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Cynergy3 IWPTU Series – Industrial Wireless Pressure Transducer

The IWPTU Wireless Pressure Transducer is a cost effective replacement to a traditionally wired pressure transducer that offers the advantages of a low-cost installation in inaccessible and expensive installation environments.

It is easily paired to the compatible IWR family of single- or five-channel wireless receivers thus offering a “plug and play” solution to your pressure measurement applications.

The instrument uses a piezo-resistive ceramic sensor mounted within a 316 stainless steel housing giving excellent media compatibility for the harshest of applications.

The IWPT sensor can be used with either an IWR-1 or IWR-5 receiver. A line-of-sight range of up to 1640 ft is possible depending on the wireless receiver used. (refer to datasheets IWR-1 & IWR-5 for further information)

Each device is temperature compensated, calibrated and supplied with a traceable serial number.


• Suitable for use with liquids and gases
• Pressure ranges from -15 to +5800 psi gauge
• Up to 1640 ft line-of-site range (depending on receiver)
• Piezo-resistive thick film ceramic sensor with stainless steel body
• Five-year battery life at 10 second transmission update rate
• Simple DIL switch pairing with the single or five channel receiver
• Single or five channel receivers available
• User-selectable transmission update rates
• User-selectable 1-5V or 4-20 mA receiver outputs
• Receiver clean contacts provide process alarm functions

Typical Applications Include:
• Simple cable replacement installation – dispense with expensive cable runs
• Environmental monitoring – pumping stations, sewage plants, water treatment
• Facilities management – boiler rooms, plant hydraulics, plant pneumatics
• Asset monitoring – tanks farms, process plants, HVAC and building management
• Service Contract – temporary installation for servicing and field trials


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Finder 38 Series (Type 38.41) Solid State Relays


Relay Interface Modules – Single Output SSR

• Type 38.41 Relay Interface Module with solid state relay, single output, width 14 mm.
• Equipped with screwless (spring clamp) terminals.
• With AC or DC output circuit and DC input circuit.
• 35 mm rail (EN 60715) mounting.
• Designed for interfacing with PLC systems.

• DC power supply
• Supplied with voltage presence circuit and coil protection
• Quiet, high switching speed and electrical life
• Removal of the relay through the plastic retaining and release clip
• UL Listing (relay/socket/jumper link)
• 35 mm rail (EN 60715) mounting

• Bottling Plant
• Packaging Machines
• Control Panels
• Traffic Light Controls
• Vending Machines
• Programmable Controllers
• Panels for Electrical Distribution
• Labelling Machines


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Entrelec Markers & Marking Systems

Entrelec’s comprehensive range of markers and marking systems covers all the needs for electrical panel identification: markers and labels for terminal block, wire & cable, component & equipment.

• Find your favorite marking solution from budget sensitive printing jobs to high quality & volume projects
• Identify your prefered equipments regardless of their brand through our large scope of compatible markers and labels
• Save time and cost with our large variety of ready to use pre-printed markers for Entrelec terminal blocks

Main Features:
• Choose from our various marking systems using different technologies : thermal transfer or plotter
• Up to 1400 models available and even more with our on-demand customization service.
• Print markers and labels for many electrical manufacturers


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Bulgin Industrial Applications for Instrumentation & Measurement

Instrumentation and measurement systems are vital for ensuring productivity, reliability, safety and continuity in the industrial sector. Accurate and consistent measurements allow for process control and automated manufacturing systems to be optimised for maximum efficiency. Reliable electronic components are essential for achieving this. That’s where we come in.

From control interfaces to power and data connections, Bulgin has a diverse choice of electronic solutions ideal for systems that measure a variety of parameters including pressure, moisture, flow, temperature and vibration.

Potential Applications:
• Handheld Moisture Detectors
• Wireless Data Logger
• Flow Meters
• Solar Water Pump Controller
• Industrial Scales
• Terrain Monitoring
• Handheld Radiation Detection
• Pipe Inspection System
• Pressure Transmitter
• Test Bench
• Wireless Load Sensors
• Moisture Meters


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Eaton Moeller xStart Range – Upgraded with Push-In Technology

Eaton Logo

Eaton’s Moeller series xStart range is being upgraded with Push-in technology. This new tool-free connection technology makes wiring even faster, safer and more efficient. The PKZ and DIL solution with Push-in technology offers maximum reliability, can be used anywhere in the world and integrates seamlessly into existing control panel designs.

The PKZ and DIL Range with Push-In Technology – For Faster and More Cost-Effective Wiring:
Technicians and purchasers alike love the new Push-in range Wiring has never been more efficient than with Eaton’s motor-protective circuit breaker and contactor range. Push-in technology eliminates the need for tools and is trusted by millions of customers around the world. This simple, tool-free wiring method ensures secure connections and maintenance-free contact points, for optimum efficiency during installation and servicing. The xStart solution with Push-in technology, consisting of our DIL contactors and PKZ motor-protective circuit breakers, makes your job easier while offering global compatibility and maximum reliability.

The Trick With The Click – Who Needs Screws?
Push-in technology makes wiring switchgear cabinets faster and more secure than ever – all you need to do is click the components into place. What’s more, with a modular system and wide range of accessories, you’ll always find the right solution for your needs. The components are small and compact, so you can use them in existing switchgear cabinets and as well as to wire new ones. We even offer a combination Push-in/screw-in solution for use with three-phase busbar links. In other words, Push-in technology makes wiring significantly easier and operations even faster.

Who Ensures Global Operational Reliability? You Do!
With the xStart range and the new Push-in technology, you can ensure operational reliability for customers around the world, thereby reducing downtime to a minimum. You can also help your customers to become future-proof, since Push-in technology is by its very nature ideal for automated assembly processes. The bottom line: Push-in technology is a future-proof and within-budget solution.

Optimise Machine and System Performance:
The Push-in technology offers machine builders and system integrators a number of advantages, the most important of which is simplified manual assembly: The ferrule-terminated cable simply has to be plugged into the terminal, which can be done with one hand and without any tools. Compared to conventional screw terminals, the connection time can thus be reduced by up to 50 per cent.

Future-Proof Your Switchgear Cabinet the Simple Way – With Eaton’s Push-In Range:
Trusted by millions of technicians and purchasers around the world, the xStart range from Eaton’s Moeller series is at the cutting edge of innovation. Why? Because it makes life easier for technicians and managers, thanks to the simple, efficient and cost-effective Push-in technology. You too can benefit from this win-win effect when you future-proof your switchgear cabinet the simple way.


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E-T-A Appliance Line Filter for 3120-N Circuit Breaker / Switch Combination

The appliance inlet module X3120-A combines four functions within a single component: An IEC inlet plug, an ON/OFF switch, resettable overcurrent protection
and a line filter.

The 3120-N circuit breaker / switch combination provides the function of an ON/OFF switch and ensures overcurrent protection. The 3120-N thermal circuit breaker / switch combination protects the line filter in the event of an overload.

•  Reduced Planning and Storage Costs
•  Reduced Mounting and Wiring Time
•  High Availability – the circuit breakers can easily, quickly and reliably be reset after tripping. Fuse replacement is eliminated.

Click for More Information →  3120-N New Generation


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ZF Offers the RF Pushbutton Switch Module

Flexibility, Cost & Energy Efficiency in Smart Home

Big topics of discussion within the lighting sector include sustainability, energy efficiency, low cost systems, connectivity and convenience through flexibility.

One solution to address these issues, is the wireless and battery-free RF pushbutton module designed by ZF.

For the connection between lighting components and pushbuttons in buildings, cables are the established solution. This variant seems to be cheap and simple to install at first. Unfortunately, the initial low maintenance can quickly turn into an expensive undertaking. Installing cables creates inflexibility. As soon as it comes to modifying buildings updating cables between lights, actuators or sensors, it involves a huge effort and cost. Renovations require planning, knocking down walls, laying new wires and returning the building to its previous state.

ZF offers a sustainable alternative based on RF and completely free of batteries and wires. This concept eliminates the disadvantages of wired and battery powered systems. A tiny and compact generator (20.1 x 7.3 x 14.3 mm) produces enough energy by pressing the button by means of induction, so that it can reliably transmit RF commands to a paired receiver. As a wireless solution it guarantees flexibility and the possibility to retrofit easily according to individual requirements. As a battery-free solution and with a lifetime of 1,000,000 switching cycles, maintenance and disposal requirements of battery replacements can be avoided.

The RF light switch module from ZF is the only one which is directly compatible with the RF standard KNX-RF and it supports the RF standard EnOcean3.0 too. In cooperation with onsemi, ZF has published a reference design for an Energy Harvesting Bluetooth5.0® Low Energy switch and a first demo light switch module. It is compatible with standard frames and can also be combined with customer-specific control and design panels.


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Schurter Series: FPBB RAIL Overcurrent and Overvoltage Protection Filter

Schurter Logo1.jpg

AC/DC Filter 2-Stage, DIN Rail Mounting, Overcurrent and Overvoltage Protection with 50 Variants

• Single-phase line filter in standard and medical versions
• 2-Stages filter
• Very high attenuation
• Broadband
• Fuseholder
• Thermal circuit breaker
• Surge protection

Unique Selling Proposition
• Slim filter for DIN-rail mounting or chassis mounting
• With fuse holder or circuit breaker for equipment
• With overvoltage protection
• Quick wiring with cage clamp terminals

• Protection against interference voltage from the mains
• Possible interferences generated in the equipment are strongly attenuated
• Especially designed for electric switch and control cabinets
• Suitable for use in equipment according to IEC/UL 62368-1
• Suitable for use in medical equipment according to IEC/UL 60601-1 (1 MOOP)
• Suitable for medical equipment intended for permanently connection to the mains

• Protection against interference voltage from the mains
• Especially designed for electric switch and control cabinets
• Suitable for medical equipment intended for permanently connection to the mains


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Sensata / Crydom Series 1 (Panel Mount AC Output) Solid State Relays



The Series 1 is Sensata | Crydom signature family of Panel Mount AC output Solid State Relays with reliable back-to-back SCR output for heavy industrial loads. These SSRs are available with ratings from 10 Amps up to 125 Amps at 12 to 530 VAC.

Additional Features of the Series 1 Panel Mount SSRs Include:
• DBC substrate for superior thermal performance
• AC or DC control input
• Zero voltage (resistive loads) or instantaneous (inductive loads) turn-on output
• Optional LED input status indicator
• UL, CSA and TUV approved and CE compliant to EN 609050-1


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