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E Preston Electrical Expands Franchises and Goes Online


E. Preston (Electrical) Ltd was established in 1980 as a specialist distributor of switches and electrical components.  Beginning with only 3 franchises the company currently has over 40 different franchises and holds approximately half a million pounds worth of stock.

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Now in the third generation of family ownership E Preston Electrical continues to grow and build on traditional values.

“We work hard for our customers to get the best products at the best prices while providing exceptional customer service.  We always do what we say we will, even if that is just a call back,” says Mark Preston, MD.

This is a principle that was rooted in the business from its inception over 30 years ago by founder, and grandfather to the current directors, Ernest Preston.

Although there is still a great emphasis on these traditional values the company has embraced new technology in all of its business operations and now launches a new digital venture.  The new interactive e-shop is aimed at increasing accessibility to existing and new customers.

“We have access to the latest technology from our suppliers,” says Matthew Preston, sales director. “We want to make dealing with E Preston as easy as possible.  We will continue to visit new and existing customers, and speak to them on the telephone, but with eprestononline we can offer them access to our company whenever they want.”

Click AwayThe new eShop will allow customers to log in to their own portal to view orders, print off documents such as acknowledgements and invoices, and allows them to place repeat orders.  Data sheets and supplier catalogues will also be readily available.

The company believes it maintains its position as a traditional company – or more appropriately, a modern company with traditional values.


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Sensata Solutions for Chillers & Boiler HVAC Systems


HVAC is the Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning method for conditioning the indoor environment of a building, usually with the intent of keeping the occupant comfortable.

Sensata provides many solutions to monitor this process and make it as efficient as possible. Sensata solutions range from the sensors that allow users to monitor their system to circuit breakers which protect the application.


Click Here →  Sensasta HVAC Systems


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Schurter’s New Design of Filter Series FMBB NEO

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• New nickel plated steel case
• Complete closed housing
• Extended climatic category 40/100/21

The successful 1 phase filter series FMBB NEO has been redesigned. The new shiny filter housing is made of nickel plated steel and complete enclosed. This ensures better contact with the equipment chassis. With an extended temperature range of -40 up to 100°C the filters can now be used for application with extra low temperatures.

• Designed for current applications of 1 – 36 A
• Protection against interference voltage from the mains
• Possible interferences generated in the equipment are strongly attenuated
• Especially designed for industrial applications such as: Frequency Converters, Stepper Motor Drives, UPS-Systems, Inverters
• Suitable for use in equipment according to IEC/UL 60950
• Suitable for use in medical equipment according to IEC/UL 60601-1


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Bulgin New Slim Line Photoelectric Sensor Range


What Is It?
The Photoelectric Sensor is an interface which converts a photonic input to an analogue or digital output. It can be used to detect distance, presence or absence of an object using a light transmitter and a photoelectric receiver. The new Photoelectric Automation Sensor Series is a diffuse reflective sensor which can be used to detect objects up to 40mm away.

Why Buy It?
• Simple, secure and efficient design.
• Only require one sensor for your system as opposed to using other technology, such as retro-reflective or through beam.
• Achieve a watertight and dustproof seal to any standard M5 interface.
• Highly robust casing material Stainless Steel 316.
• Withstands a high degree of physical impact.
• Vibration tested to 10-50Hz double amplitudes. X.Y. Z. each direction 2 hours.
• Shock and Bump tested to 1000m/s², X.Y.Z. each direction 6 times.

Key Features:
• Sealed to IP67
• Stainless Steel 316 shell
• Cabled versions with or without connector
• 2M cable length
• <0.5ms response time
• NPN & PNP output
• Detection ddistance 1 – 40mm
• Light point diameter 5.0mm at 30mm
• Power supply voltage 12 – 24 VDC
• Ambient humidity 35 – 85%
• Operating temperature -10 to 50°C
• Small body, just 4.5mm thick


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Schurter UAI 1206 Chip Fuse

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Chip Fuse for Highest Demands
* Pulse- and temperature-resistant non-aging chip fuse
* Sealed against potting compound
* Meets requirements according to AECQ

With the UAI 1206, Schurter offers a pulse and temperature resistant chip fuse with time-lag characteristics for applications where durability and maximum reliability are requested.

Conventional fuses have a sort of memory. If they are exposed to pulse-shaped current peaks and high temperature fluctuations, their properties change. Every pulse makes the fuse a little weaker, every temperature fluctuation a little more susceptible. Not so with the Schurter UAI 1206.


Pulse and Temperature Resistance
Because of the a special fuse construction, dubbed by SCHURTER as “trace in air” technology, the UAI’s ability to resist current pulses smaller than the melting integral (I2t) is thereby increased exponentially. Comparably, the UAI 1206 has practically no derating to the usual extent. The ingenious design of the fuse body also dampens temperature fluctuations to a high degree. The SCHURTER UAI 1206 is also hermetically sealed against potting compound for use in intrinsically safe applications.

Areas of Application
The new chip fuse, which is offered in two versions with rated currents of 5.3 A and 7.5 A, was specificially developed for automotive applications. The Schurter UAI 1206 meets all requirements according to AEC-Q200. It is also suitable wherever high levels of pulse currents, high thermal fluctuations, and high mechanical loads are present.


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Schurter DKIH-4 High Current Choke

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Common Mode Chokes for 4 line Applications mount on PCB
• Compact size and light weight
• Open design for optimal cooling
• Nanocrystalline ring cores
• Customer specific pin configurations available

Schurter expands its successful range of current-compensated chokes with a series for 4-wire high-current applications on printed circuit boards. The new DKIH-4 series is available for three phase applications with neutral line at rated currents from 10 A to 40 A. Due to the open design, the chokes are particularly compact and light.

Like most electronic assemblies, the power section is increasingly being mounted on the printed circuit board with discrete components. However, due to the high integration density required to achieve a compact design, thermal problems can arise due to the high currents on the PCB. EMC interference can affect adjacent modules due to the lack of spatial separation. Therefore, a compact filter on the PCB with discrete components is often the best solution. A current-compensated choke with capacitors is the most efficient method of suppressing EMC interference.

The new DKIH-4 series is suitable for three phase applications with neutral line from 10 A up to 40 A . Light weight and compact, the common mode chokes are easily placed on the PCB with through hole technology (THT). The common mode chokes are designed according IEC 60938 and rated 500 VAC or 760 VAC, making them suitable for almost any applications.

The DKIH-4 has been designed for a wide temperature range from -40 °C to +100 °C. In addition to the standard versions, customer-specific pin configurations or variants can be created on request.

Technical Data / Approvals
– Rated voltage: 500 VAC, 760 VAC
– Rated currents: 10 to 40 A at 40°C
– Rated inductance: 0.75 to 6.50 mH
– Other pin outs available on request

– Frequency converters for photovoltaic or energy storage
– Charge stations for electric vehicles
– UPS-systems
– Switching power supplies


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Schurter SHF Fuse 6.3×32: Rated Current Extension

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Compact protection for 3-phase systems
* High rated voltages of up to 500 VAC / VDC
* High breaking capacity of up to 1500 A
* Also available as pigtail version (from 1A)

Schurter extends the range of rated currents in the compact high-performance fuse SHF 6.3×32 down to 500mA. The SHF 6.3×32 is a ceramic fuse for higher voltages (AC and DC) with fast tripping characteristics. The high dielectric strength and the high breaking capacity of 1500 A opens up new fields of application.

Schurter now offers the SHF 6.3×32 in nineteen rated currents between 500 mA and 32 A. The high breaking capacity of 1500 A at a rated voltage of up to 500 VAC/VDC characterizes the fuse. Besides a multitude of applications in the energy and industrial sector, the SHF 6.3×32 is especially suitable for the protection of 3-phase systems.

The SHF 6.3×32 is available as a fuse link and a pigtail version (from 1 to 8 A). Fuse links are suitable for mounting in clips and fuseholders, which makes it possible to quickly replace the fuse. SCHURTER therefore offers an extensive range of clips and fuseholders. The pigtail version allows direct mounting on printed circuit boards using THT soldering technology.

The SHF 6.3×32 can be used as RoHS-compliant fuse for lead-free systems. The compatibility with competitor products allows SCHURTER to offer the SHF 6.3×32 as a replacement product. The fuse is approved by cURus.


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Schurter Type SUT-H 6.3×32 mm Ceramic Fuse for High Inrush Currents

Schurter Logo1.jpg

* Very high melting integral (I2t)
* Variants up to 50 A (Pigtail)
* Clip and Pigtail versions
* Excellent price-performance ratio

With the SUT-H, Schurter introduces a new 6.3×32 mm ceramic fuse for single-phase applications for high rated currents from 10 A to 50 A. Thanks to a particularly high melting integral, it is particularly suitable for applications where high inrush currents occur.

The new Schurter SUT-H is technically based on the proven SUT. In contrast to the known fuse, the SUT-H has a much higher melting integral, which makes it particularly pulse resistant. High inrush currents, which occur in power supply units, are easily absorbable.

The fuse is offered for direct mounting on the PCB with pigtails or with a solid beryllium-copper clip (Schurter CQP), which allows an easy replacement of the fuse without soldering. The clip can be up to a rated current of 10 A.

The new 6.3×32 mm SUT-H ceramic fuse opens up completely new areas of application by extending the rated current range up to 50 A and opens completely new areas for innovative applications.

The fuse meets the requirements of the UL 248-14 standard, is cURus approved and RoHS compliant. The SUT-H is developed and manufactured by Chi Lick SCHURTER in China.


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