E-T-A, Compact, Electronic, Non-Contact, Level Sensor and Monitor

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High Reliability even with Aggressive Media

E-T-A Circuit Breakers has introduced a new, tube sensor for non-contact, long-life detection and signalling of MIN or MAX liquid levels. Easily snap-fitted to a tube, the TLS100 features solid state circuitry to provide extremely precise and reliable operation for complex or sophisticated applications in process industries such as food, chemicals and pharmaceuticals as well as with medical equipment.

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The compact E-T-A TLS100 Tube Sensor is a non-contact, capacitive sensor providing reliable limit-value monitoring over a long life span. It is designed to easily clip onto a tube or pipe, enabling monitoring of water and similar low viscosity liquids, aggressive or not. Two mounting lugs also enable additional local fixing for security. The tubes can be of plastic or glass with up to a 4mm wall thickness. Clips can be specified for tube diameters of 10mm, 15mm or 25mm. Even containers with difficult designs can be monitored by means of a simple by-pass tube.

The TLS100 has a micro-controller at its core to control key functions such as switch point, MIN or MAX monitoring and response delay. Adjustment is via a 15-step potentiometer on the body of the sensor. The solid state circuitry ensures extremely precise, reliable operation with minimal maintenance, thanks to the absence of moving parts. Running from a 12V DC or 24V DC supply, it offers a short-circuit and overload-proof plus or minus switching output signal of up to 1A. The supply and signalling lead is optionally built-in or plugged in.


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