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Finder’s 7F Series Filter Fans

Finder’s sleekly designed 7F Series cooling fans and filters are essential components for reducing heat within the panel, ensuring the performance of components and instrumentation within control panels and enclosures

Vital for control panels to cool increasing ambient temperatures between -15…+75°C, Finder’s 7F Series keeps internal devices working at optimal levels, while also preventing dusty or contaminated air from entering the panel, allowing for smooth operating systems. Reverse flow versions are also available.

With its slim construction and wide range of sizes, the 7F can slip into some of the most compact of panels and takes minimal depth within the enclosure, offering a time-saving installation and maintenance for installers. New size 4 filter fans are available with 250 and 400 m3/h.

Available in 24V DC, 120 and 230V AC (50/60 Hz), Finder’s cooling fans and filters offer a flexible, reliable and competitive range, along with Finder’s premium quality reputation. The 7F Serie’s air volume is (24…400)m3 /h (free flow) with air volume (14…270)m3 /h (with Exhaust Filter installed in cabinet).

Finder’s 7F Series also has a replaceable G3 rated filter mat which can be removed quickly and tool free. The size of the Exhaust Filter should match the size of the Filter Fan to achieve the best ventilation within the cabinet. Safety is ensured with the filter mats with a DIN F1 fire rating and other plastics comply with UL 94 v-0.


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Schurter DKIV-1 Choke For Printed Circuit Board Mounting

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1-Phase High Current Choke in Vertical Design
• Small footprint on the printed circuit board
• Open design optimizes heat dissipation
• Compact and lightweight
• Nanocrystalline or ferrite ring cores

Schurter expands its range of current-compensated chokes for printed circuit board mounting, to include a series for 1-phase high-current applications. Due to the vertical design, the new DKIV-1 series sports a significantly smaller footprint. The chokes are available with a ferrite or nanocrystalline core for rated currents from 10 A to 50 A. The open design makes the chokes particularly compact and lightweight.

Like all other aspects of electronic design, the power circuit is oftentimes built today using discrete components on printed circuit boards. With the trend toward integrating components, to achieve smaller and smaller form factors, thermal problems and high current on the PCB can become a challenge. Traditional block filters might well address these challenges, but their larger package size also presents challenges due to the mentioned space constraints; therefore, an effective asymmetrical common mode choke, together with capacitors mounted on the PCB, is a better solution

Compact and Lightweight
The new DKIV-1 series is designed for 1-phase applications at rated currents from 10 A to 50 A. Even at the max. rating, the vertical choke requires only a small footprint on the PCB, thus allowing a compact design with high performance. The compact and lightweight current-compensated chokes are throughhole mounted. They are ideal for multistage filter applications, where the combination of a vertical choke (DKIV) with a horizontal choke (DKIH) reduces the mutual interference of the magnetic fields of the individual chokes.

Performance and Approvals
The DKIV-1 current compensated chokes comply with IEC 60938 and with a rated voltage of 300 VAC or 450 VDC, they are suitable for almost any application. The DKIV-1 series is certified for current ratings from 10 to 50 A, 300 VAC according to IEC and UL and 10 to 50 A, 250 VAC according to CSA. The chokes have ENEC and cURus approvals. The DKIV-1 series has been designed for a wide temperature range of -40 °C to +100 °C.


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Hylec DFH02 Plastic PCB Fuse Holder

New DFH02 plastic PCB fuse holder with optional transparent insulation cover from Hylec for PCB and thru-hole mounting

Vertical orientation; 22.6mm pitch, UL94V-2 polycarbonate cover

Hylec-APL, the specialist supplier of electrical components and enclosures, has launched a new 5mm x 20mm PCB fuse holder, the DFH02, for either PCB or thru-hole mounting. The DFH02 features a transparent insulation cover which provides protection for the fuse and makes installation and removal simple. This style of fuse holder is the most popular and best-selling type of fuse holder on the market.

Suitable for use in all types of circuits, Hylec’s DFH02 PCB fuse holders provide a secure and safe method for mounting fuses on all types of PCBs and eliminate the problems associated with using fuse clips on a PCB. Easier to install than fuse clips, DFH02 fuse holders are also low-cost and ensure a reliable electrical and mechanical connection.

The 22.6mm pitch DFH02 can be mounted direct to the PCB in horizontal orientation or thru-hole mounted for vertical orientation. Electrical rating is 6.3A at 250VAC maximum.

The base material is thermoplastic, PA66 glass-filled, offering mechanical strength and excellent dimensional stability. It meets UL94V-0 flame-retardancy standards. The transparent insulation cover is rated UL94-V2.

Dimensions of the DFH02 base are: 13.5mm high off the PCB, width 9.0mm, 22.0mm long. Pin pitch is 22.6mm. Total height with cover off the PCB is 15.0mm.


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Crouzet SQ57 DC Brushless Motor Application


A low noise SQ57 DC brushless motor drives the pump vacuuming mosquitoes

Zika virus, dengue, chikungunya and yellow fever are primarily transmitted by the bite of an infected mosquito. To date, A total of 86 countries and territories have reported evidence of mosquito-transmitted Zika infection with no vaccine yet available for either prevention or treatment.

Development of a Zika vaccine remains an active area of research. In the meantime, smart technology has revolutionized mosquito control by creating mosquito traps which pose no danger to people or our ecosystems.


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ZF Hall-Based Position Sensors

Marine engine controls benefit from ZF Hall-based position sensors

Hall-based position sensors are becoming widely used in a wide variety of applications due to their contactless and wear-free measurement method. These sensors are used in outboard marine engines to control the trim level. Marine drive manufacturers rely on the Hall-based position sensors from ZF as reliable and robust components for their overall drive system.

The Hall-based position sensors from ZF have been established as a reliable sensor solution for marine applications, especially for the inclination and trim measurement of outboard motors. To ensure optimal performance of a boat depending on the speed, the outboard motor must have a certain inclination. Both angle and linear position sensors are used with an associated external magnet carrier to monitor and realign the current inclination of the motor. The sensors are completely contactless and have an almost unlimited lifetime, as no wear and tear occur caused by abrasion. For position measurement, the external magnet is attached a few millimeters above the sensor. If the magnet rotates, the magnetic field changes, which again leads to a change in voltage within the sensor electronics. Each voltage value can be assigned to a specific angle value.

Depending on the requirements and customers’ requests, ZF offers a range of different angle sensor variants with associated magnets for triggering signals. These vary in terms of the angular range (0-360°), signal redundancy (non-, semi- or fully redundant), connection interface (cable, connector), operating temperature range and form factor. Attributed to long lasting experiences and know how in hall-based sensor technology, also customized solutions can be fulfilled.


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Bulgin Circular Fiber Connectors

The Bulgin Circular Fiber Connector range offer high quality and reliable fiber connectivity solutions. Suitable for use in industries such as outdoor broadcast, FTTX (fiber to the x), server room engineering, civil engineering, marine, aviation and rail applications.


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Sensata (Cynergy3) FLPV Series Float Switch


Sensasta (Cynergy3) are pleased to announce the launch of the FLPV Series of Float Switches from our Level and Flow product line to our Global Distribution Network.

The FLPV is a flameproof vertical float switch range, with single or dual float, designed to give the user a long reach with a number of switching options, catering to a wide variety of system requirements. Manufactured in stainless steel 316L material, these ATEX and PED certified switches are suitable use in many aggressive liquids or hygienic applications.

Their industry standard process connection sizes give a quick and reliable method of installation:
• Dual switch point for high/low indication
• Stainless Steel 316L material
• Fast switching, allowing precise control
• High life expectancy

Wherever there is a need to detect the level of fluid there may be a requirement for a level switch. To list all areas where this is applicable to the FLPV is prohibitive. However, the FLPV will be used as either
a process control device or system protection device. The FLPV is a reliable and robust switch due to its design and more cost effective compared to its competitors.

Typical examples of usage include storage overfill protection, pump run dry protection, and max-min level control. The FLPV Series is a great solution to address these requirements:
• Power ratings 10 VA
• Fast switching, allowing precise control
• Switching Voltage 200VAC / 120VDC
• High life expectancy
• 10 Bar Pressure rating


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ZF’s New Compact Magnet Carrier Ideal For Harsh Environments

“New compact Magnet Carrier 709-21995 for use with existing Hall-based angle sensors for precise and wear-free angle measurement”.

ZF presents its new compact Magnet Carrier 709-21995 for use with existing Hall-based angle sensors for precise and wear-free angle measurement. These are ideal for harsh environments such as in the steering system of forklifts and other off-road vehicles. The combination of the new magnet carrier with the ANG angle sensor offers enormous advantages in limited space due to its small dimensions.

ZF offers several angle sensor variants that differ between the redundancy of the output signal: non-, semi or full redundancy, (primarily for safety requirements), the measuring angle and the cable connection and connector type. These variants support flexible use in individual application areas of angle detection. The ANG sensor is the newest in the ZF angle position sensing portfolio. With its length of 3.2 cm and width of 4.5 cm, it fulfills strict requirements in respect of limited space in customer applications and has an extended temperature range (-40 to 140°C), high accuracy (+/- 2% to +/- 2.5%) and is rated IP68. Depending on the desired security, the ANG angle sensor is available in a simple version with three cable outputs but without a redundant output signal, or with four cables and a semi-redundant output signal.

The brand new and extremely compact magnetic carrier from ZF is ideally suited for combination with angle sensors over a measuring range of up to 360°. It works perfectly in conjunction with the ZF Hall sensors. The plastic carrier housing contains a rare earth magnet consisting of a samarium-cobalt compound. It is equipped with two brass bushings to attach the magnet carrier to the target object reliably. The magnet carrier has primarily been designed to serve applications with limited space. It is only 2.4 cm long and 1.8 cm high.

An application example is electric steering (steer by wire) in forklifts, one that ZF sensors and magnet carriers are already well established. The target is for the precise implementation of the desired steering angle from the driver to be communicated to the vehicle. The small magnet carrier is mechanically attached to the steering axle with M3 screws and rotates without contact. It is therefore wear-free over the Hall element of the sensor.


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Schurter UMT-H Fuse Family: Extension 40A and 50A

Schurter Logo1.jpg

SMD Ceramic Fuse with Very High Breaking Capacity
• 26 rated currents from 0.16 to 50 A
• International approvals
• Time-Lag T characteristic
• Impermeable to potting compound

The well introduced SMD ceramic fuses of the UMT-H family have been expanded in the form of a 40 A and a 50 A version. Schurter now offers the UMT-H with its Time-Lag T characteristic in a total of 26 rated currents between 160 mA and 50 A.

The UMT-H SMD ceramic fuse now covers a current range from 160 mA to 50 A at voltages of up to 277 VAC and 250 VDC. This makes the cuboid fuse ideal for cost-efficient automated assembly. Its large solder pads ensure excellent heat dissipation.

The UMT-H was specially developed for primary protection in industrial electronics at nominal voltages of up to 277 VAC. Additional areas of application are energy supply, medical technology and telecommunications as well as e-mobility. New market developments show that currents of 40 A and 50 A are increasingly needed for battery-powered applications.

High Inrush Currents
The UMT-H is predestined for use in applications with high inrush currents (e.g. motors) due to its Time-Lag T characteristic. But also newer applications, which increasingly rely on powerful accumulators, often require slow tripping.

Impermeable to Potting Compound
The UMT-H remains tight with most commercially available potting compounds. Therefore, this fuse is especially suitable for high demands. In addition, the high breaking capacity of 1500 A and the cap distance of >10 mm make the UMT-H the ideal choice for explosion protection.


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