Honeywell LTP Series – Low Temperature Passive Probes


Honeywell’s Low Temperature Passive Probes, LTP Series, are a modular range of temperature sensors designed for potential use in transportation applications. The LTP Series feature a durable, closed-tip design that maximizes reliability in harsh applications. The sensor’s thermistor sensing element effectively senses gases, liquids or solids because of its enhanced sensitivity, accuracy and reliability. Easy-to-install threaded mounting provides reliable operation in harsh environments. Numerous options from mechanical and electrical interface simplify installation, allow customers to meet their specific application needs, and facilitate backwards compatibility with most existing applications.

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Value to Customers
The LTP Series are designed to meet the customer’s need for sensors that are configurable, backwards-compatible, durable, and that reduce total cost of ownership. Their flexible design provides over 2,200 standard configurations with an enhanced response time over a wide operating temperature range.

*  Temperature range: -40 °C to 150 °C [-40 °F to 302 °F]
*  Response time [T63.2% of 25 °C to 85 °C step]: stirred silicon oil <15 s; stirred water <15 s; air flow 10 m/s <20 s
*  Accuracy:
-40 °C to 25 °C [-40 °F to 77 °F]: ±2.5 °C
25 °C to 100 °C [77 °F to 212 °F]: ±0.8 °C
100 °C to 125 °C [212 °F to 257 °F]: ±2.0 °C
125 °C to 150 °C [257 °F to 302 °F]: ±3.5 °C
*  Electrical interface: Electrical interface: Bosch Kompakt, Delphi Metri-Pack 150 Series, AMP Seal 16, AMP Minitimer, AMP Superseal, and Deutsch DT04-2P
*  Probe length options: 20 mm to 50 mm (other lengths available on request)
*  Mechanical fastening options: M10 to M18, 3/4 UNF, and G 1/4 (other threads available on request)
*  Retainer ring with hex: provides complete location for socket wrench in axial and radial directions, enabling the operator to first locate the sensor inside the socket freely and more easily install the sensor
*  Insulation resistance between I/O pin and the sensor’s housing: >10 MOhm at 250 Vdc, 25 °C [77 °C]
*  Ingress protection: IP67
*  Vibration: 30 G sine wave,10 Hz to 2000 Hz
*  Mechanical shock: 50 G
*  Service pressure: 10 bar
*  Burst pressure: 40 bar
*  Wire harness (with or without a connector) or other sensing elements (PTC or RTD) available upon request
*  Standard configurations listed, customization available upon request.

Potential Transportation Applications
*  Ambient air temperature sensor
*  Automatic transmission system
*  Engine air inlet system
*  Engine cooling system
*  Engine lubrication system
*  Fuel system
*  Haldex coupling system
*  Hydraulic pump systems


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