Finder Type 78.2E, Small and Mighty Industrial Switch Mode Power Supply



Finder’s new dual stage, high efficiency, switch mode power supplies answer the call for low voltage power in industrial, commercial and domestic applications where reliability and safety are paramount.

With the widest supply voltage range available on the market in both AC and DC, the compact yet powerful rail-mounted 78.2E features a 10A, 240W, 24V DC output, with overload and short circuit protection, and the highest efficiency and lowest ripple voltage at full load.

Finder’s characteristic quality is evident in its double sided soldering, front panel replaceable fuse plus a spare and thermal protection with LED status indication, all in a tidy, narrow (60mm) package.

State-of-the-art circuitry provides improved efficiency and reliability, and Power Factor Correction is included as standard, ideal for a wide range of applications, including industrial automation systems, control and measurement systems, and LED lighting.


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