FINDER New Generation of Staircase Timers Provide Extended Functionality for Energy Saving and Safety


Finder announces a new generation of its 14 Series electronic staircase timers, which have been designed for energy saving control of lighting in areas of temporary occupation. The latest models feature microprocessor control, and are targeted at lighting applications in stairwells, corridors, washrooms, storerooms and similar areas that only require illumination for short periods of time.

Designers, contractors and installers of lighting in commercial and residential property are continually looking for ways to reduce energy consumption by eliminating wasteful lighting in unoccupied areas, while addressing the growing need to illuminate more public areas for security and safety reasons in an economical way. Staircase timers such as the 14 series offer a cost-effective solution that is simple to implement even in small installations.


The 14.01 timer is a multi-function unit, while the 14.71 is a single function version. Both models have an on period that is adjustable between 30s and 20 minutes, so that a single timer is suitable for wide range of installations. This flexibility of operation means that specification is simplified and inventory levels can be kept to a minimum. A further single function model, 14.81, offers wiring compatibility with earlier mechanical models.

All the new timers feature zero-crossing load switching, which enables the switching of higher lamp loads and also offers the benefits of longer lamp and unit life and reduced RF interference. A switch-off early warning function on the 14.01 gives a user who is still in the area time to re-activate the timer before the light is turned off.

Multi-function features on the 14.01, accessed via a simple rotary function selector, include timed control with or without manual override, early warning, standard on/off, permanent on and maintenance function with extended 60 minute on time.

Each timer can be used with up to 30 illuminated pushbutton actuators, offering local control over a wide area and thus giving the user maximum opportunity to re-activate the timer before being plunged into darkness: this enhances safety, and is especially beneficial in stairwells.

All the 14 Series timers are housed in a 35mm rail mounting enclosure that is 17.5mm wide, and have a timing adjustment suitable for standard consumer unit.


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