its business offering, bringing together two complementary connectivity portfolios.

Arco ExpandBy combining these leading product ranges under the highly respected Bulgin brand, the company is looking to the future, evolving into a more comprehensive and wider reaching component manufacturer and provider of engineered solutions to meet the needs of the industry.

German Casillas, Group Sales Director and Head of Connectivity, said: “The fusion of Arcolectric with Bulgin will allow us to focus our efforts on a single leading brand, streamlining operations and improving efficiency. This will significantly benefit our customers, enabling them to purchase both product ranges from a single source, making the procurement process far easier.”

The integration of Arcolectric’s product portfolio will further broaden the range of components and value-added solutions available to customers.



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