E-T-A HVR10 High Voltage Power Relay – Hybrid and Powerful

The Most Powerful High Voltage Relay Up To 1000 V


The HVR10 is a hybrid powerful high end high voltage relay in a compact design. It combines physical isolation of high voltages via an electro-mechanical contact and state-of-the-art semi-conductor technology.

The hybrid, arc-free switching system allows reliable disconnection, even in the event of an overload, of up to 2 megawatts – 2,000 A/ 1,000 V. The HVR10 withstands high short circuit currents up to 5,000 A until the fast HV-fuse trips. The fist-sized unit can switch and permanently process 300 A at 900 V up to 50,000 times, arc-free and wear-free. The innovative self-monitoring function immediately signals critical operating conditions to the controlgear.

• Continuous current capacity of 300 A at 25 °C or 250 A at 85 °C.
• The rupture capacity of up to 2000 A at 1000 V is valid for both current directions without restrictions. It is therefore possible to lead even high charging currents over the relay.
• Very low current consumption in the ON condition of typically 0.2 W (12 V * 18 mA) due to a bistable drive, which only draws power from the supply when the switching status changes.
• For a short period of time, the HVR10 can carry up to 5000 A (25ms) and facilitates the co-ordination with a suitable HV fuse.
• The switching status of the mechanical contact system as well as the current rise upon switch-on operation is continuously monitored. This allows information of the control unit about critical operating conditions.
• The hybrid switching concept uses an electronic bypass that successfully suppresses the arc, thus significantly reducing the thermal load of the mechanical contact system.

• Reliable disconnection even in critical conditions up to 2,000 A at 1,000 V
• High protection of the on-board electrical system through integral fault detection and indication
• Long life span through low-arc switching operation

• All utility vehicles, e.g. buses, trucks, construction machinery, specialty vehicles with electrical power train, mining vehicles etc.
• Voltages beyond the 450 V system voltage, charging stations, power storage and main relays in the vehicle

• ISO 16750
• IATF 16949
• ECE R10


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