Honeywell Pressure Switches


Pressure Switches

Honeywell now offers a pressure switch portfolio consisting of high, medium and low pressure options. The new ME Series medium pressure switches provide a set point range of 25 to 350 psi. The HP Series now include seven new port connector options, and a minimum set point of 100 psi compared to 150 psi previously.

Honeywell Pressure Switches
• High Pressure:  HP Series, HE Series
• Medium Pressure:  ME Series
• Low Pressure:  LP Series, LE Series

Honeywell’s pressure switches are durable, reliable electromechanical gauge pressure on/off switches. Their high proof and burst pressure ratings allow for use in many rugged applications that require the making or breaking of an electrical connection in response to a pressure change of the system media.

Due to the demanding conditions found within industrial and transportation industries, pressure switches are often designed into equipment and vehicle applications to make or break an electrical connection in response to a system pressure change. These switches are frequently exposed to chemical splashes, dirt, grime, and harsh media, as well as performance spikes. They must provide reliable and consistent performance and have a high life cycle rating.

Potential Applications:

• Agricultural machinery
• Heavy duty construction machinery
• Heavy duty trucks
• Lawn and garden
• Marine vessels
• Material handling machinery
• Railway

• CNC machines
• Compressors, boilers
• Food and beverage equipment
• Fracking equipment
• Generators
• HVAC/R equipment
• Mud pumps
• Pneumatic equipment
• Presses and punches
• Pressure washers
• Trash compactors
• Water jet cutting machines
• Water pumps
• Mud pump line pressure measurement


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