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SCHURTER Power Entry Modules C20F, DC12, KFA now with Metal Flange

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Schurter’s new metal flange versions of types C20F, DC12 and KFA simplify assuring EMC compliance within metalized enclosures. The modules are suitable for mounting from the inner side of the panel, simplifying the assembling processes. The need for additional fixing nuts has also been eliminated by an optimized construction of the filter case. The electrical subassemblies, including the power supply, can now be completely tested before they are assembled into the appliance enclosure.

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As with most Schurter modules there are a wealth of optional features such as stranded wire connections, illuminated switches and medical filter versions for use in appliances with indirect contact to patients. The C20F, DC12 and KFA ranges are approved according ENEC, UL and CSA. They are designed for appliances according IEC/EN 60950 respectively to be used in medical equipment according IEC 60601-1.

The metal flange ranges are ideal for use in sophisticated power supplies particularly for medical and measuring equipment. They are equally at home in IT equipment and other industrial appliances.


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SCHURTER Filtered Power Entry Module Adds a New Twist to a Popular Style

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SCHURTER is pleased to announce the new series 5120 Filtered Power Entry Module, added to a list of proven predecessors.  Refined for optimal performance in the smallest package, the new compact filter is particularly suited for single-phase power supplies used in Industrial equipment, Information Technology Equipment and Medical Devices, which are governed by stringent EMC emission and immunity standards.

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The series is dimensioned as a 1-stage filter for rated currents 1, 2, 4, 6, 10 and 15A. The unit has an outstanding wide-band absorption in the frequency range from 100kHz to 30 MHz with a leakage current standard <0.5mA and medical <5uA. Mounting options include a front or rear side mounting version for traditional screw and nut mounting, or rivet mounting. A version specifically for rear side mounting features pre-formed, threaded holes for M3 screws. This version eliminates the handling of nuts, reducing costs and automating assembly. The large housing contact area assures optimal shielding. The 5120 fulfill the requirements according to IEC/EN/UL 60950 for use in IT equipment and IEC/EN/UL for use in medical equipment. It is pending certification according to ENEC for rated currents up to 10A and UL/CSA up to 15A at 250 VAC. The filters are also available in a protection class II version according to IEC 61140, and can be equipped with special class X1 capacities for enhanced surge withstand voltage protection.   Enquiry Form:

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SCHURTER'S High Attenuation, High Quality Two Stage Filter Modules

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Schurter’s IEC connector power entry modules are now available with a two stage line filter for high attenuation characteristics over a broad frequency range. The highly compact FKHD and FKID models consist of a C14 appliance inlet type according to IEC 60320-1 with a two pole line switch, fuse holder and filter.

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The fuse holder offers one or two pole protection via 5 x 20mm fuse links. The fuse-links can only be replaced when the power cable is removed, ensuring a current free fuse replacement. The modules are available in a nickel-plated metal version as well as in a cost efficient aluminium version. All of the filters have the option of a medical version additionally to the standard filter for rated currents at 1, 2, 4, 6 and 10A. Schurter’s FKH and FKI modules offer the same options in a single stage filter

Schurter products are characterised by high quality, innovative design, with modules pre-wired as standard eliminating the time and expense of fitting link wires. A further advantage is the layout of the components, which allows a line interruption by the switch close to the power entrance, therefore producing no standby-losses within the filter components. The screw-on mounting offers a low mounting height.

The FK range is approved for 1-10 A 125/250 VAC, 50/60 Hz according to IEC/EN, resp. UL CSA. Furthermore they meet all requirements according to IEC/EN 60950. The modules are ideal for use in medical applications according to IEC 60601-1 as well as for general data communication or similar industrial applications according to IEC 60950. The two-stage version of the filter suits especially for applications as measurement and audio equipment, where an optimal signal-to-noise ratio is required.


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EMC Easy – Schurter's New Short-Form Catalogue

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For the first time Schurter’s entire range of EMC solutions is available in a single reference; the new EMC short-form catalogue. Buyers can now easily select from possibly the most comprehensive EMC component range available from one manufacturer, encompassing Schurter’s IEC connector ‘power entry modules’, block filters, chokes, pulse transformers and power stage driver modules.

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The simple selector chart structure of the EMC short-form catalogue allows for comparison of the components attributes and specifications. Additional information on all of the Schurter range is available on, which, in keeping with Schurter’s open information policy contains approvals, lead-free roadmaps, CAD models, drawings, distributors links, and stock-checks, to ensure designing in Schurter is designing in simplicity.

The Power entry modules section of the catalogue contains interconnected multi-functional IEC connector components with fuse holders, voltage selectors and line filters. A separate section presents line filters for 1 and 3-phase systems, and is supported by extensive general information about line filter design and selection.

Linear, magnetically compensated, saturating and ground-wire chokes find their use in power electronics (frequency converters, stepper motor drives, ups-systems, power supplies etc.). They are within the range of 0.4 up to 50A and have an inductance range of 0.1 up to 60mH.

The pulse transformers section has been specially developed for the control of semiconductor devices in power electronics. Application possibilities include triggering Thyristors, Triacs, power transistors and IGBTs. The Power Stage Driver Module has been developed for driving power IGBT or MOSFET transistors in a safe, reliable and easy way.


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Schafffner High Performance 3-Phase EMC Filter Range Extended to 200 Amps


Class A/B 3-phase+neutral sum, 4-wire filtering
“Safe Touch” Terminal Blocks
Compact Design

Schaffner Ltd, the market leader in EMC components and test systems, announces the introduction of a new filter to its very successful compact industrial FN3280H EMC filter range. Rated at 200A @ 50°C the new model and has been introduced to meet demands for higher power from machinery and power cabinet manufacturers.

The FN3280H filter range now has 9 models rated from 8 to 200A and all offer 3-ph+N sum filtering for potentially noisy machines connected to low-voltage electricity networks, which may also supply domestic or commercial users. In these environments Class A and occasionally even Class B EMC filtering is required. To simplify system design the filter currents of all models have been aligned to commonly available fuse protection values and outstanding low leakage currents of <1mA are attainable in 4-wire connection mode.   FN3280-1005.jpg

The new FN3280H-200-40 offers outstanding filter performance in a very compact package and does not de-rate under full-load operating conditions. Connection is made via Schaffner’s proprietary “touch safe” terminal blocks that meet EN60204-1 to provide maximum safety for installers, inspectors and operators. 3-phase/4-wire filters are now a standard product and available off the shelf.

The FN3280H range of filters is ideal for machine tools with up to 12 driving axes with 10 to 10m of motor cable each likely to be operated in mixed domestic environments and will allow manufacturers to comply with Class A or even Class B filtering. FN3280H filters also improve the immunity and reliability of the entire system by also protecting the machine against incoming conducted interference from the operating environment. This additional protection ensures maximum productive up-time and lowers maintenance costs.

“We have introduced this new 200 amp filter in direct response to our customers’ needs.” comments Andy Kotas, Marketing Manager of Schaffner Ltd. “Machine tool and power cabinet manufacturers are always under pressure to provide more power, frequently in restricted spaces. Our very compact, safe, easy to use, high performance filters are an ideal solution”

Typical applications include, manufacturers of machinery, machine tools, and process automation equipment, energy conservation devices and regenerative motor drives, power cabinets, premium 3-phase + neutral power supplies and UPS and solar power technologies.


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New Schaffner EMC Filters for DIN Rail Mounting


           Single-Phase High Performance EMC Filters
Simplifies Panel Building and Industrial Control Systems

Schaffner Ltd the market leader in EMC components and systems announce the introduction of the FN 2412 series of DIN Rail mounting EMC Filters. This new family of high performance single-phase filters are will fit industry standard TS 35 DIN rails and offer a simple to use, time saving, cost effective solution to conducted EMC suppression for panel builders and control cabinet manufacturers. The extensive range of current and voltage ranges available mean that even special applications can now be protected with an off the shelf solution.

065 - DIN-Rail Filter (2).jpg

A sophisticated mounting system provides a simple and time saving snap-in mounting of the filters onto TS 35 DIN rails. The innovative shaping of the DIN-rail mounting bracket as well as its material guarantee low-impedance connection to the HF ground ensuring an optimal (asymmetric) filter effect, which has previously only been available by using traditional bolt-down chassis mounting methods. The FN 2412 filters have been designed, electrically and mechanically, to meet the requirements of industrial equipment and control cabinets.

With models available off the shelf for rated currents from 8 to 45 A the correct FN 2412 EMC filter will typically ensure system conformity to Class A limits for Industrial and Residential environments. Owing to the high saturation resistance, this high attenuation performance is available even with very aggressive noise sources and under full load. Schaffner’s specially designed “Touch-Safe” connection terminals make accidental touching of live conductors impossible ensuring maximum safety when in use.
These new filters are designed for a maximum continuous operating voltage of 250 VAC and there is also a standard version FN 2412H available for higher operating voltages up to 520 VAC. All models are safety agency approved to UL, CSA and ENEC and are RoHS compliant.

Andrew Kotas, Marketing Manager of Schaffner Ltd. comments “these are our first Din Rail mounted EMC filters which we hope will provide our customers with even more convenience and flexibility when having to provide EMC suppression on their systems. While effective EMC protection is required to meet international noise emission standards it can also improve system reliability and reduce expensive downtime caused by external conducted interference damaging internal components”

The FN 2412 range of EMC filters are also available in chassis mounting form for applications where Din Rail mounting is not possible. Designated FN 2410 these noise suppression components are available for the same voltage ranges (250 VAC and 520 VAC) and for an extended current range up to 100 A.


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