Bulgin Industry Applications for Lighting (Transport & Infastructure)

With ambient & environmental conditions such as water, moisture & extreme temperatures posing a constant threat to transport & infrastructure applications, reliable & robust solutions are vitally important in this sector.

From outdoor lighting & industrial meters to HVAC systems & surveillance cameras, rest assured that our industry leading solutions are built for maximum reliability & performance to support the challenging needs of various indoor, outdoor & industrial applications.

Bulgin is an industry leader in manufacturing reliable electronic solutions for lighting applications around the world. With ambient and environmental conditions such as water, moisture and extreme temperatures posing a constant threat to the performance of outdoor lighting equipment, secure and robust solutions are of paramount importance. For years we have supported the lighting needs of various infrastructure applications with our industry-leading solutions being used in various indoor, outdoor and industrial applications, from portable lighting for construction to airport flood lights.

Our IP rated circular connectors for power, signal and data are particularly suited to providing the high levels of performance needed for such demanding environments. Capable of being submerged in water and able to withstand high levels of UV exposure, they are specifically designed to reduce installation time and excel in challenging environmental conditions. If you require reliable waterproof connectors & cable assemblies suited to outdoor & architectural lighting applications, then Bulgin is the perfect choice to meet your unique lighting requirements.

• Roadside LED Lighting
• Commercial Lighting
• External Building LED Lighting
• Portable Maintenance LED Lighting
• Airport Flood Lighting
• Sport Venue LED Lighting


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