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ZF Energy Harvesting Technology – Bus Stop Buttons Application

Bus Stop Buttons Are Now Wireless & Battery-Free Using Energy Harvesting Technology from ZF

Thanks to the wireless and battery-free switch technology from ZF, there are various possible application fields to increase connectivity, flexibility, and convenience. Bus stop buttons are another smart application integrating the inductive RF generator module. The target is to avoid cabling (up to 100m) and expensive maintenance work caused by cable breaks in buses. The energy harvesting switch guarantees design freedom and reduces maintenance work to a minimum as it has a lifetime of over 1,000,000 switching cycles.

The energy harvesting switch can be integrated directly into the plastic housing of the stop request buttons in buses. The compact design (20.1 x 7.3 x 14.3 mm) makes it easy to integrate. In addition, the ZF radio switch generates a voltage pulse by mechanical actuation as it relies on the inductive principle. Therefore, RF commands can be reliably sent via commercially available radio protocols such as EnOcean3.0 at a frequency band of 868MHz. In this case there is no risk of RF interference with Bluetooth devices which operate at a 2.4 GHz frequency range. Altogether, the radio switch is completely free of batteries or cabling, allows a reliable RF transmission and offers a high degree of flexibility when it comes to mounting in buses.

Each RF switch has a unique ID and can be programmed individually. This means that each stop request button can be assigned to a specific command group, such as opening doors at the front, back, or initiating measures for wheelchair users. The buttons are paired to the central receiver unit, which is again connected to the electrical bus system. Depending on the received command, the receiver triggers a visual or acoustic signal to give the bus driver appropriate instructions.


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Finder 34 Series Solid State Relays


Finder 34 Series:  Slim P.C.B. Relays (EMR or SSR) 0.1-2-6A

Finder’s Solid State Relays are excellent in interfacing applications.  Small SSR’s such as Finder’s 34 Series draw only a few mA, so they sip at the limited output currents available from PLCs.


The 34 Series (EMR) relays include the following features (according to Type):
• Sensitive DC coil: 170 mW
• 5 mm wide – 6kV (1.2/50 μs) isolation, coil – contacts

The 34 Series (SSR) relays include the following features (according to Type):
• Sensitive DC input circuits
• 5 mm wide
• Silent, high speed switching with long electrical life


• Bottling Plants
• Packaging Machines
• Labelling Machines
• Road / Tunnel Lighting
• Burners, Boilers & Furnaces
• Timers & Lighting Controls
• Electronic Circuit Boards
• Programmable Controllers


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Entrelec ESSAILEC Test Blocks

The Preferred Choice for Safe Testing of Current & Voltage Transformers

ESSAILEC test blocks allow to safely and easily perform test operations such as current and voltage measurement, monitoring, injection, repair or replacement of meters and protective relays installed in secondary circuits of current and voltage transformers or sensors.

• Reliably supports service continuity : current testing is performed without cutting the energy supply
• Save time during testing operation thanks to “plug & play” concept (socket + test plug)
• Simplify testing: simultaneous testing of 1 to 4 independent circuits on the same socket
• Secure the testing operations thanks to “make before break” test principle, colors and mechanical codings, covers

Main features:
• ESSAILEC allows: measurement, current or voltage injection, repair, device replacement
• IP20 protection degree for the socket and IP40 with the lid
• Sealed cover
• Panel and switchboard mounting : base, flush, rack, TH35 rail
• Several wiring technologies, wire connection up to 10 mm²


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Crouzet Manually Operated Switches Application


Crouzet offers a full range of Manually Operated Switches

A typical lightsaber is depicted as a luminescent blade of magnetically contained plasma about 3 feet (0.91 m) in length. In the Star Wars universe, the lightsaber is the signature weapon of the Jedi Order and their dark side counterpart, the Sith Order.

“Safety is definitely the key feature of a lightsaber”, noticed one of the Electrical Protection specialists at Crouzet DesignLab. Indeed, securely switching on/off such a powerful weapon is a must have for every Jedi.


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Bulgin Enclosures

IP67 Enclosures designed for use with control switches and electronic equipment. Available with lids that have pre-moulded cut-outs, Bulgin’s waterproof junction boxes accept industry standard 22mm switches and bases with M20 threaded cut-outs to suit standard cable glands.

With robust ABS plastic, these IP rated waterproof and dustproof plastic enclosures are ideal solutions for providing protection to electronic components and systems that are exposed to harsh environmental conditions.


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Cynergy3 IoT Portfolio


Cynergy3 are pleased to announce the launching of their new IoT Portfolio. The IoT Portfolio includes 6 new transmitters and 3 new receivers, enhancing their existing product offering.

As the demand for wireless sensor networks increases in the development of smart infrastructure, Sensata is positioned as a key provider of wireless solutions.

By developing enabling products, such as receivers and IoT gateways, Sensata is expanding the solution set to directly meet customers needs.

Markets & Applications
• Smart Factories & General Manufacturing
• Alternative Energy
• Chemical
• Electronics
• Food & Beverage
• Machine Tool
• Packaging
• Semiconductor
• Oil & Gas
• Remote environmental/structural monitoring
• Many more…


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Schurter TTS Contactless Switch

Schurter Logo1.jpg

Contactless Switch for Hygienic Switching
• Designed for applications in public areas where non-contact switching prevents the transmission of pathogens
• Optical technology precisely adjustable

The Covid 19 pandemic has greatly increased the demand for non-contact push buttons and switches. Various studies show that the transmission of viruses and bacteria via surfaces exposed to constant contact with hands is high.

A wide variety of technologies for contactless switching are vying for the favor of developers and buyers. But not everyone is suitable to the same extent. Often, they also send out false signals under certain
conditions (e.g., splash water, rain) and this trigger unintentional switching. The optical technology TOF (Time of Flight) used in the Schurter TTS can be programmed individually, with high precision, so that malfunctions are prevented.

Highest Reliability
The switch is programmed so that the standard detection distance is 60 to 0.02 mm. This ensures that wiping over or cleaning the switch surface will not trigger a switching signal. Schurter TTS switches offer the highest reliability. Since they have no moving parts, their lifetime is more than 20 million switching cycles.

Ring Illumination and Installation
The visual feedback is ensured by a two-color ring illumination (red/green) in the actuator, whose supply voltage is between 5 and 28 VDC. The simple installation of the TTS, which is fixed by means of a nut, and an anti-twist protection allow a maximum easy replacement.

Areas of Application
The new TTS non-contact switch can be used for a wide range of applications. It is suitable in public areas, for example for vending machines, parking systems or in sanitary areas to avoid any contact by hand. However, the detection distance can also be set so that the switch can be used as a photoelectric barrier for certain applications, this opening up a new field of application.


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Finder 77 Series Solid State Relays


Modular solid state relays (SSR) 5 – 15 – 30A


A solid state relay is ideal when fast, frequent switching is required. For example, precision temperature control of an industrial oven might require switching off the mains supply to the heating elements every two or three seconds. Finder’s 77 Series would be the best component to operate this with input AC or DC, 230 V AC or 400 V AC output and rated voltage range (19…305) V AC or (48…480) V AC and is most suited to heater controls.

The 77 Series is made up of modular and “hocky puck” style solid state relays with the folowing features (according to Type):




Function and Features:
Input AC or DC
• 230 V AC or 400 V AC output
• Rated voltage range (19…305) V AC or (48…480) V AC
• Zero-crossing and random switch-on versions
• Suitable for lamp loads
• 17.5 and 22.5 mm housing
• Features (“hockey puck”)

Input AC or DC
• 230 V AC or 400 V AC output
• Switching voltage range (19…305) V AC or (48…480) V AC
• Suggested applications: heater control
• Mounting to heatsink with screws
• Zero-crossing version

• Drying Kilns
• Heating & Cooling
• Lighting Control
• Bottling Plant
• Labelling Machines
• Packaging Machines


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Entrelec Easy Rail Designer 3D

Easy Rail Designer 3D

The terminal block assembly software enables to build DIN rail assemblies made with ENTRELEC terminal blocks in complete autonomy. While speeding up your project management Easy Rail Designer 3D makes the assembly design process easier, combining user-friendly and advanced functionalities. The powerful interface provides 2D/3D export capabilities as well as a 3D viewer.

Product Benefits:
• Assembly design process made easier
• User-friendly software for working in full autonomy
• Customized project management: user’s data integration, PDF reports, history of modifications


Product Features:
• 3D drawing: built-in 3D viewer and 3D drawing export
• CAD/CAE integration: export to the main CAD/CAE softwares
• Customization: Indication on the drawing of the supplier’s, integrator’s and end user’s name, logotype and part number
• Intuitive Windows® user interface
• User-friendly configurator: Correction system, powerful search engine, insertion of products external to the database


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