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Schurter EC12 Snap-In Appliance Inlet with Filter and Mains Switch

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IEC C20 Appliance Inlet with Filter and Mains Switch
• Compact Power Entry Module with Filter
• Optionally with Enhanced Surge Withstand Voltage
• V-Lock Cord Retention

Schurter expands the successful EC12 appliance inlet filter family with new variants for snap-in mounting. This allows the compact power entry module to be mounted even faster and easier.

The EC12 filter series combines an IEC C20 appliance inlet with a high quality 1-stage filter and power switch.

Snap-In Mounting:
New variants of the EC12 power entry modules feature two snap-in springs instead of the screw flange for even simpler and more efficient installation. Thanks to the high-quality springs, a tight-fitting installation is ensured with good electrical contacting of the mounting panel at the same time. The wide metal flange contacts the housing over a large surface area, thus enabling optimum filtering and shielding effect.

The EC12 filter series is available as a standard or medical version and is used in devices that require particularly high resistance to interference. This includes IT or telecom systems according to IEC 92368-1 and medical equipment according to IEC 60601-1.

Filter versions with increased surge withstand voltage capability are also available. These have interference suppression capacitors of safety class X1 for surge voltages of 4 kV between L and N and Y1 for surge voltages of 8 kV.

The series is compatible with V-Lock cord retention device connection cables. The EC12 series is certified for currents up to 16 A/250 VAC according to IEC and 20 A according to UL/CSA at 125/250 VAC. It comes with ENEC, CQC and cURus approvals.


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Sensata / Crydom HA & HD Series (Panel Mount AC Output) Solid State Relays


The HA/HD Series Series is a family of panel mounted AC Solid State Relays with ratings from 12 to 125 Amps at 48 to 660 VAC.

• AC or DC control input
• Zero voltage (resistive loads) or instantaneous (inductive loads) turn-on output
• Optional LED input status indicator
• Optional low input current version
• UL, CSA and TUV approved and CE compliant to EN 609050-1


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Cynergy3 IWR-USB Series

Wireless to USB Gateway


The IWR-USB Gateway provides a link between wireless sensors and any PC with a USB connection.

A free of charge software package allows monitoring and logging of all the sensors in the wireless network via a standard PC.

The IWR-USB saves the time-stamped data collected in a standard .csv file for easy handling by packages such as Microsoft® Excel®.




• 2.4GHz Wireless to USB Gateway
• Enables easy monitoring of our wireless networks using any PC
• Free of charge monitoring software allows all wireless parameters to be viewed and logged
• Logs data to .csv file

Multiple battery powered sensors transmit data at programmable intervals to a IWR-USB receiver which can then be connected to a standard PC for monitoring and logging the data from the wireless transmitters.  Data from up to 128 parameters can be accessed via the IWR-USB receiver.


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Finder 56 Series Industrial Relay


Miniature Power Relays 12A


Function & Features:
• AC & DC coils
• PCB or Plug-in Mounting
• Flange Mount Option (187 Faston termination)
• Available with Lockable Test Button, Mechanical Flag & LED Indicator

• Industrial Furnaces and Ovens
• Control and Management of Electric Power
• Industrial Motors
• Circuit Breakers and Switches
• Conrol Panels
• Panels sfor Electrical Distribution
• Carousel Warehouses
• Vending Machines


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Bulgin Industry Applications for Buildings & Construction (Transport & Infastructure)

With ambient & environmental conditions such as water, moisture & extreme temperatures posing a constant threat to transport & infrastructure applications, reliable & robust solutions are vitally important in this sector.

From outdoor lighting & industrial meters to HVAC systems & surveillance cameras, rest assured that our industry leading solutions are built for maximum reliability & performance to support the challenging needs of various indoor, outdoor & industrial applications.

Heavy duty machinery used for construction & building maintenance require components that are equally as rugged as the environments that they operate in. From outdoor lighting & industrial meters to indoor HVAC systems, rest assured that our wide range of switches, indicators & waterproof connectors are built for maximum reliability & performance.

• Air Compressors
• Cherry Pickers
• Wireless Load Sensors
• Terrain / Mud Monitoring Systems
• Smart Metering
• Security Door Switch Panels
• Moisture Meters
• Heating Systems
• Air Cleaning Systems
• Disabled Refuge Systems
• CCTV Cameras


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Moeller PKE Electronic Motor Protection Circuit Breaker

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• Approvals: UL/CSA, CCC, ATEX
• Trip Classes: Greater Than – Equal to CLASS 10
• Push-In Technology: Save Up To 50 % Installation Time

Thanks to their special features, the Eaton Moeller series motor-protective circuit breakers with electronic overload protection complement the PKZ range and offer a good alternative to MCBs with bimetallic strips. Due to the compact and modular design featuring plug-in trip blocks, they offer maximum flexibility in the current range up to 65 A. By adding the PKE-XTUCP trip blocks, you can quickly turn a PKE motor-protective circuit breaker into a PKE circuit breaker for system and cable protection.

Core Features:
• Hand-operated motor-protective circuit breaker in accordance with IEC/EN 60947-4-1, VDE 0660 Part 102
• Rotary handle with ON & OFF switch-position indicator
• Push-in trip block up to 65 A with visible isolating distance
• If used in conjunction with the appropriate accessories, the circuit breaker can be turned into main switch or emergency-stop switch in accordance with EN 60204 and/or VDE 0113
• Isolating characteristics in accordance with IEC/EN 60947-3
• UL/CSA (including Types E and F) approvals for the North American market
• SmartWire-DT integration
• Short-circuit proof up to 100 kA (400 V) up to 32 A, 50 kA (400 V) up to 65 A
• Circuit breaker width: 45 mm up to 36 A / 55 mm up to 65 A

Push-In Technology – Connections With Just One Clever “Click”:
The Push-in terminals enable control-panel wiring with just one simple click. This tool-free connection technology makes wiring even faster, safer and more efficient. The PKE motor-protective circuit breakers with electronic wide-range overload protection and plug-in trip blocks offer a viable alternative to bi-metallic solutions in the current range up to 65A.

The PKE as Part of the xStart System:
Many applications require an auxiliary contact with different contact configurations for interlocking and signaling. By using a motor starter, however, it becomes possible to implement a more direct, safe and efficient control design.

Open, Flexible and Easy Communication:
Due to the established and widespread serial Fieldbus Modbus RTU the communication module is an open and standardized Communication interface. This enables a complete recoding of the machine conditions and a consistent and clear condition monitoring.

All The Information At Your Fingertips Thanks to SmartWire-DT:
Via SmartWire-DT, the PKE motor starter combinations can be easily integrated into any automation environment. By enhancing data transparency, SmartWire-DT increases the efficiency and reliability of the drives in the vicinity of the motor-protective circuit breaker.

With Eaton, your systems are automatically compliant with the ErP directive in a simple, fast and economical way, while significantly reducing your energy costs.


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E-T-A HPR10 Hybrid Power Relay

The Smartest Power Relay

The HPR10 hybrid power relay belongs to the group of electro-mechanical high current relays. The hybrid version also features the electro-mechanical relay system plus an active electronic control unit for signal conditioning. This electronic circuitry ensures intelligent activation of the bistable electro-mechanical mechanism. This can be a level-controlled or time-controlled activation.

The hybrid power relay is available for the usual voltage ratings DC 12V and DC 24V. All other functions such as level or pulse control, voltage monitoring etc.
can be configured individually as per customer’s request.

• Active battery management through undervoltage and overvoltage monitoring and optional load shedding
• Controlled voltage supply for exhaust aftertreatment systems (SCRT) by means of delayed disconnection
• Custom designed and individual configuration of the functions by way of a configurable software

Technical data:
• Voltage ratings DC 12 V/DC 24 V
• Current ratings 100 A/200 A/300 A
• Degree of protection IP6k9k (IP67)
• Ambient temperature -40 °C … +85 °C

• ISO 16750
• IATF 16949
• ECE R118
• ECE R10
• ASIL upon request

Typical Applications:
• Buses, trucks, construction machinery, agricultural vehicles and forestry equipment as well as special vehicles
• Air-conditioning, compressor units, exhaust aftertreatment (SCRT) and battery management


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Schurter Series 4750 IEC Strip-Block Type F

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• Choice from 2 up to 7 Outlets
• Cord Retention and Optional Light Pipes
• Hard-Wired Bus Variants Configurable
• Available in Black, Grey or White

The demands on power distribution units are very individual. For this reason, Schurter is launching the 4750 series, an appliance socket strip with maximum flexibility and an unprecedented range of variants.

For those who like to configure their power distribution units exactly according to their needs will find the perfect solution for every conceivable application in the new SCHURTER Series 4750.

The Wide Range of Variants
The number of outlets can be freely configured from 2 to a maximum of 7, whereby each outlet already has a cord retention system (horizontal or vertical). This is an indispensable requirement for power distribution units in data center applications or in medical technology.

Furthermore, the 4750 appliance strip-block is available in a wide range of Terminal variants (PCB, solder or Quick Connect versions) as well as with freely configurable light pipes to indicate an individual status.

To keep track in 3-phase systems, the 4750 series is available in three different colors white, grey or black.

Reduction of Manufacturing Effort
A highlight are four possible hard-wired bus variants (L/N/PE, N/PE, PE or PE/L), which again massively reduce the wiring effort while manufacturing. This as a further goal to offer a product, perfectly fitted to the customer’s needs.


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Hylec Launches New Versatile Debox 11 Junction Box

Debox 11 IP66/IP67-Rated Surface-Mounted Electrical Junction Box for Exterior and Interior Projects: Features 8 x M20 threaded membrane entry points; 2x additional base entry points; five x 3-lever screwless connectors included.

Hylec-APL, the specialist manufacturer and supplier of electrical and electronic components, announces the launch of Debox 11, a versatile and robust IP66/IP67-rated surface-mounted junction box with a total of ten cable entries and five 3–way lever connectors. Specifically designed for interior or exterior use on projects such as exterior lighting, outbuildings and anywhere exposed to water or dust ingress such as industrial environments, Debox 11 is the latest junction box to join Hylec’s innovative and highly-successful multi-million unit selling Debox family. Like the rest of the Debox junction box family, Debox 11 saves electrical professionals installation time with its thoughtful, ergonomic design.

Debox 11 features ten cable entry points – two on each side and a further two in the base of the box. All have soft membrane covers, giving a quick puncture-entry self-sealing system rated to IP66. The eight side-entry points also have a M20 size threaded entry for cable glands, with no requirement for an internal locknut, giving a higher protection rating of IP67.

Wires are easily and quickly connected into the five x 3-lever screwless connectors which are supplied with Debox 11. Minimum cable diameter is 3mm, maximum 12mm. Voltage maximum is 400V, 32A. Internally the five connectors are held securely by moulded mountings. Also should the application require a PCB, Debox 11 has four PCB fixing posts in the base to take a PCB mounting plate. After inserting the wires, the Debox 11 lid is securely fastened with two included captive lid screws.

For secure external fixing, Debox 11 offers two alternative convenient mounting methods: for internal fixing, there are four screw fixing points in the corners (which do not pierce the housing and therefore do not compromise the IP rating); or for external fixing, there are two unique fixing lugs located on the sides, which preclude the need for external mounting fixtures.

The robust Debox 11 housing is manufactured from black, RAL9003 flame-retardant, impact-resistant polypropylene and is rated for use in temperatures ranging from -30degC to +100degC. Dimensions are 85mm wide x 85mm deep x 53mm high.


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Sensata / Crydom PM67 Series (Panel Mount AC Output) Solid State Relays

The Nova22 PM67 is a compact 3-phase solid state relay in a panel mountable 67.5mm wide package with output ratings up to 75 Amps per channel @ 40°C. Its built-in overvoltage protection and the optional overtemperature protection make it suitable for demanding heating, motion and lighting applications.

It’s easy to install and its large cage clamp terminals allow connecting wires up to 2 AWG size on the output terminals without the use of any additional accessories, therefore reducing installation cost and time.

UL approved and VDE certified, the PM67 is a powerful and versatile solid state relay with superior performance when compared to previous generations and competitor products.



• Output ratings up to 75 Amps at 600 VAC
• 2 & 3 controlled Legs option
• Over Temperature protection w/alarm (optional)
• Built-in overvoltage protection
• Clamp Cage terminal type accepts up to 2 AWG wire size.
• Layout of mounting holes compatible with standard hockey puck SSRs
• IP20 touch-safe housing
• AC or DC control
• C-UL-US recognized and VDE approved


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