Finder Type 072.11 New Relay and Sensor Combination Detects Liquid Leakage


Finder Type 072

With the recent reminders of the need to protect against flood water and other detrimental water leakage, Finder has expanded its range of liquid level control relays with the introduction of the 072.11 surface water sensor.

Working in conjunction with a liquid level control relay from the 72 series range, the surface water sensor has been designed to sense water levels as low a 1 mm, making it ideal for a range of applications, from detecting spillage around vending machines in sensitive areas such as computer suites, to the early detection of flood water in the basement or ground floor of a home.

Reinforced electrical isolation between the three circuit elements within the level control relay helps the system designer meet the personal safety required in virtually all equipment standards, and low voltage makes the sensor safe to touch.


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