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Eaton MS-16A Enclosed DOL 3phase AC Motor Starter

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Eaton’s wide range of Motor Control Gear and Heating and Lighting Control equipment is an integral part of our single source commitment.    Since the late 1920’s we have built countless motor starters, fitted and trusted by generations of contractors, while the increasing requirements of our markets have led us to constantly update and expand our MS-16A range to allow for an increased choice of current ratings and ingress protection.

This wealth of experience and expertise in the design and manufacture of Motor Control Gear is mirrored by our Heating and Lighting range which offers a
versatile and comprehensive choice.

The MS-16A DOL starter with a power range up to 7.5KW, enclosed in a moulded enclosure – this can be used as a replacement for the discontinued ADS8 range.

• IEC 60947-4-1
• VDE 0660
• BS EN 60947-4-1

• Built in 7.5 kW contactor
• High-quality materials, tough glass-fibre reinforced polycarbonate in grey
• Provides high IP protection to IP65
• Robust and high resistance to chemicals
• Start and stop pushbuttons from the RMQTitan series
• Internal earth terminals
• Sealing features protect against unauthorized opening and tampering
• Cable entries – wiring without cable glands or 20 mm knockouts for M20 threaded gland
• Total insulation


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Eaton 1500/2500 Series Switch Range

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Eaton offers a full field-proven line of rockers designed for excellence in many applications. They enable you to maximize efficiency and increase machine uptime even in the most extreme environments.

1500/2500 Series rocker switches are available as Midsize Non-Illuminated and Illuminated, and Hi-Lite Rocker with High Inrush. The 1500H/2500H High Inrush option is designed to handle high inrush currents up to 100A peak inrush for 10 milliseconds. The two-color Hi-Lite Rocker with High Inrush version brightly indicates the ON position. This version spares the expense of more costly illuminated switches and is available with the high inrush option.

• High Inrush
• Hi-Lite Rocker with High Inrush


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Eaton 1600/2600 Series Switch Range

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Eaton offers a full field-proven line of rockers designed for excellence in many applications. They enable you to maximize efficiency and increase machine uptime even in the most extreme environments.

The 1600/2600 series snap-in rocker and paddle switches boast worldwide approvals at up to 16A, 250 Vac. One switch can be used for both domestic and foreign markets. Ideal applications include appliances, electronic instrumentation, communications, medical equipment, office equipment and more.

1600/2600 Series rockers offer a wide circuit in standard or custom colors for illuminated and non-illuminated versions. Custom legends are available on the switch lever and bezel. The 1600H/2600H High Inrush option is designed to handle high inrush currents up to 100A peak inrush for 10 milliseconds. The Splashguard option features a unique moisture and water resistant seal, making it ideally suited for marine, RV and food processing applications.

• Uniquely designed seal provides resistance to moisture and water.
• One switch can be used for both domestic and foreign markets, saving on costs and inventory.
• Oversized nylon lever with smooth, matte finish features a convenient thumb depression to ensure effortless touch control.

• Custom Legends
• High Inrush
• Panel Cutout Fillers
• Splashguard


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Eaton NGR Series Switch Range

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Eaton offers a full field-proven line of rockers designed for excellence in any vehicle applications. They enable you to maximize efficiency and increase machine uptime even in the most extreme environments.

The NGR line of full-sized rocker switches, initially developed for the heavy truck industry, is now found in a variety of vehicle related applications. The standard actuator is a clean, European-styled, two-face rocker made of high-quality thermoplastic material.

The field-proven NGR offers both European styling and ergonomic design while providing the solid durability that you have come to expect from Eaton switches. Illuminated and non-illuminated versions with either incandescent bulbs or LEDs are available in a variety of popular switching circuits. The NGR also offers a variety of rocker buttons and indicators with laser-etched or pad-printed icons, insertable lenses and adhesive-backed labels.

• Standard switch provides splash and dust resistance to IP42, while the sealed version is sealed to IP67 when supplied with panel seal.
• Backlighting technique allows for the legend to appear daylight white or dead-front when non-illuminated, but will change color when illuminated depending on the back-lit color chosen.
• Two legend areas on the ends of each rocker of sufficient size easily accommodate two lines of four Helvetica Narrow 12-point characters.
• Rocker snaps on and off the switch, making it easily replaceable.

• Colored rockers, mounting bezels and lenses
• Common lamp ground jumper
• Custom back-lit legends
• Dry circuit capabilities
• Gang mounting system
• Locking rocker
• Maintained and Momentary Action Circuits
• Multiple LEDs
• Pad-printed legends
• Polarized lock-on connectors
• Reversing jumpers
• Special lamps and lamp voltages
• Special ratings


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Eaton DIL DC Contactors – High DC Switching Made Simple. Maintenance-Free, Reliable, Cost-Effective

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Save Time and Costs with Eaton DC-Contactors

Clever Use of a Proven Technology
Thanks to the use of proven hybrid technology, the contacts in Eaton DC contactors have a long lifespan and low contact wear. Hybrid contactors feature two mechanical contacts – a extinguishing contact and a break contact – that are connected in series.

DIL DCMoreover, they have an IGBT power semiconductor switch connected in parallel with the extinguishing contact. When one of these contactors is switched off, the first thing that happens is that the IGBT is switched on. After this, the extinguishing contact opens mechanically, commutating the current to the IGBT so that it can be interrupted by the power electronics. Finally, the break contact is opened in a de-energized state, achieving the required potential isolation.


Together with this configuration, a wide-range coil for DC and AC voltages makes our DC contactors a maintenance-free and reliable part of any machine or system.

Efficient and Compact
• With up to 150,000 operations, these units have a lifespan that is six times longer than that of comparable devices
• No maintenance costs, resulting in lower operating costs
• Lower switching contact wear as a result of extremely short arcing times
• Convenient to switch on and off: either conventionally or directly with a programmable logic controller (PLC)
• Compact frame size designed to save space
• Very short opening and closing times of main contacts

Reliable and Flexible
• Wide control voltage range of 110 V – 250 V AC, 110 V – 350 V DC
• Globally certified: UL, CSA, CCC, GL, DNV
• Bi-directional operation (polarity insensitivity) ensures ease of use
• Wide temperature range of -40 °C to +70 °C

Ideal for a Large Variety of Applications
• Solar power
• Rail traffic
• Marine & Offshore
• Energy storage
• Automotive charging infrastructure
• DC grids

Designed for Industrial Use
• Universal concept
• Fast and easy to install thanks to tried-and-true terminal types
• Based on Eaton’s well-known contactor technology


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Eaton Dumeco DC Switch-Disconnectors for Handling Demanding PV Applications

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Power management company Eaton offers Dumeco DC switch-disconnectors to help solar PV equipment manufacturers and installers gain a competitive edge within the increasingly significant solar power market. These innovative products stand alone as cost-effective, reliable and safe solutions; they also integrate efficiently and easily with matched Eaton components into a continuous channel that transports energy safely from the solar module to the power grid.

Dumeco-DCThe DC switch-connectors are being made available in four frame sizes; the largest has 800 A, 1000 A and 1250 A options, while the smallest offers 63 A, 80 A and 100 A versions. Accordingly, the devices are suitable for applications ranging from residential and light commercial rooftop sites to large commercial and utility scale installations, as well as solar combiner box and inverter equipment.

This switchgear is available in 2-pole configurations that reduce the need for bridging links between the poles; this cuts installation time and copper costs. Bi-directional pole connection gives installation flexibility. The units’ minimal footprint of up to 52 per cent smaller than any competing product allows installation space savings. An independent manual operating mechanism controls special self-cleaning roller contacts which provide long term safety and reliability.

Operation is through either a direct handle or an extension shaft of up to 600 mm and handle for thru-the-door interlocking. IP65-rated grey or red/yellow K Line handles are available, with both padlock and cylinder lock versions. Door interlocking configurations include a ‘defeatable’ option in the ON position for fault finding. An auxiliary switch set is also available; this offers 1NO+1NC contacts.

The Dumeco DC switch-connectors are rated to 1000 V DC, are compliant with standard EN-IEC 60947-3 and have CE, CCC, RoHS and EAC certifications. They offer high short circuit ratings and operate to utilization category DC-21B. The units are suitable for base plate mounting.

This new range of DC switch-connectors is built to handle the most demanding of PV applications, while providing reliable isolation to ensure safe operation within an installation. Perfectly aligned with the robust Dumeco AC switch-disconnectors, it enables an excellent all-round AC/DC package. The products offer an attractive solution to distributors, installers and manufacturers due to their competitive pricing, cost-saving features, proven reliability and compact, flexible design. They form part of Eaton’s comprehensive global portfolio that serves the renewable energy segment.


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Eaton RS Family of Switches for use in Machine Guarding Applications

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RS FamilyEaton’s RS safety interlock switches have been specifically designed to monitor protective guards, such as doors, flaps and hoods. All switches in this
family are safety-rated and use magnetically coded actuators to minimize defeat by simple magnets. With correct installation, the RS family complies with EN ISO 13849-1 and IEC 62061 guidelines.

The RS safety interlock family includes three series: RS2, RS2R and RS4. The assembly comprises a sensor component and a separate magnet actuator component. The sensor is typically mounted to a stationary portion of a structure and the magnet to a movable portion. When the sensor and the actuator are within operating range, the NC contacts with be closed and the NO contacts will be open.

• Non-contact actuation
• Reversible mounting
• High misalignment tolerance
• SIL 3 and PLe ratings
• –10 °C to +55 °C temperature range
• IP67, IP69K

• Reduce SKUs
• Reduce installation time
• Tested to latest IEC and ISO standards
• Long life with non-contact actuation
• Wide variety of output contact configuration
• Industry standard mounting

Standards and Certifications:
• UL®, CE, cUL®, RoHS, TUV


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Eaton E57 Three-Wire DC Inductive Proximity Sensors

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E57 SensorFeaturing rugged stainless steel bodies, 360° LED indicator, permanently laser-etched label and –40 °C operation – Eaton has relaunched its E57 three-wire DC inductive proximity sensors, raising the bar for value in the sensor marketplace.  Among the relaunched series, the E57P and E57PS offer customers a wider operating voltage, temperature range, higher output current and more robust environmental rating than the E57G series.

However, the E57G series is the more cost-effective offering and is suitable for most customer applications, providing shorter lead time than Eaton’s previous three-wire models.

• Stainless steel tube
• Short-circuit protection
• Unmatched noise immunity
• Manufactured to withstand harsh physical and environmental conditions
• Available in most popular connection types
• Shielded and unshielded versions available
• Permanently marked with laser etching

Eaton quality, industry standard mounting, high performance, increased reliability, costeffective, increased longevity, short lead times, and a variety
ofconfigurations to meet customer needs.

The E57P, E57PS and E57G use the reliable eddy current inductive method of sensing to detect metallic objects that come within range. The proven design makes the product adaptable and easy to set up with most PLCs.

Standards and Certifications:
CE, cUL®, RoHS


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The New Eaton Moeller DE1 Variable Speed Starter


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The New PowerXL™ series DE1 Variable Speed Starter bridges the gap between variable speed drives and conventional motor starters <7.5kW.

It’s as easy to use as a contactor yet saves energy by adjusting the motor speed, with trip free operation. It’s so simple, it runs out of the box!

It’s also perfect for meeting the requirements of the ErP directive for motor efficiency.


• Where regular variable speed drives are just too complex
• Where direct on line starting is too harsh but full torque is needed
• Instead of a motor starter to meet the new EU directives
• Where you simply need a different motor speed
• Where you want to save money

Energy Efficiency and Cost Efficiency to the machine / application:

• Fast and error-free installation
• Commissioning Out-Of-The-Box (time savings up to 70%)
• Easy change from a motor starter
• No special drive skills or knowledge required
• Reduced efforts on technical support
• Integrated motor protection and short-circuit protection
• Compact side-by-side and horizontal mounting
• PDS category C1 with integrated EMC filter

Out-Of-The-Box Commissioning:

• Trip-free design for maximum machine availability:
– Auto-reset, – DC regulation, – DC braking, – PWM control
– Comprehensive motor protection
– 60°C ambient temperature (with partial derating at temperatures higher than 50°C)
– The optional DX-EXT-SET module can be used to easily change parameters with a screwdriver
• Modbus RTU on board, with optional SmartwireDT
• International standards (CE, UL, cUL, cTick, EAC, RohHS)


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Eaton PowerXL DE1 Variable Speed Starter

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A New Species

The new Variable speed starter (VSS) from Eaton offers alternatives for drive engineering

The increasing automation of machines and the increasing legal requirements with regard to energy efficiency have resulted in a significant rise in the demand for variable frequency drives. At the same time the motor starter has established a strong position on the market. In order to bridge the gap between the two, Eaton is now offering a new device class: the Variable speed starter (VSS).

Electrical speed control using variable frequency drives continues to gain importance. The Motor Regulation EC 640/2009 of the European Union is a driving force here, stipulating the mandatory use of IE3 motors directly on the grid or likewise the use of IE2 motors with variable speed drives from 2015. This means that there is an increasing move away from the motor starter towards the variable frequency drive, particularly with simple applications.

Benefits of the motor starter and variable frequency drive combined

There is clearly a gap between these two most widely used methods of controlling electric motors. One the one hand, there is the motor starter with its easy handling and high level of reliability and yet limited functionality. On the other hand, the variable frequency drive provides the required variable motor speed and a wide range of functions, but involves a greater degree of complexity. The move towards the variable frequency drive therefore presents many users with some challenges since it is a highly complex device and normally requires a comprehensive knowledge of drive engineering.

As a pioneer and one of the leading specialists for all aspects of switching, protecting and driving motors, Eaton has developed a new device class that combines the benefits of the motor starter with those of the variable frequency drive. The so-called Variable speed starter (VSS) can be handled as easily as a motor starter but offers the possibility of variable speed control at the same time.

DE1 large


Simplicity at first glance…

Eaton is launching the new device class under the product name PowerXL-DE1, first of all in two sizes. The slim-line FS1 version with a width of only 45 mm is ideal for controlling motors up to 1.5 kW, while the FS2, double the width at 90 mm, is designed for ratings from 2.2 to 7.5 kW. At first glance, these devices are the embodiment of simplicity.

Their attractiveness lies in the fact that there are no buttons and operating elements. This makes a simple “out-of-the-box” installation possible, i.e. the installer just has to take the device out of the box, wire it up like a motor starter, and it is already operational. The fact that the DE1 requires no parameter setting means that the probability of installation errors is kept to a minimum and therefore also the time required up to commissioning. Three LEDs indicate the status and operating mode of the unit at a glance. The table provided directly on the device gives a clear explanation of the color coding and flash frequency.

…impressive trip free design at second

Besides simple handling, Eaton has also integrated the aspect of reliability into the new device class. The trip free design of the Variable speed starter (VSS) ensures maximum availability. This concept comprises the ability of the DE1 devices to detect the regenerative energy feedback from the motor and to thus lengthen the ramp automatically. It also includes a DC braking function and the function of automatically reducing the switching frequency to prevent the device temperature from being exceeded. However, in the event that a fault causes the device to switch off, the automatic restart function makes it possible to ensure continuous motor operation. This means that the manual reset of the fault is no longer necessary providing that safety is not impaired.

The benefits of the trip free design are easily demonstrated in practical applications. Imbalance can be a genuine problem in many applications where centrifugal forces are present (e.g. industrial washing machines). On the one hand the motor must accelerate the load, whilst on the other hand, the imbalance mechanically accelerates the motor so that it runs faster than set by the variable frequency drive. This results in regenerative energy feedback into the DC link circuit. Normally the energy must be discharged via a braking resistor. The DE1 offers a refined alternative: An internal algorithm ensures that this does not increase the DC link voltage to impermissible values and thus initiate a shutdown – and all that without the use of a braking resistor.

Fans are another area of application. The air flow in a pipe system can mean that fans often rotate when the driving motor is not switched on. If a speed controller is then required to switch the motor that is already rotating, the controller may be switched off in certain circumstances on account of overcurrent. With these kinds of applications, the DE1 Variable speed starter (VSS) is able to brake the motor with DC current before the motor actually starts in order to prevent the unwanted shutdown. The device therefore ensures fault-free operation even here.


A large market gap

The variable speed starters are factory fitted with internal EMC filters so that they are suitable for use in industrial networks as well as in public utility grids (category C1, C2, C3) without the need for other external EMC filters.

With this unique performance profile and its design for ambient temperatures from -10 to 50 °C (60°C with derating) the Variable speed starter (VSS) meets the demands of several applications on the market for which there was previously no ideal solution. This includes, for instance, applications for which a DOL starter and star-delta starter combination or a soft starter cannot be used since the motor draws a large starting current but does not permit a reduced starting torque. This also applies to materials handling applications, when machines or crushers have to be started up at once under full load after a stop. Even for many simple applications, such as in the field of transport technology, regular variable frequency drives are often overdimensioned, i.e. too elaborate, too expensive and complex.

Many machine builders, who are required to move media such as air or liquids, are now challenged by the requirement of the ErP Directive to design a new drive concept for fans and pumps in order to achieve the prescribed minimum efficiency values. If they have previously used a motor starter and controlled the flow rate mechanically or hydraulically, such as with throttle valves, they are now faced with the challenge of switching to a power-dependent control through the possibility of variable speed adjustment.

The variable speed starter is also ideal for applications requiring a fixed speed that cannot be implemented with the mains frequency. This is often the case in the wood industry where motors are run at high speeds (e.g. 18,000 rpm). The DE1 also offers an alternative where a constant speed is required, but where an IE3 motor cannot be used due to the different mechanical dimensions compared to IE2 motors.

Operation options: Screwdriver to remote keypad

The variable speed starter also offer considerably more options than is seen at first and second glance. A pluggable and universal configuration module, the DX-EXT-SET, enables the operator to change the most important parameters from the factory setting with a screwdriver – without the need for a keypad, software or manual. This means that ramp times, motor protection, mains frequency and terminal configuration can be set ergonomically. Once the parameters have been set via the operating elements on the front, the configuration module can “mechanically store” this parameter set, which can then be transferred directly to other variable speed starters – simply by plugging onto the DE1 device and pressing the Set button. This function simplifies and speeds up commissioning in series production or when replacing a device in the event of a fault.

Eaton also offers users external keypads with LED or OLED displays, already known from the PowerXL series, for an alternative method of parameterizing and operating the DE1, as well as a Bluetooth communication stick for the simple copying of parameters from one device to others. Like all devices of the PowerXL series, the DE1 is also compatible with Eaton’s drivesConnect software. This software and the keypads enable up to 63 devices (DE1, DC1, DA1) to be combined in a drive network and now operate and parameterize them centrally as stations of the network. The DE1 comes with a Modbus interface as standard and can also be integrated directly in Eaton’s innovative SmartWire-DT communication system.

The new PowerXL-DE1 Variable speed starters (VSS) that comply with the international CE, UL, cUL and cTick requirements thus provide machine and system builders with a cost-effective and at the same time highly reliable alternative for worldwide use in order to make applications with a previously constant speed more energy efficient and in compliance with the increasing international legal requirements.


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