Schurter Practical Fuse Kits Now for SMD Fuses

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Fuse Kits

Schurter expands its range of practical fuse kits. These popular accessories, especially in laboratory and development environments, simplify the selection of the appropriate fuse in the design of electronic circuits. Now the fuse kits for SMD Fuses UMT-H, UMT 250 and UMF 250 are available.

The square-shaped, high-performance SMD fuses are a space-saving alternative to conventional cylindrical fuse links (eg 5×20 mm) and are, because of their design, optimized for print placement by pick-and-place machines.

Furthermore, the established fuse kits of 5×20 fuses and micro-fuses (MST, MSF) are offered.  Thus, nine different fuse kits are now available.


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