ABB SNK Terminal Blocks – A Smart Design to Support Your Daily Connection Challenges


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Revitalize Your Electrical Installations
• Modern.
• High quality finishing.

Improve Marking Visibility From Any Direction
• Asymmetrical design offers the best visibility from any direction.
• +20 % additional marking surface.

Facilitate Your Rail Assembly Process
• Asymmetrical shape:
   – Easy to handle
   – Prevents risk of short-circuit
• Stiffness:
   – Improved holding adherence to the rail
   – Low deflection when tightening
• Locking pin: quick and easy to lock up to ten blocks in position at a time

Smooth Your Connection Process
• Engineered conductor entry:
   – Optimized conductor guiding
   – Easier connection
• One or two conductors
• Conductors with or without ferrules

Facilitate Maintenance Operations
• Terminals can be individually removed from a terminal assembly equipped with markers:
   – ABB markers become independent after strip mounting
   – ABB markers remain on terminal in any situation
• Handwriting possible

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