Finder’s New Masterlin System of Push-In Relay Interface Modules


MasterlineGet a grip on panel installations with Finder’s new MasterIn system of push-in relay interface modules. Finder’s latest advancement provides a high performance, screwless system that allows panel designers and installers to save precious time and money.

When challenged head-to-head, the push-in terminal technology outperformed the conventional installation method— a whopping 80 per cent faster than manual screw drivers, and 25 per cent faster than electric screw drivers.

The MasterIn System also demonstrates better clamping performance under vibration and movement than its screw-in rivals.

Jumper links allow quick connections and separate test points add to the flexibility of the system and are further reasons to choose the new Finder interface range.

The MasterIN System incorporates the existing 39, 48, 4C and 58 Series Finder Relay Interface Modules, and caters for a wide range of applications including industrial automation, building management systems and electrical control panels.


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