Schurter Introduces the New Metal MSM CS Metal Switch with Ceramic Surface

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Metal Switches with High Resistance to Destructive
Elements, Fully Illuminated Actuating Surface

The new MSM CS metal switch from SCHURTER is equipped with an actuator made of highly durable ceramic. Ceramic is a new technology employed in the production of an electro-mechanical switch.  The new switch provides novel features that open up entirely new areas of application. The actuator material of the MSM CS is resistant to scratches, abrasion, impact and chemicals.

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The non-illuminated version has a translucent white actuating surface. Lettering is black and is applied directly onto the ceramic material. Due to the base material and the lettering process, the lettering is resistant to scratches and to common cleaning agents. In the case of switches designed with illumination, the actuator surface fully illuminates uniformly across the entire surface. Lettering and symbols can also be applied. The standard black lettering provides a positive effect against the illuminated actuator, while negative lettering provides an inverse effect.

The MSM CS is extremely robust and meets vandal-proof demands due to the low profile of the front structure (1.7 mm), the IP 69K protection class and the high level of impact resistance. The switch is available in 19 mm and 22 mm mounting diameters. Different contact configurations are offered over a range of 30 VDC to 250 VAC for the admissible switching voltage; switching currents are permissible from 0.1 to 10 Amperes. The MSM CS is equipped with quick connect terminals to allow for fast connections. The wires are connected to the switching element which is subsequently snapped onto the switch housing.


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