Finder Introduces Type 18.5D Movement and Presence Detector


Type 18.5D

Finder presents its new movement and presence detector Type 18.5D with Bluetooth programming technology, and DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface), making programming through a smart phone easier than ever.

The detection of small movements make this detector particularly well suited for applications in schools, offices and other environments where there is not necessarily high levels of movement.

A special lens has been developed to sense both normal movements and micro movements. Normal ‘movement’ is detected over the wider area of 8 x 8 meters, while the ‘presence zone’ has increased sensitivity for the detection of small movements within a central area of 4 x 4 meters.

Through the use of Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) technology programming the detector’s operating characteristics can be easily and conveniently done using an Android or iOS smartphone.

After installing the 18.5D, simply download the Free App Finder Toolbox from Google and Apple’s official stores and set all the required parameters.


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