E-T-A 3120-N (New Generation) Circuit Breaker / Switch Combination

Protecting and Switching in a Single Component

E-T-A’s 3120-N is a single pole or double pole thermal circuit breaker with a bimetal trip element that also serves as an ON/OFF switch. After tripping due to overcurrent, the 3120-N can easily, reliably and quickly be reset. Time-consuming replacement of fuses is eliminated. The 3120-N circuit breaker/switch combination helps you significantly reduce mounting and wiring time as well as expenses for material planning and stocking expenses.

The 3120-N rocker version is available as non-lighted or lighted (12 V – 400 V) and offers various actuator colours as well as marking choices. The 3120-N push button includes the traditional red/green option as well as a unique offering of protection from accidental operation.

                   With Rocker Actuation:                                                With Push Button Actuation:


* Add-on modules for undervoltage release, magnetic trip, remote trip and auxiliary contacts are also available. Appliance inlet modules, plug-in connectors, terminal adapters and a range of additional accessories guarantee solutions for your challenging applications.

No fuse replacement required – After tripping due to overcurrent, the 3120-N can easily, reliably and quickly be reset.
Reduced mounting and wiring time – You only mount one component. In addition, cables to connect switch and blade fuse are eliminated.
Reduced planning and storage costs – 3120-N replaces a switch, a fuse-holder and blade fuses. This makes purchasing logistics much easier.
Space-saving design – The 3120-N features space-saving integral overcurrent protection. This leaves room for creativity and ideas in terms of space design, even in constricted areas.
Enhanced reliability – Less single components always mean: less sources of error. E-T-A’s 3120-N helps you consistently increase the overall reliability of your products.

• Household, Hobby & Garden Equipment
• Industrial equipment control
• Medical technology

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