Finder 15 Series Master & Slave Dimmers


Finder’s latest dimmer solution is simple, flexible and powerful, thanks to the principle of Master and Slave Dimmers.


The Master Dimmer produces a 0 -10 V signal proportional to the required dimming level which, when connected to the terminals of the Slave Dimmers, will control the voltage applied to the lamps and therefore their brightness.

Suitable for halogen, dimmable LED and CFL lamps, electronic and electromagnetic transformers, the 15 Series offers a dimming ramp speed adjustable between 1 and 10 seconds. One Master Dimmer can control up to 32 Slave Dimmers, driving, for instance, one Slave Dimmer for LED lamps, another to drive halogen lights, and a third to drive electronic transformers.

Finder’s Master Dimmer features four selectable functions: Dimming with or without memory, Dimming with memory specifically for CFL, and the new function ‘Staircase with Switch-off early warning’ where the lights are full-on for the time period set by the user but then dim prior to the end to give an early warning. Up to 15 illuminated push buttons can be connected.


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