IDEM Hygiecode SMC Range Compact Non Contact Stainless Steel Safety Switch to EN 954-1 Cat.4 with LED


Wide sensing distances and high temperature and fluid resistance
have become mandatory features in the selection of Non Contact
Safety Switches for guarding applications.

Idem Safety Switches is a British company with over 20 years experience of solving machine safety interlocking problems. Following the company’s tradition for pushing design boundaries and creating innovative products Idem has launched a compact fully Stainless Steel 316 Non Contact Interlock switch to cope with the rigorous demands of the food, beverage and pharmaceutical environments.


The Hygiecode SMC range offers a compact yet robust 22mm fitting and provides environmental protection up to 105C. and is suitable for high pressure hosing. The housing is finished and sealed with a stainless steel back plate for extra mechanical and environmental durability.

In addition to the high specification enclosure the switch offers a wide 14mm sensing distance, a high tolerance to misalignment, LED indication of switch status, ‘anti-tamper’ coded magnetic actuation, and 2NC 1NO switching circuits to cope with modern industrial control requirements.

They will connect to most popular Safety Monitoring relays to provide up to Cat. 4 EN 954-1 and SIL 3.


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