E-T-A Products Gain Achilles Link-Up Qualification for the Rail Industry

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Achilles Link-Up Scheme enables supply and overhaul of electrical components, general enclosures and electrical/electronic equipment (including modules).

E-T-A Circuit Breakers, designer and manufacturer of a broad range of electro-mechanical and electronic products for circuit protection, switching and control, is pleased to announce its recent inclusion in the Achilles Link-Up Qualification Scheme. Link-up is the UK rail industry supplier qualification scheme, providing a single common registration, qualification and audit process for suppliers.

E-T-A Circuit Breakers has met all the demanding criteria required by the Achilles Link-Up Qualification Scheme in order to be included to supply and overhaul electrical components, general enclosures and electrical/electronic equipment, including modules. The qualification scheme supported by Network Rail and over 80 other Rail companies in the UK is an initiative implemented to comply with the EU Utilities Directive, Group Standards (including GM/RT2450) and the EU Utilities Directive (where this is applicable), and to support the Supplier Development Policies of Rail Companies who subscribe to the scheme. More information can be found at www.achilles.com/uk/transport/ 

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E-T-A manufactures a range of products suitable for the rail industry for refurbishment projects and for new applications in surface and underground rolling stock. These include the versatile 3120-F7 rocker switches with integral, precision circuit breakers. These attractive, ergonomically-styled products are ideal for passenger use, for example for the frequent on-off switching of lights and heaters, at the same time providing accurate overcurrent protection. The fully approved E-T-A 8345-DC110V circuit breaker is believed to be the only product of its kind which is backed up with full test data for 110V DC usage with the highest fume classification. It can be used in F0 locations in passenger carriages. The product is backed by full test data to international standards to withstand vibration, shock, corrosion, humidity and 5000A rupture capacity at 110V DC.


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