E-T-A MPR20 Mechanical Power Relay

The Most Energy-Efficient Monostable Power Relay

The MPR20 is a monostable electro-mechanical high current relay. Its wide range input allows installation and operation in both 12V and 24V on-board electrical systems without change of the hardware and it carries 300A continuously. In the event of a power disruption, the relay will at once go into its original state due to its monostable design.

Reduction of holding power by 80% and of pull-in power by 50% allows direct connection to the controlgear and provides additional cost reduction and environmental advantages in spite of a monostable design. By using standard termination technologies and mounting dimensions, the MPR20 can easily and quickly replace conventional relays.

• Reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emission due to an 90% lower holding power
• Flexible installation for demanding applications due to a robust, water- and dust-proof design
• Reduced installation time through direct connection to the controlgear

Technical Data:
• Voltage Ratings                      DC 12V/DC 24V
• Current Ratings                     100A/200A/300A
• Degree of Protection            IP6k9k (IP67)
• Ambient Temperature          -40°C … +85°C
• Pull-In Current                       DC 12V: 2.5A/DC 24V: 3A
• Holding Current                    DC 12V: 0.12A/DC 24V: 0.7A

• ISO 16750
• IATF 16949
• ECE R118
• ECE R10
• ASIL upon request

Typical Applications:
• Buses, trucks, construction machinery, agricultural vehicles and forestry equipment as well as special vehicles
• Air-conditioning, compressor units, battery isolation switches and applications in accordance with Machinery Directives


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