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Bulgin MPD031 Compact Double Pole Vandal Resistant Switch


The latest addition to Bulgin’s extensive range of Vandal Resistant Stainless Steel Switches is a new double-pole version.


Rated at 3A 125Vac, the new MPD031 has double pole changeover switching. The switch retains the same rugged construction as others in the range, the barrel and button are CNC turned from high grade stainless steel to produce a very strong, rugged switch capable of withstanding abuse. Three profiles as are available; low profile, prominent and domed, and the switch is front panel sealed to IP66.

The panel cut-out, 19mm diameter, and external dimensions remain the same as the single pole MP0031 making the MPD031 suitable as a drop in replacement, therefore it is ideal for applications where more complex switching is required but without taking up any more real estate on the panel.


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Bulgin Mini USB AB Type Connector Sealed to IP68


This latest addition to Bulgin’s Data Buccaneer range of dust and waterproof connectors is a new Mini USB ‘AB’ style interface in three panel mounted configurations.

These three new ‘AB’ versions offer a choice of panel mounting. The first, PX0456, is front of panel mounting with a flying lead to the rear, terminated with a 6 way 0.1” crimp connector.

The other two are rear of panel mounted; the PX0457 has a flying lead terminated with 6 way PCB header and the PX0458 has straight PC pins for direct soldering to a PCB. Both of these allow the connector to be soldered to a PCB sub-assembly and tested as part of the assembly before final build.


Being compatible with both mini ‘A’ and mini ‘B’ style interfaces this new 5 pole product allows the true functionality of this ‘plug and play’ interface.

As with others in the Buccaneer range, the mini USB connector is dust and waterproof to IP68, when mated, and provides USB V2.0 performance up to 480Mbs.

The matching pre-wired cable connectors, PX0441 and PX0442, are available in 2, 3 and 4.5m lengths with a sealed Mini ‘B’ type USB connector paired with either standard or miniature ‘A’ type USB connector. The diameter over the coupling ring is just 19mm and the screw coupling provides a secure, proven locking system.

Mini USB Buccaneer finds many applications within smaller peripherals or where panel space is at a premium and, as with all Bulgin products, is fully RoHS compliant.


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Bulgin IP68 Rated USB Flash Drive Cover


Bulgin’s waterproof USB Buccaneer connectors are being employed in many different areas and applications, with one of the most prominent as a data ‘downloading’ port.

In this application the panel connector is not always used with a mating connector, instead a USB Flash drive is connected to input or extract data from the equipment.


Some applications warrant the Flash drive being left in-situ, but this can compromise the integrity of the equipment’s environmental sealing characteristics. To overcome this Bulgin have a developed an extended cover that will maintain the IP68 sealing of this interface whilst the Flash drive remains connected. The cover is suitable for use on all Buccaneer USB ‘A’ type connectors: PX0842/A, PX0843/A, PX0845/A and PX0849/A.

Designed to accommodate a wide variety of USB Flash drives this simple accessory will find many uses where transportation of data and sealing integrity of the equipment are important considerations.


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Bulgin Waterproof SMB Antenna


The Buccaneer Antenna is a robust and completely waterproof antenna specifically developed for three popular frequency bands.

Integrating the antenna with its waterproof connector can reduce the total number of connectors in the RF chain, reducing insertion losses, effectively increasing the total system gain.

The PX0407 covers the 2.4GHz band popular for wireless LAN, Bluetooth and Zigbee, while the PX0408 covers the UHF 440-470MHz band popular for general purpose radio applications and the PX0409 covers the 850-900/1800/1900MHz bands popular for GSM/Cellular applications.


Designed to the same style as Bulgin’s SMB Buccaneer, the sealed antenna has an integrated SMB connector with an overall diameter of just 19mm and the mating panel connector has a panel fixing hole of 16mm diameter. Rated at IP68, the antenna provides complete protection from harsh environments, and all electrical connections are gold plated to ensure system performance and reliability is maintained.

The mating panel connector, PX0414, with an SMB jack, is terminated with RG-174 cable in 0.5m, 1.0m or 1.5m lengths, this provides fast assembly to the panel and only requires termination into the equipment.

Having a two-part solution with removable antenna and panel connector makes installation and testing a much simpler process, whilst also ensuring that the environmental seal and enclosure integrity are maintained.

Typical application areas are industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) radio for instrumentation and telemetry systems, including Zigbee. Additional applications are base stations and outdoor hotspot installations, specifically for wireless LAN, GSM and Bluetooth communication equipment.


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Bulgin Large Diameter MP0050 Vandal Resistant Switch


Bulgin’s MP0050 is a new large diameter vandal resistant switch.

At 32mm diameter the MP0050 is the largest in Bulgin’s extensive range of vandal resistant switches. Manufactured from Stainless Steel it is designed to complement the other switches in the range and is available with flush and protruding buttons.


Rated at 5A, 250Vac, with single pole changeover contacts and momentary switching, it’s designed with a minimum life expectancy of 1,000,000 mechanical operations and 35,000 electrical.

The temperature rating is from -20 to +70˚C and with front panel sealing to IP68 it is ideal for external applications.

As with the others in the range the MP0050 lends itself to door entry and access control applications along with many other uses such as; car park barriers, emergency telephones, panic buttons, vending machines, lifts, petrol pumps and food processing. The larger diameter button will also benefit the visually impaired.


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10 Poles for Bulgins 900 Series Buccaneer Connectors


This latest addition to the 900 Series Buccaneer connector range further extends the applications of this increasingly popular variant of Bulgin’s IP68 rated circular connectors.

All existing body styles; flex, flex in-line, panel mount and flange mount types can now offer 10 contacts rated to 10A, 250V.

10 Pole Buccaneer.jpg

Using the already tried and tested 900 Series body shells allows the connector sealing properties of IP68 dust and water resistance to be maintained and all existing accessories can be used.

The 900 Series Buccaneer carry UL, CSA and VDE approvals and, along with the new 10 pole version, are available with 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 pole contacts and have ratings up to 32A, 600Vac/dc. Temperature range is from -40 to +85°C and cable accommodation is 7 to 22mm diameter.


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Bulgin 16mm Stainless Steel Pushbutton Switches


Bulgin is proud to announce two new ranges of pushbutton switches for industry standard 16mm diameter panel holes.

The first of the new range is a compact switch extending less than 21mm behind the panel. These single pole, momentary, push to make switches are rated at 2A, 48Vdc and are capable of 100,000 operations at full load and 1,000,000 mechanical operations. There are three button styles; flush, domed and prominent, and all switch variants have screw terminals. The MP0042 is manufactured in stainless steel with a polished finish. The MP0044 is manufactured in gold plated brass to give an extra touch of quality. These attractive switches will find themselves at home on panels and equipment where a robust and but aesthetically pleasing switch is needed.


The second range of 16mm stainless steel switches also have a polished stainless steel finish. They are slightly longer behind the panel but boast many more features. Rated at 3A, 250Vac and capable of 30,000 cycles at full load and 200,000 mechanical cycles, these switches are robust enough for manyFORMATION demanding applications. The MP0045 series have double pole switching with momentary or latching operation, and solder tag termination. The two styles of buttons, flush and protruding, are also available with dot and ring LED illumination. Standard illumination colours are amber, blue, green and red, and integral resistors allow operation from a 12Vdc or 250Vac supply.

——–>  Technical Data Sheets   16mm Stainless Swt ds.pdf

The extensive list of variations for these switches will allow their use in many applications where an attractive but robust small diameter switch is required.


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BULGIN IP68 Dust and Waterproof Bluetooth Adapter


Bluetooth wireless connectivity is the latest addition to Bulgin’s USB Buccaneer waterproof connector family. Bluetooth Buccaneer is a robust USB to Bluetooth adapter designed to overcome common limitations with hardwired USB connections, such as the 5 metre distance restriction and signal isolation problems.


In any wireless application the antenna must be mounted in an external position for optimum range, but often the antenna is lacking in robustness or can defeat the integrity level of the enclosure.
Bluetooth Buccaneer’s IP68 rated dust and waterproof connector is designed to withstand the rigorous demands of harsh or industrial environments, and the Bluetooth electronics with built-in antenna are robustly housed in the overmoulded UL94V-0 body.
Operating at 2.4GHz in the Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) Band, the Class 1 adapter, PX0880/1, can support a working range up to 100m depending on site conditions. The lower power Class 2 adapter, PX0880/2, has a range up to 25m.

The mating panel mount connector, PX0842/A, has a standard USB type A connection, allowing the Bluetooth adapter module to be temporarily removed while standard USB cables or USB memory sticks are utilised.
Comprehensive utility software and drivers can be freely downloaded from Bulgin’s web site, although the most popular plug and play operating systems will automatically recognise the adapter.
Bluetooth Buccaneer will find many applications within industrial control, where water and dust may be present, and a strong, robust and secure wireless connection is needed between computers and peripherals.

Features Include:

  • Dust & Waterproof to IP68
  • Screw coupling for secure connection
  • Built-in antenna
  • Bluetooth specification V1.1 & V1.2
  • Windows compatible drivers
  • Class 1 working Range up to 100m
  • Class 2 working Range up to 25m
  • Data rates up to 723kbps
  • RoHS Compliant


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BULGIN Vandal Resistant Switches now with Blue LEDs


The latest addition to Bulgin’s family of Vandal Resistant Switches is a blue illuminated version, a colour particularly suited to contemporary panel designs.

Vandal Blue.jpg

Two designs of LED illuminated switches available:

  • ‘Dot’ illumination – a single lens in the middle of the button
  • ‘Ring’ illumination – a halo lens that surrounds the button

The bodies of these switches are machined from high grade stainless steel to produce an extremely tough yet aesthetically pleasing switch. A tough Polycarbonate lens is combined with the stainless steel button. The standard colours of red, green and amber have been joined by a blue option, and, typical of Bulgin’s high standard of design detail, the LED housing is moulded in the same colour material as the LED’s themselves.

Tested to 750,000 mechanical operations and 35,000 electrically, the MPI series have single pole contacts rated at 50mA, 24V dc. The switches have either solder tags or screw terminals, useful for easy field servicing, and are front panel sealed to IP66 making them ideal for external applications.

This family of switches all have momentary action contacts, which lend themselves to door entry and access control applications along with many other uses such as: car park barriers, emergency telephones, panic buttons, vending machines, lifts, prisons, petrol pumps and food processing.


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Bulgin Buccaneer Circular Waterproof Connectors


A full range of IP68 rated environmentally sealed circular connectors designed to provide secure and safe connections in harsh or hostile conditions. The range consists of the miniature 400 Series, Mini, Standard and the heavy duty, high current 900 Series. With a wide choice of alternatives from 2 to 25 poles, BNC connections and screw, solder or crimp terminations, the Buccaneer series provide the answer to many design problems.

 A4 yellow ad4.jpg

Screw terminations ensure simple ‘field’ connection, whilst crimp terminations fulfil the requirement for fast and effective volume connections. Each range has flex cable connector, in-line flex cable connector and panel mounting connector options.

The Buccaneer range now includes data connections designed specifically for Ethernet and USB applications. The Ethernet Buccaneer is designed to Cat 5e requirements for data rates up to 100Mbs. The USB Buccaneer is designed to meet USB version 2.0 specification for data rated up to 480Mbs.

The Buccaneer series find numerous applications either in external or internal environments where protection against the ingress of dust and moisture is a system requirement.


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