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Bulgin Industry Applications for Buildings & Construction (Transport & Infastructure)

With ambient & environmental conditions such as water, moisture & extreme temperatures posing a constant threat to transport & infrastructure applications, reliable & robust solutions are vitally important in this sector.

From outdoor lighting & industrial meters to HVAC systems & surveillance cameras, rest assured that our industry leading solutions are built for maximum reliability & performance to support the challenging needs of various indoor, outdoor & industrial applications.

Heavy duty machinery used for construction & building maintenance require components that are equally as rugged as the environments that they operate in. From outdoor lighting & industrial meters to indoor HVAC systems, rest assured that our wide range of switches, indicators & waterproof connectors are built for maximum reliability & performance.

• Air Compressors
• Cherry Pickers
• Wireless Load Sensors
• Terrain / Mud Monitoring Systems
• Smart Metering
• Security Door Switch Panels
• Moisture Meters
• Heating Systems
• Air Cleaning Systems
• Disabled Refuge Systems
• CCTV Cameras


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Schurter TTS RGB Contactless Switch

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Switch For Contactless, Hygienic Switching with Customized Color Settings:
• Contactless switch with optical feedback
• Individual, customized color settings
• For applications in public areas (no smear infections)
• High precision detection

Contactless, highly precise and now also individually color-customizable: The new Schurter TTS RGB extends the technical finesse of the TTS switch introduced last year with the popular RGB functionality.

The TTS family is getting a new member in the form of a color-customizable variant, called: TTS RGB. All TTS switches use the highly precise Time-of-Flight (ToF) technology. Light is emitted by a transmitter and reflected by one or more objects. The reflected light beams are then detected and the distance is determined from the time of flight.

Colorful Ring Illumination:
In addition to the pre-programmed bicolor switches, which are available in “Momentary” and “Latching” versions, the new RGB variant makes things much more colorful. Depending on the wiring, the customer can easily set the ring illumination color as desired.

High Reliability:
By default, the detection distance is programmed for 20 to 60 mm. This ensures that wiping/cleaning the switch surface will not trigger a signal. An advantage of ToF technology is that this sensor technology has no problems in differentiating dark from light surfaces. White or black objects: this has no effect on detection quality or speed.

Since the TTS has no moving parts, its service life is more than 20 million switching cycles. Thanks to its high IP protection class and the ability to “detect” rain, this switch is also ideally suited for outdoor use.

Application Areas:
The contactless switches of the TTS RGB family are extremely multifunctional. They can be used wherever contact should be avoided to the greatest possible extent. Examples would be doors, garbage cans, parking systems and sanitary areas.


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Johnson Electric Internet of Things (IoT) Switch


An innovative IoT Rocker switch is getting traction at Johnson Electric Switch Competence Center in Halver . The next step in switch technology is a smart interconnected product.

Traditional rocker switches that can be found in coffee machines and other appliances and always require human interaction to directly turn them ON and OFF. With this product, our customers have an opportunity to easily replace the current manual switch with the new IoT Rocker switch and convert their appliance into a smart device.

Our innovative solution will maintain the full manual actuation of the rocker switch and at the same time add smart remote functionality. A very important feature is that the physical rocker position follows the remote commands.

Johnson Electric innovations are the solution to bridge the gap between passive applications and controller driven smart home appliances.

Typical Applications in the Smart Appliances Segment:
• Small appliances (coffee machines, vacuum cleaners etc.)
• Large appliances (refrigerators, range hoods, ovens etc
• Wearables and augmented reality.
• Remote control or monitoring industry equipment


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Schurter MSS Switch

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Active, Electronic Switch for the Harshest Conditions
– Minimal installation depth
– Multi color side illumination
– Modern and fresh design

Compact, light and powerful – these are the requirements that are placed on a switch in a variety of applications. The installation depth often interferes with these requirements. This is not the case with the new MSS from Schurter, but it has even more to offer. Its fresh, lively design with multi-color side illumination and the new switch technology make it stand out from the crowd on the market.

The new MSS uses a technology that was previously unknown in the electronic switch world. The MSS is an active electronic switch that reacts to a minimal deformation of the actuating surface. The technology is extremely precise so that only a small amount of pressure is required.

Gentle Pressure Required
Even light pressure on the surface of the button triggers the switching signal. A mere touch – as with a capacitive switch – is not sufficient for this. For many areas of application, this is exactly what is required. This ensures that no switching function takes place in such a case. The design of this technology is particularly compact and thus enables the low installation depth of the MSS.

Tough Performer
The Schurter MSS switches offer the highest reliability. As they have no moving parts, their service life is more than 20 million switching cycles. Thanks to the enclosed design, the MSS achieves protection class IP67 and shock resistance rating IK06. These values predestine it for use in particularly demanding environments.

Modern and Fresh Design
The innovative multi color side illumination not only provides the user with visual feedback, but also makes the unit’s user interface “appear in a new light”.

But even with the non-illuminated versions, clear function assignments can be made through the various color versions available. Depending on the color choice of the switch, this gives the user interface a fresh, lively appearance.

Application Areas
The MSS switches are extremely versatile. Due to their technical features, they can be used in industrial installations as well as in devices for the consumer market.


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Schurter CHS Capacitive Switch

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CHS Capacitive Switch that can be Installed in a Hidden Way

• Designed for use behind all non-conductive materials where openings in the user interface are not desired
• Provides the designer with a lot of freedom in the design of the user interface
• Highest reliability and service life
• RGB area illumination

Conventional switches inevitably require mounting holes in the user interface. Not so with the new Schurter CHS. CHS stands for “Capacitive Hidden Switch”. They can be mounted hidden behind the surface of non-conductive materials and are therefore invisible. This approach allows completely new possibilities for designing user interfaces that ideally meet the requirements of specific applications.

With capacitive switches, an electric field is built up on the user surface of the sensor. This technology is used to design a switch with the Schurter CHS that no longer requires direct sensor contact with the finger to trigger. The electrical field change required to trigger the switching process is still achieved even if a non-conductive material (glass, plastic, wood, or similar) is inserted between the sensor and the finger.

Use in Highly Sensitive Environments:
The new CHS is simply glued behind a wide variety of non-conductive materials and thus enables the construction of control elements for devices (medical technology, food industry) where hygiene plays a major role. Since there are no holes or slots created by the installation and the switch also has no moving parts, potentially harmful microbes have no possibility to “settle” on the user interface. This means that materials can be chosen that are particularly easy to

Sensitivity Adjustable:
The SCHURTER CHS is programmed as standard so that it does not trip in the event of field changes caused by liquids or minor wiping contact. This is only done by precise touching of the switching surface. However, adjustments can be made here at the customer’s request. This applies in particular to the thickness of the material behind which the switch is bonded. As standard, the sensitivity is designed for a glass thickness of up to 2 mm.

Designer’s Dream:
Switches are always a challenge for industrial designers. Their installation in the user interface often “disturbs” the appearance and structure of the same. The desire for an invisible switch is therefore great, because with it one no longer has to make compromises and is to a great extent free in the design.

Available in 3 Variants:
The new SCHURTER CHS is available in three different variants.
• CHS 1 comes without illumination and is with a mounting depth of less than 6 mm the optimal solution for space constrained designs.
• CHS 2 provides optical feedback. The RGB lighting can be used as a design element.
• CHS 3 is the potted version with lighting for demanding use in harsh environments.


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Crouzet Manually Operated Switches Application


Crouzet offers a full range of Manually Operated Switches

A typical lightsaber is depicted as a luminescent blade of magnetically contained plasma about 3 feet (0.91 m) in length. In the Star Wars universe, the lightsaber is the signature weapon of the Jedi Order and their dark side counterpart, the Sith Order.

“Safety is definitely the key feature of a lightsaber”, noticed one of the Electrical Protection specialists at Crouzet DesignLab. Indeed, securely switching on/off such a powerful weapon is a must have for every Jedi.


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Schurter TTS Contactless Switch

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Contactless Switch for Hygienic Switching
• Designed for applications in public areas where non-contact switching prevents the transmission of pathogens
• Optical technology precisely adjustable

The Covid 19 pandemic has greatly increased the demand for non-contact push buttons and switches. Various studies show that the transmission of viruses and bacteria via surfaces exposed to constant contact with hands is high.

A wide variety of technologies for contactless switching are vying for the favor of developers and buyers. But not everyone is suitable to the same extent. Often, they also send out false signals under certain
conditions (e.g., splash water, rain) and this trigger unintentional switching. The optical technology TOF (Time of Flight) used in the Schurter TTS can be programmed individually, with high precision, so that malfunctions are prevented.

Highest Reliability
The switch is programmed so that the standard detection distance is 60 to 0.02 mm. This ensures that wiping over or cleaning the switch surface will not trigger a switching signal. Schurter TTS switches offer the highest reliability. Since they have no moving parts, their lifetime is more than 20 million switching cycles.

Ring Illumination and Installation
The visual feedback is ensured by a two-color ring illumination (red/green) in the actuator, whose supply voltage is between 5 and 28 VDC. The simple installation of the TTS, which is fixed by means of a nut, and an anti-twist protection allow a maximum easy replacement.

Areas of Application
The new TTS non-contact switch can be used for a wide range of applications. It is suitable in public areas, for example for vending machines, parking systems or in sanitary areas to avoid any contact by hand. However, the detection distance can also be set so that the switch can be used as a photoelectric barrier for certain applications, this opening up a new field of application.


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Bulgin PSE Switch with Cable

Installation-Ready Piezoelectric Switch (PSE) for Wet Rooms, Spa and Pool Facilities

• Designed for IP67 Applications
• High-Quality PUR cable (15 m) for Speedy and Safe Installation
• High Reliability and Long-Life Time
• RGB Ring Illumination

The use of switches in wet rooms, spa and pool facilities, requires not only the right choice of switch technology, but can often require unusually long cables. Schurter meets this requirement with the launch of the installation-ready piezoelectric switch PSE, an elegant highend solution.

The pre-assembled polyurethane cable of the new PSE with cable is potted, which offers maximum flexibility and the highest IP protection during installation. Waterproof from switch surface to electrical connection, the cable is 15 metres in length. The installation of the switch is simple by means of a nut.

Highest Resistance to Corrosion
The housings of the factory assembled piezoelectric PSE family are made of stainless steel 1.4462. This steel is characterised by its particularly high resistance to corrosion, which is essential in areas with high humidity. The PSE switches offer maximum reliability and a long service life (20 million actuations). Hermetically sealed housings make the PSE with cable predestined for use in particularly harsh and inhospitable applications.

Resistance to Chemicals and Solvents
Notably the PSE with cable is resistant to chlorinated liquids and common pool chemicals.

RGB Ring Illumination
The actuator has a ring illumination with a total of 7 possible display colours. The supply voltage has a range of between 5 – 28 VDC and maintains a constant brightness.

The new PSE with cable is extremely versatile. Originally developed for spa and pool builders, it is ideal for use in any sanitary application. Other applications include medical technology, food processing or similar industrial applications where the highest degree of robustness and reliability are required.


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Bulgin & Arcolectric Switch Range

With an extensive range of Push Button, Vandal Resistant, Piezo, Slide, Toggle and Rocker switches available, Bulgin & Arcolectric’s switch range is designed to meet the design requirements of a wide variety of industry applications ranging from medical and industrial to marine and commercial electronics. Bulgin’s push button switches are available in front and rear panel mounted versions with three profile types including prominent, domed and low profile as well as rugged stainless steel anti vandal options.

Multiple switching options are available along with IP66, IP67 & IP68 sealed variants in addition to momentary and latching actuation. Illumination versions are available in dot and ring LED indication and a selection of illuminating colours, including bi-colour and tri-colour. Newer versions also feature LED illumination driven by 6V, 12V and 24V together with rear of panel sealing.


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