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Crouzet Launches New Compact Power Supplies


Crouzet, global supplier of electronic and electromechanics components, has recently released a new line of compact power supplies that offer greater efficiency in a smaller size. The new range of power supplies feature simplified wiring and are perfectly adapted to fit existing Crouzet products.

Each power supply in Crouzet’s new range is 18 mm (1module) thinner than its predecessor. This efficient use of space allows industries to save valuable space. Miniaturization of products is an important trend in the industrial world, with many businesses looking to cut down on the amount of space that their products take up. There are several options in the new Crouzet range with power values of 10 W, 30 W, and 60 W. For the first time, Crouzet has added a new 100 W power supply to its compact line. Crouzet’s power supplies feature simplified wiring, which makes setting up power supplies easier and more straightforward than ever before.

Efficient Operation of New Power Supplies Saves Energy
The new generation of compact power supplies offers improvements in efficiency of up to 90%. They can operate at an increased temperature range of -20 °C to +70 °C. These DIN Rail mount power supplies are therefore suitable for use in a wide range of energy-intensive situations, including HVAC, greenhouse environments, and hydraulic solar heating. They all offer improved performance compared to older models of power supplies.

As well as being energy efficient, Crouzet’s new power supplies are also incredibly safe. They have double insulation and a safety Class II input, which means that no connection to earth is required. This combination of efficiency, performance and safety makes the new power supplies the ideal choice for many industry applications, including renewable energy, access control, compact industrial machines, and building equipment.

Standalone Power Supplies Offer Compatibility With Many Crouzet Products
Power supplies are no longer simply accessories for Crouzet logic controllers. They now exist as standalone products, with their own features and benefits that can offer significant advantages to businesses. All logical controllers and control products need a reliable power supply to function, and the new Crouzet supplies are an excellent choice. The new power supplies are compatible with Crouzet 24 VDC products including HMI, nano-PLCs, tele-controllers, timers, logic controllers, and many more products.


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Schurter PSUP 24 VDC Universal Switching Power Supply

Schurter Logo1.jpg

* Constant voltage switching power supply
* Can be used worldwide (Universal AC)
* Protection class II (no Frequency Generator)
* Time-saving installation

Schurter accessorizes its illuminated Metal Line switches with the PSUP 24 VDC universal switching power supply. The Class II power supply supports SCHURTER’s full range of point and ring illuminated Metal Line switches rated for 24 VDC supply  voltage.  The PSUP is also suited for a wide variety of indoor lighting applications such as LED.

The new Schurter switching power supply unit processes DC (127 – 370 VDC) or AC (90 – 264 VAC, 47 – 63 Hz) from the input side. A constant 24 VDC, with a power of 8 W, is then available at the output.

The housing of the PSUP is completely insulated and is rated IP42 for indoor use. The operating temperatures may vary between -30 °C and +70 °C. The particularly compact housing dimensions, along with the double-sided mounting lugs and wire leads, provide for extremely simplified assembly.

The Schurter PSUP 24 VDC is protected against short circuit, overload and overvoltage.  The power supply is UL 8750, CSA CS22.2 no. 250.0 approved. It complies with EN 60950-1, EN 61347-1, EN 61347-2-13, as well as EMC emission standards EN 55022, EN61000-3-2 and EN 61000-3-3.

The new switching power supply unit was initially intended to support Schhurter’s Metal Line illuminated switches. Thanks to its versatility, however, it is suitable for supplying power to a wide range of indoor applications.

– Complete power solution for 24 VDC illuminated Metal Line switches
– Indoor LED lighting
– LED decorative lighting and LED displays
– LED office lighting
– LED signage illumination
– Line voltage for residential applications 120/240 VAC in North America


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Finder Type 78.2E, Small and Mighty Industrial Switch Mode Power Supply



Finder’s new dual stage, high efficiency, switch mode power supplies answer the call for low voltage power in industrial, commercial and domestic applications where reliability and safety are paramount.

With the widest supply voltage range available on the market in both AC and DC, the compact yet powerful rail-mounted 78.2E features a 10A, 240W, 24V DC output, with overload and short circuit protection, and the highest efficiency and lowest ripple voltage at full load.

Finder’s characteristic quality is evident in its double sided soldering, front panel replaceable fuse plus a spare and thermal protection with LED status indication, all in a tidy, narrow (60mm) package.

State-of-the-art circuitry provides improved efficiency and reliability, and Power Factor Correction is included as standard, ideal for a wide range of applications, including industrial automation systems, control and measurement systems, and LED lighting.


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TDK High Density Medium-Power DIN Rail Supplies – DRF Series


TDK Corporation announces the introduction of the TDK-Lambda DRF series of DIN rail power supplies for medium power applications that require advanced control features while being compact in size and energy efficient. Operating from a universal input of 85 to 265Vac (47-63Hz) with active power factor correction to ensure EN61000-3-2 compliance, these convection-cooled power supplies meet demands for a wide range of applications, including those found in industrial equipment, building automation and process control.

DRF Series

“A premium medium power family, the DRF series combines careful thermal design and excellent efficiency,” says Martin Southam, Director of Marketing, TDK-Lambda EMEA. “With an average active efficiency of over 87% and low standby power consumption (below 0.5W to 0.75W depending on the model), this series is perfect for customers working to Eco-Design guidelines and seeking compact high efficiency products.”

There are three 24Vdc models in the TDK-Lambda DRF family; the DRF120-24-1 (5A), DRF240-24-1 (10A) and DRF480-24-1 (20A). With a 150% peak power capability for 4 seconds and steady constant current characteristic, the DRF is ideal for range of challenging loads found in automation applications.

Achieving up to 94% efficiency, the DRF features an operating temperature range of -25 to +70°C, with full load operation between -25 and +60°C, derating to 75% load at up to +70°C. Control features include over voltage, over current and over temperature protection and remote on/off. The models also have series and parallel operation capability.
The slim design of the DRF series – with the DRF120-24-1 measuring only 36.5 x 123.4 x 115.4 mm – saves space on the DIN rail. The DRF240 and DRF480 are 49mm and 82mm wide respectively. All DRF models will mount on either a TS35/7.5 or TS35/15 DIN rail offering engineers a flexible option for the various applications. In addition, they have been rigorously tested for shock and vibration while mounted.

The TDK-Lambda DRF series is approved to UL508 safety standard for industrial control equipment and hold up meets SEMI F47 requirements at high line input (200V only). Further safety approvals include IEC/EN 60950-1 (2nd Ed.) and UL/CSA 60950-1. CE marked in accordance with the LV Directive, EMC Directive and RoHS Directive, the DIN rail power supplies meet EN55022 and CISPR22 Class B for conducted and radiated EMI, and include a five-year warranty.


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Eaton PSG Power Supplies

Eaton Logo

Eaton is adding 14 new models to its successful line of PSG power supplies. The line extension includes 12 Vdc output models, redundancy and buffer modules, and more to provide efficient control power and increase system reliability. The line extension meets the needs of various applications and features.

PSG SeriesBenefits:
• 12 Vdc output
• NEC Class 2 rated model
• Redundancy modules
• Buffer module
• IP20 finger-safe terminals
• 3-year standard warranty

Market Segments:
• Mining and metals
• Oil and gas
• Municipal water / Wastewater
• Other industrials and processing


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TDK Corporation Announces the TDK-Lambda DRB Series of Din Rail Power Supplies

TDK Corporation announces the introduction of the TDK-Lambda DRB series of DIN rail power supplies for low power applications that require keenly priced basic functionality. Designed to support the growing trend for simple and economic DIN power solutions in industrial, building automation and process control applications, the DRB series combines low cost and extremely compact dimensions with industry leading efficiency of up to 91%. No load power consumption is between <0.3W and <0.5W depending on the model type.

“There’s strong customer demand for compact, convection cooled DIN rail power supplies that deliver their rated power without compromising long-term reliability,” says Martin Southam, Director of Marketing, TDK-Lambda EMEA. “Housed in a robust plastic case, the DRB supplies feature a narrow design, ranging from 18mm to 45mm, saving space on the DIN rail. We believe that these are the smallest products of their kind on the market. The DRB series is also perfect for customers working to ErP or Eco-Design guidelines.”

The supplies operate from a universal input of 85~264Vac and have EN61000-3-2 compliance, enabling worldwide use; moreover, they can withstand voltage of 300Vac surge for 5 seconds. The DRB series is available with 4 output power levels ranging from 15 – 100W and nominal output voltages of 5V, 12-15V, 24V or 48Vdc.

The supplies can operate at full load over a wide temperature range of -10 to +55°C (+70°C for 15W model). Typical ripple and noise is below 40mV and a green LED indicates DC OK. Other features include over current and over voltage protection, and a hold-up time of up to 20 ms at 100Vac input voltage, full load.

The smallest model measures just 18mm x 75mm x 90mm (DRB15-24-1); all DRB models will mount on either a TS35/7.5 or TS35/15 DIN rail offering engineers a flexible option for the various applications. In addition, they have been rigorously tested for shock and vibration while mounted onto the rail.

The DRB series is approved to UL508 safety standard for industrial control equipment. Further safety approvals include IEC/EN 60950-1 (2nd Ed.) and UL/CSA 60950-1. CE marked in accordance with the LV Directive, EMC Directive and RoHS Directive, the power supplies are designed to meet EN55022 and CISPR22 Class B for conducted and radiated EMI, and include a three-year warranty.


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New 'foldback' DC power Supply from Finder Boosts Applications


Joining the well established 78 series of switch mode power supplies from Finder, the 78.50 now features ‘foldback’ overload protection. This has been introduced to address market demands by extending application coverage to include lead acid battery charging – not compatible with the ‘hiccup’ mode of protection featured on the rest of the range. As with the rest of the range, it shares a plethora of design features to improve both reliability and efficiency, giving control system builders a stable and dependable low voltage DC supply, up to 91% efficient, and drawing only 0.4W in standby.

This series of modular, rail mounted DC power supplies now comprises models covering outputs rated 24VDC/12W, 24VDC/36W, 24VDC/60W, 12VDC/12W and 12VDC/50W – all supporting a wide AC or DC supply range capability of respectively 100-265VAC and 140-370VDC.

Integrating the latest protection technologies, the 78 Series includes: supply overvoltage (varistor) protection, thermal protection with fast output voltage shutdown; short circuit and overload protection with ‘hiccup’ (auto-recovery) protection – except the 78.50 with ‘foldback’ overload protection. In addition, the high inrush current handling capability means the power supplies will safely tolerate loads with high current transient characteristics, such as capacitive circuits and solenoids fitted with ‘economy’ resistors.

To help minimise downtime in the event of a fault, the power supply inputs are protected by an easy access internal fuse, with an adjacent spare fuse ensuring an even more immediate fix.

Measuring only 17.5 or 70mm wide by 60mm deep, these highly compact 35mm rail mounted power supplies can also help to reduce control panel size.  Conforming to EN60950-1 and EN61204-3 norms, they are fully compliant with global EMC standards for power supply design.


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E-T-A BMS01 Battery Master Switch for Road Vehicles Carrying Hazardous Goods




Switch in Accordance with Latest ADR 2011 Regulations

E-T-A Circuit Breakers, quality designer and manufacturer of a broad range of electro-mechanical and electronic products for circuit protection, offers the BMS01 Battery Master Switch designed for hazardous goods carrying road vehicles that comply with the European International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) regulations. The environmental protection and intrinsically safe control circuitry of the BMS01 are in accordance with ADR 2011. The battery master switch also satisfies the additional requirements of UK operators. The BMS01 will serve as an emergency shut down switch as well as disconnecting and reconnecting the vehicle’s electrical system when loading and unloading.

The double pole E-T-A BMS01 Battery Master Switch is installed close to the vehicle’s battery, between it and the electrical system: it can also be connected to act as a single pole device. The battery master switch can then be operated by means of a control switch in the cab, with optional additional control switches sited around the vehicle as required. Upon disconnection of a control switch, the main contacts of the BMS01 will open after a preset delay to allow for the controlled shutdown of computerised engine management systems. A choice of two delay times is offered, with auxiliary contacts providing output for an audible alarm during the delay period. Additional auxiliary contacts are provided for disconnection of the ignition circuit and de-energising of the alternator field winding. There is also a permanently energised protected output for the tachograph supply.

A choice of low voltage monitoring is available if required: it offers automatic disconnection of the battery after one minute, or signalisation, if undervoltage is detected while the vehicle is idle. This offers protection of the battery from the effects of deep discharge and ensures there is sufficient battery capacity for re-starting the engine.

12v and 24V versions of the BMS01 are available. An integral ATEX-approved safety barrier permits siting of the unit in hazardous areas. The master switch features a housing protected to IP65 with rubber caps on the terminals offering protection to IP54. A bi-colour LED on the body of the master switch provides clear status signalisation of the battery isolation switch and low voltage detection.

E-T-A can supply suitable control switches for the BMS01, protected against inadvertent operation. An externally mounted switch assembly is also available incorporating the green “ON” status indicators mandatory in the UK.


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Bulgin CR123 Battery Holder


The latest addition to Bulgin’s large range of battery holders is an open frame style for CR123A size cells.

First designed for equipment requiring extended life in high drain applications such as LED torches, film cameras and digital cameras, the characteristics of this high power, light weight cell make it an ideal choice for applications such as Zigbee where space could be at a premium and extended life with a distinct requirement for sleepy nodes is required.


The BX0123 is designed for single CR123A cell accommodation with base or PCB mounting. Two fixing holes are provided for base mounting and PC spills for PCB mounting.

Moulded in glass filled nylon with nickel silver contacts the battery holder has an operating temperature of –30°C to +70°C.


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Energy with a Sense of Proportion ABB Offers New SMPS


ABB has significantly enlarged its range of switch-mode power supply devices (SMPS). Supplementing the existing range of tried and tested SMPS products of the CP series for nominal currents of 0.3A up to 20A, there are now new CP-S and CP-C series for the range between 5 to 20A available.

The SMPS devices of the CP-C series are characterized by their modular, plug-in functional modules that extend the functionality of the devices tailored to the requirements of the customer. The CP-C MM signal module for example monitors the input and output voltage, and has a remote-OFF function. More plug in modules are under preparation.

CP-C and CP-S.jpg

There are also manifold applications for the CP-S devices that – while offering the same modern and powerful technology – dispense with some of the extra features of the CP-C series.

All power supply units of the CP, CP-S and CP-C series are primary SMPS: they guarantee the best possible efficiency (>88%), minimized losses, environmental compatibility and cost efficiency.

CP-S range
• Selectable input voltage 85-132VAC/184-264VAC, 220-350 V DC
• Fixed output voltage

CP-C range
• Autorange input 85-264VAC, 100-350VDC
• Adjustable output voltage 22-28VDC
• PFC (power factor correction)

The new CP-S and CP-C range power supplies feature power reserve of up to 50%. The 5A and 10A models have pluggable, double connection terminals, and LED indication “OUTPUT OK”. All of them are CE marked, the C-Tick mark and the cULus (508) and UL60950 approvals are under preparation.


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